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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Welcome, cutter, to the Lower Ward of Sigil. Feel the fresh air? Well, maybe not. That's due to the many portals in this area which all lead to the lower planes. Places like Baator and The Abyss. Some of the air from these places seep through the portals and foul up the air in this ward.

The area is dominated by the bustling marketplace where you can buy anything a cutter could want. But you'll also want to check out the Pawn Shop, the Print Shop – and maybe you could get into the mysterious Siege Tower, or be allowed to enter the Foundry of the Godsmen in the northern end of this ward?

When you first arrive here at the beginning of Act 5, Morte will be kidnapped by two wererats and you will have to get him back from Lothar. How to do this is explained on the Overview page for this act.

The following smaller areas are described at the bottom of this page:

The Great Foundry and The Bones of the Night are described on separate pages.



Map Key

  1. Exit to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.
  2. Vorten.
  3. Sebastion.
  4. Korur.
  5. Kii'na.
  6. Xanthia.
  7. Thorp, Gort and Zerb.
  8. Foundry Gate.
  9. Entrance to The Great Foundry.
  10. An'azi.
  11. Entrances to the Market.
  12. Byron Pikit.
  13. Giltspur.
  14. Entrance to the Pawn Shop.
  15. Entrance to the Bones of the Night.
  16. Yi'minn.
  17. Deran.
  18. Trist.
  19. Entrance to the Warehouse.
  20. Entrance to the Print Shop.
  21. Grosuk.
  22. Portal to the Siege Tower.
  23. Lenny.
  24. Entrance to the Coffin Shop.
  25. Exit to Clerk's Ward.
  26. Containers with various items.

People and Places in the Lower Ward

At 1 you will find the exit back to the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

Vorten at 2 is a Harmonium Guard. He can't tell you much. You will have to kill him if you want to join the Anarchists.

Sebastion at 3 can help you get rid of some of your scars – for a price, of course. He has entered a contract with an Abishai named Grosuk and is unable to deliver, so he wants you to kill Grosuk for him. You can find Grosuk at 21. After killing Grosuk (make sure all members of your party have access to enchanted weapons, or they won't be able to harm an Abishai), report back to Sebastion for 8,000 XP and a +2 to your Charisma.

If you chicken out and tell Grosuk that Sebastion sent you to kill him, Grosuk will kill Sebastion, and you won't get anything out of this.

If you kill Grosuk, the Tattoo of Grosuk's Demise becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor. If you betray Sebastion, the Tattoo of Sebastion's End becomes available.

Sebastion can tell you where to look for Morte (search for Lothar in a ruined house somewhere in the Lower Ward).

If asked about the area, he will tell you that someone once created an item – the Shadow-Sorcelled Key – to open all the gates to the lower planes in this area. You will regain a memory (500 XP) of being killed by the Lady of Pain for doing it.

Korur at 4 can also tell you where to find Morte. He is also the best fighter trainer in the entire game and can train you up to the maximum five proficiency points in any weapon class.

Kii'na, a Githzerai woman, is walking around at 5. She can give you some interesting information about Dak'kon's past if you don't know it already. If you have learned about the impending Githyanki raid on the Githzerai fortress of Vristigor (from Yi'minn at 16), you can tell her for 8,000 XP. Kii'na will then leave to warn her people.

If Dak'kon is nearby when you speak to Kii'na they will fight unless you get between them. It is recommended that you stop the fight.

Xanthia is the noblewoman standing at 6. Talk to her to learn that she is here to watch a fight. The three Thokola to the south have ruined one of her dresses and she has tricked them into fighting an Abishai to prove themselves. What she "forgot" to tell them was that Abishai can only be harmed by magical weapons; she is in effect getting them killed.

Next, speak to the three Thokola Thorp, Gort and Zerb at 7. Only Thorp knows enough of your language to speak to you. Here is another opportunity to lie and call yourself Adahn. After having spoken to both Xanthia and Thorp, you have the option of either warning Thorp and telling him of Xanthia's treason (6,000 XP, Lawful Good), or not warn him (1,500 XP, Chaotic Evil).

