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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Hive:  
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This is the place your mother always warned you about. The Alley of Dangerous Angles was burned down by a flame wizard named Ignus some time ago and the place is now dominated by two warring gangs: The Darkalley Shivs and the Razor Angels. To complicate matters further, there is also a dangerous murderer killing members of both gangs.

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector. This is the territory of the Darkalley Shivs.
  2. Exit to the Southwestern Hive Sector. This is the territory of the Razor Angels.
  3. Burned Cathedral.
  4. Rotten William, leader of the Darkalley Shivs.
  5. Locked Container with one Charm of Infinite Recall.
  6. Tent with Silver Ring.
  7. Tent with Bronze Ring.
  8. Burned building.
  9. Blackrose.
  10. Tent with Gold Ring.
  11. Container with one Charm of Infinite Recall.
  12. Krystall, leader of the Razor Angels.

War in the Alley

When you first enter at 1 or 2, a member of the local gang will ask you for a "toll". You can either pay 10 copper pieces, or you can refuse and fight the entire gang.

You will eventually have to side with one or the other gang, or with Blackrose the murderer. Siding with the Razor Angels is Good, siding with the Darkalley Shivs is Evil. Siding with Blackrose is Neutral.

At 3 you find the burned cathedral. Enter the tent to find Aola, a priest of Aoskar, God of Portals. Aola is the last person you need to talk to in connection with the Mar's Box quest (see Northwestern Hive Sector). You can also decide to become a worshipper of Aoskar. If you do this, it will anger the Lady of Pain and you will be mazed when you try to leave the Alley of Dangerous Angles (see the Player's Maze).

Rotten William at 4 will tell you, for a nominal fee, that Pharod is in Ragpicker's Square. He will also want you to kill Krystall. If you refuse, he and the rest of the Shivs attack you. If you kill Krystall for him, he then asks you to kill Blackrose. When you return for your reward, William and the rest of his gang attacks you.

You gain 1,500 XP for reporting back to Rotten William for each killing.

In the tent at 6 you can find a Silver Ring in the firewood by the door. You need the ring for Rauk's quest.

In the tent at 7 you can find a Bronze Ring under the bench. You need the ring for Rauk's quest.

Enter the building at 8 and speak to Rauk. He wants you to find the three rings he has forgotten in his tent. The rings are in the tents at 7 (bronze), 6 (silver) and 10 (gold). Once you have fetched the rings for him (500 XP), he gives them to the five mages in the building. The mages will summon a killer Lim-Lim which proceeds to kill the mages. Loot the fresh corpses to find:

If you want a tough fight, kick the Lim-Lim. You will then have to fight it and Rauk. Rauk drops the three rings plus some random treasure.

At 9 you can find Blackrose. He will ask you whether you side with Good or Evil. If you choose Evil, he asks you to kill Krystall. If you choose Good, he asks you to kill Rotten William. If you choose Neutral, he asks you to kill one of them. When done, he will demand that you kill the other for balance. If you kill both Krystall and Rotten William for him, Blackrose then challenges you. You can avoid this last fight by telling him that you are immortal (1,500 XP).

You get 1,500 XP each time you report back to Blackrose after killing one of your targets.

In the tent at 10 you will find the gold ring you need for Rauk's quest under the bed.

Krystall is standing at 12. She will ask you to kill Rotten William and then Blackrose. At least she won't attack you if you refuse. As for the other two, you gain 1,500 XP each time you report back to Krystall for killing one of her enemies.

If you side with the Razor Angels, the tattoo Razor Angel Ink becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor in the Southeastern Hive Sector.
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