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Current Act - The Hive:  
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This area is dominated by the Smoldering Corpse Bar in the center but there are plenty of other noteworthy sites and people in this bustling corner of the Hive – for example Fell's Tattoo Parlor in the eastern end, Ku'atraa's warehouse on the other side and the mysterious painted door in the northeastern corner.

This page also has instructions for the Smoldering Corpse Bar and Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Map Key

  1. Ku'atraa's Warehouse.
  2. Three thugs dressed in red.
  3. Drunk Harlot.
  4. Jhelai.
  5. Entrance to the Smoldering Corpse Bar.
  6. Amarysse.
  7. Barking-Wilder.
  8. Entrance to Fell's Tattoo Parlor.
  9. Painted Door.
  10. Three Starved Dog Barking Thugs can normally be found in this area.
  11. Damsel in Distress.
  12. Mourns-for-Trees.
  13. Exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector.
  14. Exit to the Southwestern Hive Sector.

People and Places in the Area

If you have accepted the Mar's Box quest in the Northwestern Hive Sector, you will want to visit Ku'atraa's Warehouse at 1 to deliver the box.

If you have accepted Porphiron's quest (Northwestern Hive Sector) to retrieve his Prayer Bead Necklace from the thugs who stole it, speak to the three thugs hanging around at 2 opposite from Ku'atraa's place and try to retrieve the necklace peacefully ... or by force, but the peaceful solution gives you the best XP reward.

The Drunk Harlot at 3 is really a pickpocket. Talk to her, and you will discover this with a Wisdom of at least 13 or a Pickpocketing skill of at least 10%. Observe her technique for 1,250 XP, then either just leave her or deal with her one way or another. With a Dexterity of at least 13 you can catch her hand as she tries to pickpocket you and then snap her neck for an XP award and a memory of snapping many peoples' necks in an earlier life.

If you have promised Craddock (Southwestern Hive Sector) to find Jhelai, he can be found around 4 (250 XP). He can not be persuaded to return to work, though.

The entrance to the Smoldering Corpse Bar is at 5.

Amarysse at 6 is a Harlot. She is also the lost sister of Nodd the Collector in Ragpicker's Square, in case you have promised to find his lost sister.

Barking-Wilder at 7 is a Chaosman. If you can get by his rambling, he can tell you where to find at least two of your lost journals (giving you 1,000 XP): One in a tomb beneath the city and one in the Festhall of the Sensates. If your alignment is Chaotic, he will let you join the Xaositects. If your alignment is very Chaotic and you are already a member of the Xaositects, you can ask to join the Chaosmen again. When Wilder realizes you are already a Chaosman, he pronounces you a factol of the Xaositects. The resulting dialog is quite ... amusing! :-)

In Fell's Tattoo Parlor at 8 you can buy tattoos for yourself and some of your companions.

The "door" at 9 is not a door at all, it is just painted on the wall. You will learn how to open it in Act 4.

You can find three Starved Dog Barking Thugs in the general vicinity of 10. They turn hostile if you speak to them. But if you have promised Sev'Tai in the Northeastern Hive Sector to kill three Chaosmen to avenge her murdered sisters, this is exactly what you want! ;-)

The Damsel in Distress at 11 wants your help with the thugs who have abducted her sister. With an Intelligence of 11 you will figure out that it is an ambush. Tell her to go away and not try this kind of stunt again. Threatening truthfully to kill her is Evil, lying about it is Chaotic.

The three thugs she was with can be found in the narrow alley under 11. Enter the alley if you want to fight them.

Mourns-for-Trees at 12 is doing what his name implies: Mourning because the trees in this part of the Hive are dying. You need his help in connection with one of Mebbeth's quests (please see Ragpicker's Square).

You can help Mourns-for-Trees by *caring* for the trees, and you can also ask your companions to care for the trees if you wish (Morte will only pretend to care for the trees; with a Wisdom of at least 13 you can ask him to be serious about it). Lying about caring for the trees is Chaotic; imagining the trees dead is Chaotic Evil. If you can get at least three party members (yourself and two others) to care for the trees, they will indeed improve and you gain 250 XP.

Don't ask Ignus, once you get him, to care for the trees. He just wants to see them burn.

At 13 and 14 you can exit to the Northeastern Hive Sector and the Southwestern Hive Sector, respectively.

The Smoldering Corpse Bar


Map Key

  1. Exit to the Southeastern Hive Sector.
  2. Ignus.
  3. Drusilla.
  4. Candrian.
  5. Ebb Creakknees.
  6. Alais.
  7. Barkis.
  8. Ilquix.
  9. Dak'kon.
  10. O.
  11. Mercykiller Patrons.
  12. Aethelgrin and Tegar'in.
  13. Mochai.
  14. Adahn the Imagined.

