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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Underground:  
Overview  |  The Trash Warrens  |  The Buried Village  |  Weeping Stone Catacombs  |  The Dead Nations  |  The Drowned Nations  |  The Warrens of Thought  
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The first time you enter this area, you are met by Mantouk, a Wererat in the service of Many-as-One. Many-as-One is the leader of the Cranium Rats, a large collective of rats with shared intelligence. Mantouk demands to know your business, and unless you can offer him a satisfactory story, he teleports you into a locked cell. Fortunately the cell is quite easy to break out of.

If you want to enter the service of the Cranium Rats, tell Mantouk that you came to see *him*, or that you seek Many-as-One. Mantouk will take you to Many-as-One in the Cranium Rat Collective, and to his great regret he will then be dismissed.

If you offer your services to Many-as-One, all the creatures in the Warrens of Thought (Wererats and large groups of Cranium Rats) will be neutral; otherwise they will be hostile. Once you have finished your task for Many-as-One, the creatures become hostile again.

Since the area is simply creeping with Cranium Rats and Wererats, you will want to make sure that all members of your party are wielding magical weapons before you enter. The ordinary rats can be harmed by all weapons, but non-magical weapons cannot harm Wererats.

When killed, Wererats drop a Wererat Skull (useless) and some minor treasure. Cranium Rats drop a Cranium Rat Tail, which you may want to pick up. You should gather at least ten and sell them at the Office of Vermin and Disease Control once you get back to the Hive. After selling at least ten rat tails to Phineas Lort there, he will offer you a quest (see the link above for details).

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Weeping Stone Catacombs. Here you will also find Mantouk. Or rather, Mantouk will find you.
  2. Exit to the Drowned Nations.
  3. Three Wererats.
  4. Wererats and Cranium Rats.
  5. Cranium Rats.
  6. Holding cell.
  7. Shelves and containers.
  8. Locked door.
  9. Wererats.
  10. Wererats and Cranium Rats.
  11. Entrance to the Cranium Rat Collective.
  12. Wererats.
  13. Small Bottle.
  14. Wererat.
  15. Cranium Rats.
  16. Wererats.
  17. Wererats and Cranium Rats.
  18. More Wererats and Cranium Rats.

About the Area

At 1 you will find the exit to the Weeping Stone Catacombs. This is also where you meet Mantouk the first time you enter. He will automatically initiate dialog with you, and depending on your answers will either take you to meet Many-as-One in the Cranium Rat Collective, or teleport you to a cell at 6.

The exit to the Drowned Nations is at 2. The door is closed until you have escaped from the Dead Nations.

At 3 you will find three Wererats.

At 4 you will find two Wererats and a huge pack of Cranium Rats. Try to take out the spellcasting Cranium Rat first, then cleave the other rats until they lose morale and flee. After that you can chase down the fleeing rats and kill them if you wish.

A huge group of Cranium Rats are lying in wait for you at 5.

6 is the place Mantouk teleports you to if you don't answer him correctly when you enter the Warrens of Thought. The nearby racks hold some low-level weapons.

The containers at 7 are more interesting. You will find:

The door at 8 is locked if Mantouk teleported you into this cell. However, you can open it in several ways:

Either way, you will have to fight the Wererats outside (9) pretty soon after getting out.

At 10 you will be facing some Wererats and a large group of Cranium Rats.

At 11 you will find the entrance to the Cranium Rat Collective.

A few Wererats are waiting for you at 12.

In the corner at 13 you can find a "Small Bottle". Identify it to discover that it is Murk.

At 14 you will find a single Wererat.

Another huge gang of Cranium Rats are waiting for you at 15. The containers here hold some low-level treasure:

There's another couple of Wererats at 16.

At 17 are a few more Wererats and another group of Cranium Rats. There is also a container with a modest amount of cash.

Finally at 18 there is another Wererat. One of the barrels has a Copper Earring and a little cash.

Cranium Rat Collective

Enter here if you want to meet Many-as-One, the Rat Collective. You can either accept a quest for the rats, or insult Many-as-One to the point where he attacks you.

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Warrens of Thought.
  2. Many-as-One.

If you have killed a large number of Cranium Rats, Many-as-One will not want to talk to you, he will simply want your blood (if he calls you "Genocide" instead of merely "Murderer", you are in trouble!) Otherwise, you can get a quest from him to spy out on the Dead Nations and kill their leader, the Silent King.

To solve the quest, you need to visit the Dead Nations and gain access to the Silent King's Throne Room. You will find out that the Silent King is silent because he is dead, and therefore no obstacle to the rats. Report this back to Many-as-One. Upon returning you can tell him the truth, in which case he will reward you with some memories and a hefty amount of experience. You can also lie and say that the Silent King is too strong to take on for him. Many-as-One will be extremely ungrateful for this and will dismiss you, and you will gain less experience, but it counts as a Good thing to do. His reaction will be the same if you tell him that the Ghouls have run wild and taken over the Dead Nations (you can only do this if you've "happened" to tell Acaste that the Silent King is dead).

If you insult Many-as-One or refuse to do his quest, he attacks you – or rather, he sends some waves of rats against you while shooting spells at you. If you can hold your own through this fight, he will submit to you and let you leave in peace.
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