If you don't warn Thorp, a Red Abishai will turn up soon after, and the Thokola will attack it and be slaughtered. You can then speak to Xanthia again for 500 copper pieces and 500 XP.

If you warn Thorp, he gives you 600 copper pieces. When you report back to Xanthia to tell her what you did, you get another 2,000 XP. Once again, it pays to be good.

Two of the barrels next to the Thokola contain some treasure: 9 copper pieces, 1 Clot Charm, and 3 Bandages.

At 8 you will find the Foundry Gate. You have to find a good reason for the guard to open it. To get through, you will either have to have a receipt for the Foundry (you will get one from the Advocate in Clerk's Ward), or you can speak to Giltspur at 13 and offer to do his quests.

The entrance to The Foundry is at 9.

A Githzerai woman, An'azi, is standing at 10. You can't speak to her unless Dak'kon is in your party. Dak'kon will tell you that she is dying and wants him to kill her. You can tell him to be merciful (Good), to make it painful (Evil), or not to do it (Evil).

The entrances to the Market are at 11.

Byron Pikit at 12 is a moneylender and a bad character. Don't press him too hard for information about who abducted Morte, or he will refuse to speak to you again. Instead, ask about thieves and who helps "provide" them. He will tell you about Lenny. You need this information to get Lenny at 23 to speak to you. I recommend speaking to Byron Pikit before you complete Trist's quest (see 18).

Giltspur at 13 is a merchant. The most interesting items he sells are a Stinger Earring and the Poison Cheese you can use to kill Mantouk in the Bones of the Night.

Giltspur is standing outside the Market

For 10 copper pieces Giltspur will tell you that Morte was most probably stolen by Lothar, the master of the Bones of the Night.

If you bring Giltspur a Stone Lim-Lim (see the instructions under How to Join the Anarchists), he gives you a password to the Anarchist hideout in the Warehouse.

Finally, if you ask Giltspur if he knows of any jobs that need doing, he asks you to run some errands for him. The errands are basically easy experience:

At 14 you find the entrance to the Pawn Shop.

At 15 you find the entrance to the Bones of the Night.

Yi'minn at 16 is a Githyanki, who are the arch-enemies of the Githzerai. If you have Dak'kon in your party, you will be hard pressed to keep the two from fighting. You should leave Dak'kon at a safe distance before speaking to Yi'minn.

If you haven't helped An'azi at 10, Yi'minn refuses to speak to you.

Once you have helped An'azi and left Dak'kon out of sight, approach Yi'minn and speak to him. He will offer to help you find your lost memories; you will just need to follow him to a secluded place. If you fall into his trap, he leads you to the alley between the Warehouse and the Print Shop where five of his comrades turn up and surround you. You will have the choice between fighting them, or letting them kill you. Let them kill you, and you will learn from their conversation that they are plotting a raid on the Githzerai fortress of Vristigor. Take this information back to Kii'na at 5 for 8,000 XP.

Deran at 17 is selling slaves (or rather indentured servants, as he calls it), who have been sentenced to work off their debt. You can offer your own views on this matter, that it sounds like slavery to you (Lawful), that it's a good way to pay their debt to society (Chaotic), or that you don't care (Neutral). He can offer some information on Sigil and the Lower Ward but nothing really useful.

Trist at 18 is about to be sold into indentured servitude. Her husband was a merchant at the Market and lent money from Byron Pikit. When he died, the loan document had disappeared and Trist couldn't prove that the loan had been repaid. Here's how to help her:

Once Trist has been freed, the Tattoo of Trist's Savior will be available at Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

If, after helping Trist, you get Corvus to arrest Byron Pikit, the Tattoo of Justice's Eye becomes available.

The entrance to the Warehouse is at 19.

The entrance to the Print Shop is at 20.

At 21 you will find Grosuk, a Green Abishai. He can't tell you anything useful. You need to kill him to solve Sebastion's quest.