If you have spoken to Reekwind in the Southwestern Hive Sector, you will recognize Ignus at 2 as the flame wizard who burned down the Alley of Dangerous Angles. Actually he is no corpse – he is still alive ... somehow. "Speak" with him if you like but you can't interact with him – yet. In Act 5 you can free him and get him to join you. Please see the information on Ignus in the NPC list for instructions on how to free him.

Drusilla at 3 is Ignus' girlfriend. If you choose the right dialog options, she realizes that you are the immortal who can free him. If you free Ignus and then speak to her, Ignus embraces her, killing her instantly.

Candrian at 4 is a plane-walker and can give you a thorough rundown of the composition of all the planes. Make sure to ask him about Limbo and Carceri. If you ask him about his recent journey to the Negative Material Plane and how he survived, he gives you his Negative Token which will protect you against Shadow creatures. Make sure to hang on to it; it will prove useful in Act 10.

If you have spoken with Ingress in the Northeastern Hive Sector and promised to help her find her way home, you should also speak to Candrian about this.

Ebb Creakknees at 5 is a former Harmonium guard (Harmonium: The self-proclaimed police of Sigil) who can give you information about a lot of things. Make sure to ask him about everything. He will tell you that Pharod has set up kip somewhere in Ragpicker's Square and started a ring of Collectors.

Alais at 6 is a young man from the Prime Material who recently came to Sigil after jumping through a portal. You can gain 250 XP for telling him that Ebb Creakknees told him about Planes, as in Planes of existence, not Plains.

At 7 you will find Barkis, the owner of the establishment. He has something that belongs to you: Your eye, which you pawned here in an earlier life. You can buy it back for the modest sum of 500 copper pieces (can be negotiated down to 300). Absorb the eye for 1,000 XP, a memory flashback and an extra Proficiency point. NOTE: If you have less than 20 hit points when you do this, you will die and the eye will just be wasted.

Barkis will also ask you to get one of the patrons, Mochai (at 13) to pay her bill. Just approach her, deal with her any way you like, and return to Barkis to report back. Your reward is 1,000 XP, and that drinks are free from now on.

Ilquix at 8 is an advocate of chaos who just likes to observe the people here ... or so he says. He will show his true nature (he is a Glabrezu; a demon of the Abyss) if you attack the two Abishai at 12.

The most interesting person in the bar is without a doubt Dak'kon at 9. He is a Githzerai who has ceased to *know* himself. Make sure to ask him about the Githzerai people, the city of Sigil, and his emphasis on *knowing*. Eventually he will offer to join you! Congratulations, you just found another companion! Dak'kon's information in the NPC List contains information on what to say to him and how to upgrade him.

O at 10 is more than just a person – he is a letter in the divine alphabet. When you have asked him about everything else, ask about the divine alphabet, then ask if he knows all the secrets of existence, and then ask if he doesn't know all the secrets of existence. He will give you a glimpse of eternity before disappearing, giving you a +1 bonus to Wisdom.

The Mercykiller patrons at 11 are looking for a criminal. The young one (the one who walks around in the bar) is the most useful in terms of information. It seems the criminal they are looking for was a particularly brutal killer who lived in Sigil a long time ago and looked like a less scarred version of yourself. Hmmm... ;-)

The two Abishai, at 12, Aethelgrin and Tegar'in, are on "leave" from their assignment in the Blood War and trying to recruit volunteers. They seem strangely pointless; actually they are part of a quest (the Pendant of Yemeth quest) that was removed from the game before release. Qwinn's Unfinished Business pack restores this quest.

Mochai at 13 is the patron you need to talk to for Barkis. You can handle this in different ways – by browbeating her into paying, lending her some money, or by poisoning her drink if you have a jar of Embalming Fluid on you.

Finally, if you have told enough people that your name is "Adahn", there will be a new character at 14, Adahn the Imagined, a person straight out of your imagination! You can speak to him for a little while. On parting he gives you Adahn's Ring.

Fell's Tattoo Parlor

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Southeastern Hive Sector.
  2. Fell.
  3. Gallery.

Fell can sell you different tattoos that raise your stats or abilities. He can also give you some interesting information, for example that you were killed by shadows the last time you died, and that you always wear the tattoo of Torment on your left shoulder because you are tormented and therefore draw tormented souls to you. He can't tell you who you are because "he can't change the nature of a man". Unfortunately his prices are pretty steep.

Make sure to return here regularly. Fell will have new tattoos for you when you complete certain quests or pass certain milestones (for example when you specialize or double specialize in a class).

For a list of tattoos that Fell sells, along with information on when they become available, please see the Item List under "Tattoos".

The gallery contains examples of Fell's art.

Since Fell is a Dabus, you may need to have one of your companions translate for you until you can raise your stats through leveling up or by wearing some of Fell's own tattoos.
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