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Current Act - The Hive:  
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The Southwestern Sector is dominated by the Hive Market and the Office of Vermin and Disease Control (described separately below). As you would expect from a marketplace, it is bristling with merchants trying to sell their wares. This is the place to go when you want to buy or sell items or have them identified. Several minor quests in the Hive are also connected to the Market.

The red square marks the Marketplace which is shown in greater detail on this map:

Map Key

Market map:

  1. Herb merchant.
  2. Weapons merchant.
  3. Kossai-Jah, a fish merchant.
  4. Giscorl, a cloth and scroll merchant.
  5. Magical items merchant.
  6. Kitchenware merchant.
  7. Lim-Lim merchant.
  8. Prophyra.
  9. Craddock.
  10. Gaoha.

Area map:

  1. Reekwind.
  2. Iron Nalls.
  3. Meir'am.
  4. Ash-Mantle.
  5. Creeden.
  6. Office of Vermin and Disease Control.
  7. Crier of Es-Annon.
  8. Brasken's Kip.
  9. Exit to the Northwestern Hive Sector.
  10. Exit to the Southeastern Hive Sector.
  11. Exit to the Alley of Dangerous Angles.

The Market

Most of the action in this map is centered around the Market and the people there. You can buy some useful items there and sell off any items you don't need.

The herb merchant at 1 sells various herbs. You need to speak to him in connection with Mebbeth's first quest which you will get in Ragpicker's Square.

The weapons merchant at 2 buys and sells weapons. Most of the stuff he has is rather useless but he does have a Battle Axe of Quality if you're into axes.

Kossai-Jah at 3 sells fish. You need to speak to her in connection with Mebbeth's third quest.

Giscorl at 4 sells Bandages and Needles and Thread. He will also buy and sell scrolls but he hasn't got any scrolls (except what you may have sold him). You need to speak with him in connection with Mebbeth's second quest.

The magical items merchant at 5 sells a selection of charms. He also has a few scrolls but doesn't buy scrolls. The most useful items are healing charms: Clot Charms, Blood Charms and Heart Charms, plus Cranium Rat Charms for raising you Intelligence temporarily.

The kitchenware merchant at 6 sells various kinds of kitchenware. You need to buy a container from her in connection with one of Mebbeth's quests.

For just forty copper pieces you can buy yourself a pet at the Lim-Lim merchant at 7. Besides being able to help you in fights against Cranium Rats, a Lim-Lim may also be useful in Act 5.

Prophyra at 8 is a doomsayer. You can't interact with her in any way.

Craddock at 9 is the man you want to speak to if you have accepted Baen the Sender's quest in the Northeastern Hive Sector. He will not be happy with the message, as he is short-handed already – Jhelai, one of his workers, has gone missing.

You can offer to find Jhelai for Craddock, either for free (Good) or for payment (Evil). Jhelai can be found south of the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the Southeastern Hive Sector, but he is too drunk to care. Return to Craddock and either tell him what Jhelai said, in which case Craddock lets loose a stream of insults that will upgrade Morte's Litany of Curses, or lie and tell him Jhelai said you should fill in for him. Either way, you gain 500 XP and you can get the job of filling in for Jhelai for a (small) fee.

You can gamble with Gaoha the Githzerai at 10. He will only gamble with you once before he discovers that: you ... have no luck? No fortune, neither good nor ill? Or maybe you make your own.

The Rest of the Area

At 11 you will find Reekwind, a most aptly named story-teller. He will tell you stories for coins (three copper pieces per story):

You won't solve the quest to relieve Reekwind of his curse until Act 5. Solution: Speak to Jumble Murdersense in the Civic Festhall in Clerk's Ward and ask him to remove the curse on Reekwind. He will curse you, so exit the Festhall and speak to Salabesh the Onyx outside the entrance. Convince him to teach you a curse that can beat Jumble's curse (you need to use reverse psychology here: "Hah! It's not because you won't, it's because you can't!"). Go back inside and curse Jumble. He will now agree to remove the curses on you (10,000 XP) and Reekwind (1,000 XP) after you remove the curse on him. Return to Reekwind to find that he has been cured (5,000 XP, and Reekwind will scribe any stories that you haven't already heard into your journal).