There is a portal into the Siege Tower at 22. To open the portal you need to speak to Lazlo in the Market. Ask him about everything to learn that the portal is there and that the key to getting in is to not want to get in.

At 23 you will find Lenny. He won't speak to you unless you have asked Byron Pikit about thieves to learn about Lenny. Then tell Lenny that Byron Pikit sent you. Lenny is crucial to solving Trist's quest (see above).

Lenny is a Thief trainer, so make sure to get training from him. If you're already playing as a thief, you can get the training after doing Trist's quest. After training you, Lenny will give you the Punch Daggers of Zar'anun. If you're not using Punch Daggers yourself, give them to Annah or sell them to a weapons merchant.

The large barrel next to Lenny contains 5 copper pieces and one Bandage.

The entrance to the Coffin Shop is at 24.

At 25 you will find the exit to Clerk's Ward.

There are some containers with low-level treasure at 26a (24 copper pieces and a Pouch (useless)) and at 26b (32 copper pieces and 11 Bandages).

The Market

Here you can buy and sell all manner of stuff. You can also solve a few problems for yourself and other people.


Map Key

  1. Exits to the Lower Ward.
  2. Drixel.
  3. Aalek, a Magic Items Merchant.
  4. Container.
  5. Anze, a Weapons Merchant.
  6. Lazlo.
  7. Karina.
  8. Cinder, a Scroll Merchant.
  9. Empty stall.
  10. Corvus.


At 1 you will find exits to the Lower Ward.

Drixel at 2 is a Harmonium Guard. He can give you some basic information about the Harmonium but is rather unfriendly.

Aalek at 3 sells a variety of magic items. You will want to come here for healing charms and also if you want to buy these magical items:

The container at 4 holds some Cleaning Rags (useless), a Charm of Infinite Recall, and a Clipped Copper Piece.

Anze at 5 is a weapons merchant. The most interesting of his weapons are:

Anze can give you a little information but his best tip is to speak to his son Lazlo.

Lazlo at 6 is Anze's son. Make sure to speak to him about everything. If you ask him about "this ward", you will learn about the portal into the Siege Tower, and that the key to open it is to not want to get in. Ask him about Sigil to gain a memory about the Lady of Pain (500 XP).

Karina is walking around at 7 looking for someone who wants to talk to her. But everybody is avoiding her and her endless chatter. Be nice to her to learn that she is lonely and looking for a friend.

Cinder at 8 is a scroll merchant. He will suggest that you speak to Sebastion about your scars. He can also tell you about the empty stall at 9.

The stall at 9 is empty. You can learn from Cinder that it belonged to Zac, Trist's husband.

Corvus, the Harmonium Guard at 10, is another lonely soul. He knows some things about both Byron Pikit and Lenny but won't tell you until he knows you better. If you have spoken to Karina, tell him that she is also lonely and is looking for a gentleman. After wooing her, Corvus will be more friendly and will let you in on his knowledge of Byron Pikit and Lenny. If you get the Scroll of Evidence in connection with Trist's quest, you'll want to give it to Corvus to have Byron Pikit arrested.

If you unite Corvus and Karina, the Tattoo of the Joining becomes available at Fell's Tattoo Parlor. If you ruin Corvus' chances, the Tattoo of Spite becomes available.

If you get Corvus to arrest Byron Pikit, the Tattoo of Justice's Eye becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is where people store things. Unfortunately they are having some difficulties and can't store more items at this time.


Map Key

  1. Exit to the Lower Ward.
  2. Vault of the Ninth World.
  3. Otis, Conall, and Leena.


At 1 you can exit back to the Lower Ward.

The floating head at 2 is the voice of the warehouse. You can ask it about the place to learn that at the moment they can't accept new orders.

You can claim a large bag of coins. If either your Intelligence or Wisdom are 15 or better, you will remember the right amount (apparently you left it for yourself in an earlier life).

You will also need to come here in connection with Trist's quest to claim her loan document and, if you spoke correctly to Lenny, the scroll of evidence against Byron Pikit.

