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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Hive:  
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This is the area where you emerge after escaping from the Mortuary. The area is dominated by the Mortuary, the Memorial and the Gathering Dust Bar.

This page includes instructions for the Gathering Dust Bar and the Mausoleum. Please see below for these areas.

Map Key

  1. Entrance to the Mortuary. This is where you emerge if you escaped the Mortuary through the front gate. You will find a couple of Dustmen Guards here.
  2. Pox.
  3. Frightened Hive Dweller.
  4. Chanting Dustmen.
  5. Dustmen Memorial. Here you will find Quentin, Sev'Tai and Death-of-Names.
  6. Shilandra's Kip.
  7. Entrance to the Mausoleum.
  8. Ingress is running around here.
  9. Baen the Sender.
  10. Annah.
  11. The Post.
  12. The Gathering Dust Bar; a bar that caters to Dustmen.
  13. Angyar's Home. You can rest here for free after completing a short quest.
  14. Empty Tomb. This is where you emerge if you escaped the Mortuary through the portal. You can rest here for free.
  15. Exit to the Northwestern Hive Sector.
  16. Exit to the Southeastern Hive Sector.
  17. Exit to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

The Area

At 1 you can speak to one of the Dustmen Guards. If you ask about Pharod's whereabouts, they will refer you to Emoric in the Gathering Dust Bar. You can also ask their permission to enter the Mortuary but they will only let you in if you tell them you are there to visit Deionarra's tomb. If you join the Dustman faction at a later time, you can enter freely.

Pox at 2 is a Collector. If you ask him about Pharod, he refers you to his own boss Sharegrave. You can find Sharegrave in Ragpicker's Square. If you ask Pox to smuggle you into the Mortuary, he can either kill you, or you can pretend to be dead if your Charisma is at least 13. Successfully pretending to be dead nets you 500 XP.

There is a Frightened Hive Dweller walking around at 3. He can tell you that Pharod is probably somewhere in Ragpicker's Square and can offer some information about Sigil. On leaving he will beg money of you; your answer affects your alignment.

The four Dustmen outside the Memorial at 4 are chanting for the dead. After listening to their chanting for a while you can tell them you mourn for one who is dead – well actually, you're asking for your friend "Adahn". This counts as telling four people that your name is "Adahn" and makes you more Chaotic.

Oh, and the "Elderly Hive Dweller" is usually found south of the Memorial or inside the Memorial itself. She can't tell you anything of value but her tirade when she suspects that you're an adventurer is absolutely hilarious! :-)

Inside the Dustman Memorial at 5 you can find three named Characters:

Shilandra's Kip is at 6. You will need to speak to her in connection with the Mar's Box quest which you get in the Northwestern Hive Sector.

You enter the Mausoleum through a portal at 7. The portal will only be active after you have accepted the Mausoleum quest from Norochj in the Gathering Dust Bar.

Ingress is running around in the general vicinity of the Memorial; I most often find her at 8. She is a "Clueless" – that is, someone from the Prime Material Plane – who walked through a portal many years ago and can't find her way home. Listen patiently to her ramblings and offer to help. To solve her quest, first speak to Candrian in the Smoldering Corpse Bar (Southeastern Hive Sector) and ask his help, then return to Ingress and tell her Candrian will be around to help her. Finally, go back to Candrian and ask how it went for 750 XP. He will give you Ingress' parting gift: Her teeth, which you can give to Morte. They are a much better weapon than his default bite (don't forget to upgrade them when Morte reaches level 5, 8 and 12!). These teeth can last Morte for the rest of the game; you won't find much better weapons for him.

Baen the Sender at 9 asks you to take a message to Craddock. Accept his quest for free (Good) or for payment (Evil). Craddock can be found at the Market in the Southwestern Hive Sector. Bring the message to him, then return to Baen for your reward: 500 XP and a cash reward that depends on your Charisma. You will receive the same reward regardless of whether or not you demanded payment.

Annah is standing at 10 and is easily recognizable by her tail and the musical theme that plays every time you see her. She will insult you for free, and for a bit of cash she can tell you that Pharod is in the alley southwest of here (that is, in the Alley of Dangerous Angles). This sounds a bit too good to be true, so save the Alley for now. You can return later to complain that it was a lie, but all you'll get out of that is more insults.

Ask about her tail for some extra insults. Morte will step in and insult her in return and you can learn that she's working as a Collector.

