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Current Act - The Hive:  
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This is the smallest of the Hive areas. It is dominated by the Flophouse, which is described separately below.

Map Key

  1. Porphiron.
  2. Mhult.
  3. Fleece.
  4. One-Ear.
  5. Mar. If you accept his quest, he goes to 5a.
  6. Entrance to the Flophouse.
  7. Exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector.
  8. Exit to the Southwestern Hive Sector.
  9. Exit to Ragpicker's Square.

The Area

Porphiron at 1 is a fighter trainer. He can train you up to two proficiency points in any weapons class if you have unused proficiency points, and he can switch you back to the Fighter class if you have changed your class. However, before he will train you, you have to run a small errand for him: Some thugs have stolen his necklace of prayer beads and he wants it back. He can't take on the thugs himself, as he has taken a vow of non-violence as a follower of Erit-Agge, but apparently his vow doesn't stop him from sending others to do the dirty work for him.

The thugs can be found in the Southeastern Hive Sector west of the Smoldering Corpse Bar. Approach them and either kill them or (with an Intelligence of at least 13) lie and convince them that the terrible order of "Erit-Agge" is after them (500 XP). Either way, you will get the necklace to take back in triumph to Porphiron, who will now offer to train you as a Fighter. You gain another 1,000 XP for delivering the necklace.

Mhult at 2 can give you some information about Collectors in general and his own boss (Sharegrave) and Pharod in particular. It appears that Sharegrave and Pharod are not exactly best buddies.

The wealthy looking Fleece at 3 is asking for directions. Unfortunately you can't help him and he won't believe you if you lie and try to offer him false directions. However, with a Wisdom of at least 13, or if you have been trained as a thief, you will discover that he is a pickpocket. Your best option is to first bait him into pickpocketing you again to observe his technique for a skill and XP bonus (1,250 XP). You can then leave peacefully, or you can grab his hand and teach him a lesson for robbing you.

One-Ear at 4 is a tiefling with an attitude. You can either kill him for a small silver fork, a high-quality stiletto and some random treasure, or you can leave him alone. He is connected with Nestor's quest (see under the Flophouse below).

Mar at 5 wants you to deliver a box to Ku'atraa. If you accept the quest, he will tell you NOT TO OPEN THE BOX, and NOT TO LEAVE THE HIVE with it. He will then run away and hide at 5a and you have gotten yourself a quest that will send you running around most of the Hive:

If you open the box, you will have to fight the dreadful fiend, which turns out to be a Lemure. Not very frightening at all! You get a much better reward if you finish the quest. Also, you will meet the fiend at a later point in the game where he yields a much better reward.

At 6 you will find the entrance to the Flophouse.

There are exits to the Northeastern Hive Sector, Southwestern Hive Sector and Ragpicker's Square at 7, 8 and 9, respectively.

The Flophouse

This is the local resting place. You can either pay for a bed, or you can complete a short quest and get to rest here for free.


Map Key

  1. Arlo, the landlord.
  2. Nestor.

First, speak to Arlo at 1. You can get a bed for five copper pieces but Arlo has a problem: He wants the old man Nestor to leave. If you can get rid of Nestor for him, you can rest here for free, forever.

You can solve the quest by either killing Nestor outright or by doing him a favor. You gain 500 XP for getting rid of Nestor peacefully and 250 XP for killing him and then reporting back to Arlo.

Nestor at 2 is trapped here because his fork has been stolen from him. Not a very believable story, is it? Anyway, promise to get his fork back for him. Exit the Flophouse and speak to One-Ear. Either kill him to get the fork, or ask him what happened to his ear, to hear the story of the old man he robbed and killed and who is now haunting him. With an Intelligence of at least 13, you will get the option of lying and telling him that you have power over the dead (200 XP; Chaotic) and that you can stop the "dead" man from haunting him if you have something that belonged to him. One-Ear gives you Nestor's fork and leaves. Take the fork back to Nestor for 500 XP, and he will use it to open a portal and disappear, but first he gives you a reward: One-Ear's missing ear, with his earring still attached.
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