Iron Nalls at 12 collects nails for Hamry the Coffin-Maker in the Lower Ward (you will meet him in Act 5). Once you have found the blocked pathway in Ragpicker's Square, you can learn how to get through by speaking to first to Ratbone in Ragpicker's Square and then to Creeden outside the Office for Vermin and Disease Control. Finally, speak to Iron Nalls and she tells you that the portal key is Junk – and gives you some Junk to open the portal.

Meir'am at 13 is another fish merchant. You need to speak to her in connection with one of Mebbeth's quests (see Ragpicker's Square). She also remembers seeing you before in the company of several people: A beautiful woman who seemed sad (Deionarra, obviously) and two other gentlemen, one of whom reeked of bub and didn't seem to notice anything around him.

On the surface, Ash-Mantle at 14 is a Dustman trying to find his way to the Gathering Dust Bar. He is really the pickpocket that Norochj in the Gathering Dust Bar wants you to find. You will realize this with any of these:

The best procedure is to give Ash-Mantle directions to the Gathering Dust Bar and say goodbye. Observe his pickpocketing technique for 1,250 XP, then call his bluff and either chase him away or kill him.

Creeden at 15 sells rats for food. You can eat a few of his "ratsies" and get information about Cranium Rats, Sigil, Pharod and portals and keys. He will be very surprised that you don't ask your "mimir" (Morte) about this but Morte pretends not to know anything. Very strange.

If you eat at least 100 of Creeden's "ratsies", the Tattoo of Devouring Vermin becomes available at Fell's Tattoo Parlor in the Southeastern Hive Sector.

The Office of Vermin and Disease Control is at 16. It is described below.

At 17 you will meet the Crier of Es-Annon. He is mourning the city of Es-Annon that has been destroyed. You can either convince him to stop mourning Es-Annon (with an Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma of at least 14 – 750 XP) or offer to find a tombstone for Es-Annon for free or for payment (500 XP on completion of the quest). To find a tombstone, seek out Death-of-Names in the Dustmen Memorial in the Northeastern Hive Sector and ask him to scribe Es-Annon's name on the Memorial, then report back for your experience reward.

If you demand payment for finding a tombstone and then tell the Crier that you were only after the money and there will be no tombstone for Es-Annon, he will attack you. You get 35 XP for killing him but you can still complete the quest and get 500 XP for having Death-of-Names inscribing the name of Es-Annon on the memorial.

If you convince the Crier to stop mourning Es-Annon, the Tattoo of Dreams of Es-Annon becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor. If you find a tombstone for Es-Annon, the Tattoo of Graves of Es-Annon becomes available.

Brasken's Kip at 18 is one of the places you will have to visit in connection with the Mar's Box quest (see Northwestern Hive Sector). Once you have completed the quest, you can return and drink with Brasken to celebrate the destruction of the box. Once Brasken falls into a drunken sleep, you can loot his place in peace (there's nothing valuable here, though).

At 19, 20 and 21 you will find exits to the Northwestern Hive Sector, the Southeastern Hive Sector and the Alley of Dangerous Angles, respectively.

Office of Vermin and Disease Control

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Southwestern Hive Sector.
  2. To the cellar.
  3. Phineas T. Lort XXXIX.

You can rest here. If you ask Phineas how a man like him came to be in a place like this, he will tell you his tale at very great length, giving you an 8-hour rest.

If you kill any Cranium Rats, you can take their tails here and sell them to Phineas for one copper piece per tail. If you sell at least ten rat tails (which you won't do until Act 3 or 4), Phineas offers you a quest: There is a Wererat in his cellar and he wants you to kill it. Take the key he offers you, enter the cellar and kill the rat (you need magical weapons to harm it), then report back to Phineas for 200 copper pieces and 1000 XP.
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