You can kill Annah for some random treasure and her Chained-Teeth Earring. This is not recommended as you will lose a valuable companion later on. (Thanks goes to 8people for pointing out an embarrassing mistake in the walkthrough here.)

The zombie at 11 is "The Post". Examine him carefully, and make sure to pry out the cobblestone that's lodged in his head (250 XP; the cobblestone is useless and can be dropped). Read all the notices and make sure to ask for directions to the Smoldering Corpse Bar, the Office of Vermin and Disease Control and the Gathering Dust Bar. Once done, read the Graffiti that says "Pharod" and ask for directions again. The zombie will point to the west and downwards, indicating that Pharod is west of here and has quite literally gone underground. You also gain 500 XP for thinking of this.

At 12 you will find the entrance to the Gathering Dust Bar which is described below.

Enter Angyar's house at 13. You can speak to Angyar himself if you want to listen to his insults. Speak to his wife to learn that he has signed a Death Contract with a Dustman called Mortai. Offer to clear up the matter. To solve this quest, seek out Mortai Gravesend in the Gathering Dust Bar and tell him the contract is tearing Angyar's life apart, and that Mortai clearly holds the Dustmen philosophy in low regard! You will get the contract. Take it back to Wife-of-Angyar, and she will ask you to show it to her husband. Endure his insults, tear up the contract, take 750 XP for your trouble, and you can now ask his or his wife's permission to rest here. She will sell you Needle and Thread and Bandages, and he can tell you that Pharod is somewhere in Ragpicker's Square. He will also tell you why he signed the Dustman contract – but if you put on the Holier-than-Thou act and tell him he shouldn't have signed the contract, both he and his wife will turn hostile. If you kill them both, you can still rest here for free, but you have earned yourself a few Evil points to your alignment.

Ask Angyar for Pharod's whereabouts for 500 XP and information that he is hiding somewhere *under* Ragpicker's Square.

At 14 you find the entrance to an empty tomb. This is where you emerge into the Hive if you escaped the Mortuary through the portal. You can also rest here, and you will find 30 copper pieces and a note for Vaxis the False Zombie from someone named Penn, whom you will meet in Act 5.

At 15, 16 and 17 you find exits to the Northwestern Hive Sector, the Southeastern Hive Sector and the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

The Gathering Dust Bar


Map Key

  1. Exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector.
  2. Sere the Skeptic.
  3. Mortai Gravesend.
  4. Norochj.
  5. Awaiting-Death.
  6. Old Coppereyes.
  7. Emoric.

Sere the Skeptic at 2 is a Dustwoman who has lost her faith after serious illness. You can reassure her about her Dustman beliefs (Good) or tell her that maybe her beliefs were never quite sincere (Evil) (500 XP either way). You can ask her opinion about some of the different Dustmen you have met and if you choose the correct dialog options (you need to joke a bit), she will tell you about a coffin-maker named Hamrys in the Lower Ward, whom you will meet in Act 5.

If you cause Sere to lose her faith in the Dustmen and you join the Anarchists in Act 5, you can convince Sere to join the Anarchists as well for 1,000 XP.

Mortai Gravesend at 3 sells Death Contracts that permit the Dustmen to Raise your body after you die, so you become a zombie or skeleton working for them. Sign one of these for 50 copper pieces if you want to – you will regain a hazy memory. Mortai is also the Dustman you need to speak to in connection with the Angyar's Contract quest.

If you examined The Post outside the entrance thoroughly, Norochj at 4 will give you a quest to find out what is going on in the Mausoleum. To solve this quest, enter the Mausoleum, make your way to the Inner Sanctum, kill Strahan the Mage, and return to Norochj for your reward: 1,000 XP and a cash reward that depends on your Charisma.

If you tell Emoric you want to join the Dustmen, Norochj will also give you the quest to track down a thief disguised as a Dustman. The thief is Ash-Mantle in the Southwestern Hive Sector. Seek him out, talk to him to find out he is the thief, kill him or chase him away, and return for your reward – 750 XP and a cash reward that depends on your Charisma.

Awaiting-Death at 5 wants to die because this life is so full of suffering. You can convince him to live on, or you can offer to kill him for free or for money. When you try to strangle him he will resist! Release him (killing him will turn the entire bar hostile!) and return his money if you wish. Convincing him that he wants to live earns you 500 XP.

You can also sign Death Contracts with Old Coppereyes at 6 if you have learned about their nature. Otherwise there is nothing to be learned from him. Please note that signing more than one Death Contract is Chaotic. Be warned: You don't want a fight with Old Coppereyes, he is immune to every spell or weapon I have ever tried on him!