At 3 you will find the Warehouse staff, Otis, Conall, and Leena. Otis is clearly the muscle of the three and will tell you nothing. Neither will Leena or Conall, unless you join the Anarchists.

The Warehouse and its staff

The Siege Tower

To enter the Siege Tower, you need to speak to Lazlo at the Market to learn of the portal and the key. Then go to the portal at 22 on the Lower Ward map and you should get the right prompts.


Map Key

  1. Portal back to the Lower Ward.
  2. Coaxmetal.


Speak to the giant iron creature Coaxmetal at 2 to learn that it is forging weapons for Entropy (that is, for Chaos – Coaxmetal is working for the Tanar'ri).

If you have spoken to Nihl Xander in the Foundry and have been asked to find a decorated wrought-iron birdcage (the second item Xander needs for your Dreambuilder), you can ask for that.

When you get the option, ask about immortality being another kind of death. Coaxmetal will offer to forge you a weapon that can kill even you. Give him a drop of your blood and you will gain 10,000 XP and the Blade of the Immortal. This weapon, which looks weak on the surface, may come in handy in the endgame so make sure to hang on to it.

If asked what he does with weapons, Coaxmetal will offer to sell you various weapons. Most of his inventory is commonplace but there are some gems:

Some of these items are only available under certain conditions; for example if The Nameless One is specialized or double specialized in a particular class. Please see the entries on the Item List for details.

You may want to return to the Siege Tower in Act 9 towards the end of the game. At this point Coaxmetal will have a special weapon for you – for a price, of course!

I am iron given purpose...

The Print Shop

You may come to the Print Shop for three reasons: To deliver Giltspur's note for printing, to have some love letters printed for Juliette's quest (see the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts), or to join the Anarchists.

Map Key

  1. Exit to the Lower Ward.
  2. Scofflaw Penn.


No matter what your errand, you need to speak to Scofflaw Penn at 2. Be careful not to irritate him too much, or he will throw you out of his shop. Irritate him often enough, and you will find the door closed permanently.

Nothing you say, unless you come from Bedai-Linn and you have not turned in Vaxis back at the Mortuary, will make Penn admit that he is an Anarchist.

The Pawn Shop

This shop doesn't have much of an inventory. Or many customers.


Map Key

  1. Exit back to the Lower Ward.
  2. Brokah and Miccah.


Speak to Brokah or Miccah at 2 to see the shop's inventory, or to ask them other questions. If you ask them anything except about trade, they will start arguing, and Morte will learn some new insults, making his Litany of Curses more effective.

The shop has very few useful items, but if you're playing a Fighter, you may want to check out the Shards of Fate.

The Coffin Shop

This is where you come to buy a coffin if you're going to bury anyone. Actually, you will only want to fetch a coffin pillow for your Dreambuilder; a quest you get from Nihl Xander in the Great Foundry.


Map Key

  1. Exit to the Lower Ward.
  2. Dimtree.
  3. Hamrys.


Speak to Dimtree at 2 to learn that he is a zombie. Sebastion created Dimtree so Hamrys would have someone to talk to in his shop, instead of bothering everybody in the Lower Ward with his endless talk.

Dimtree wants you to speak to Sebastion to free him of this non-life. To solve this quest, exit to the Lower Ward, seek out Sebastion and convince him to teach you how to free Dimtree. Sebastion can't teach you outright, since it would be breach of contract, but he will let you "accidentally" look in his book and see how to do it. Return and speak the words you read in Sebastion's book.

You get 4,000 XP for reading Sebastion's book and another 4,000 for freeing Dimtree. Also, the Tattoo of Death-in-life becomes available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

Hamrys at 3 is the coffin-maker. When you ask him about a coffin pillow, he will tell you at great length how coffins are made, until you threaten to hit him. He then tells you that he has no coffin pillows but that you can get one from the Warehouse.

You can also ask him about the Empty Tomb to learn that his father built it for you. This will regain you a memory.
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