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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Hive:  
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If you annoy the Lady of Pain, you are sent to this maze. You can annoy her in the following ways:

When you have annoyed the Lady sufficiently, you are sent to the maze next time you try to move to a different area in Sigil.

You can only be sent to the maze once. If you ever annoy the Lady of Pain again, she kills you permanently, ending your game as a loss.

Map Key

  1. This is where you arrive in the maze.
  2. Abandoned campsite.
  3. 4 o'clock portal.
  4. 10 o'clock portal.
  5. Exit portal at 7 o'clock.

How to Escape

The maze is built up as a clock with portals at the twelve hour positions. Each portal sends you to the opposite portal in the maze. The portal that sends you back where you came from is the portal at 7 o'clock (5); very impractical since it is cut off from the rest of the maze and the opposite portal at 1 o'clock is destroyed.

First make your way to the abandoned campsite at 2. This is not absolutely necessary but you will find a Bone-framed Journal left behind by one of your own earlier incarnations. Judging from the journal he wasn't exactly sane. Finding and reading this journal solves the Find your Journal quest. You will also find a Brimstone Hammer which you can use as a fighter. If you do not wish to play a fighter or wield a hammer, you can sell it for a ton of cash.

The Bone Journal gives you a hint on what you should do: Walk through the same portal twice without hitting any other portal in-between. If you do this, you will only be sent one-quarter of the way around the maze the second time – that is, you will be sent three portals clockwise.

So, make your way to the 4 o'clock portal at 3 and walk through it to be sent to the 10 o'clock portal at 4. Walk back to 4 o'clock and go through the portal again. You will emerge at 7 o'clock, and a portal opens. Use this portal to escape the maze. You will arrive back in Sigil at the place where you were mazed. Speak to your party members to recruit them again, and – let me say this just once more – don't ever annoy the Lady of Pain again!

Some users have experienced a bug which caused their former party members to be hidden or inaccessible after they left the maze and returned to Sigil. If this happens to you, Platter's Lost Party Members Fix solves this problem.
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