Emoric at 7 will tell you that he is the spiritual, if not legal, owner of this bar. Ask him about Pharod to learn that Emoric would also like to speak with him in connection with the bodies that Pharod has been delivering to the Mortuary. Alas, Emoric doesn't know where to find Pharod. You can gain the quest to ask Pharod on Emoric's behalf. You solve this quest by finding Pharod, asking him about the bodies and reporting back to Emoric for 2,500 XP and a cash reward.

If you ask Emoric to let you join the Dustmen he will assign you some quests:

  1. Ask Norochj and do as he says. This is the "Find a Thief" quest described above.
  2. Speak to Awaiting-Death. Just talk to him if you haven't done so already, then report back to Emoric and tell him whether you think Awaiting-Death is a Dustman or not. You get 250 XP for solving this quest.
  3. Speak to Sere the Skeptic. Talk to her if you haven't already and report back to Emoric. You get 500 XP for solving this quest.
  4. Find Soego. Apparently Soego has disappeared from the Mortuary. You will meet Soego in the Dead Nations in Act 3 and can report back to Emoric in Act 4 for 2,500 XP. On reporting back you will be offered membership of the Dustmen. If you join the Dusties, you gain another 1,000 XP. (Strangely enough, if you killed Soego in the Mortuary you will still be offered this task, and you can accept it as if nothing happened.)

If you join the Dustmen, Emoric will tell you a few things that you are not allowed to do as a Dustman: You may not attack the living dead and you may not Raise anyone from death. Furthermore, you can rest here by speaking to Emoric and he will sell you various items, including some that are Dustman-specific. The most interesting are:

If you tell Emoric that you are immortal, you will be thrown out of the Dustman faction. As a Dustman you can freely enter the Mortuary by speaking to the guards.

The Mausoleum

Welcome to your first – very minor – dungeon. Your aim here is to fight your way to the Inner Sanctum and take down the proverbial evil mage who is hiding there. Since you will meet a lot of skeletons in this area, make sure both you and Morte have access to crushing weapons.


Map Key

  1. Exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector. You will meet the Guardian Spirit here.
  2. Entrance to the Inner Sanctum. You will find a giant skeleton standing guard here if you haven't killed the giant skeleton at 4.
  3. Here you will meet 4 skeletons. The loose floor boards cover 7 copper pieces.
  4. Here you will meet a giant skeleton. Once you have taken it down, another will come to investigate in a short while.
  5. Here you can find a Finger Bone Charm.
  6. Here you will find 3 skeletons. You can also find 1 Bandage.
  7. Here you will find 3 skeletons. They are guiding 2 Bandages.
  8. Another 3 skeletons. Loot: some rags (useless), 2 Bandages, 1 Clot Charm.
  9. Here you can find 11 copper pieces.
  10. When you walk under this arch, 4 skeletons will appear and attack you.
  11. Here are 4 skeletons guiding 3 Bandages and 1 Heart Charm.
  12. 4 skeletons guiding 1 Silver Ring.

Clearing the Mausoleum

When you enter, you are confronted by the Guardian Spirit who is not happy to find you here. Don't provoke him too badly, or he will attack you – and he can harm you but you can't harm him. Offer to help drive out the intruder who has hidden in the Inner Sanctum.

You can make a beeline for the Inner Sanctum at 2, or you can make a detour past all the skeletons and loot you can find in this area. I recommend the latter for the XP bonus.

Once you have killed all skeletons, enter the Inner Sanctum. You will have a brief conversation with Strahan Runeshadow, who, it appears, needs some of your blood for his own ulterior motives. Obviously this can only end in hostilities, so forward!

Strahan has several skeletons helping him but I have a little spoiler for you: Once he goes down, all the skeletons go down with him! So you can make life a lot easier for yourself if you attack him first and ignore the skeletons. Morte can use his Litany of Curses to good effect here, since an enraged mage is really nothing more than just a poor fighter. ;-) Or you can use a Corpse Fly Charm to cast Insect Swarm on him and throw off his spellcasting.

Once Strahan is dealt with, loot his corpse to find:

Also loot his desk to find:

The loose floorboards cover a human skull which is useless.

Exit back out to the main Mausoleum. The Guardian Spirit will approach you again to thank you for your help, earning you 2,000 XP. Any skeletons you didn't kill before will no longer be around so if you haven't looted the place already, you can now do so in peace.
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