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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - Find the Place Where Annah Found your Body:  
Overview  |  The Tenement of Thugs  |  The Alley of Lingering Sighs  |  Pharod's Vault  
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The first time you enter this area from the Tenement of Thugs, if you got Sybil's quest in the Tenement and either managed to get out without being discovered or killed all the Thugs in the main room of the Tenement, Sybil will follow you out, congratulate you on a job well done and give you an Adder's Tear as a reward along with the 1,000 XP for completing the quest. If Sybil doesn't follow you out, it means you didn't sneak out successfully. In that case you can always come back and wipe out the Thugs later.

The Alley of Lingering Sighs is a pretty straightforward area. You will easily find the place where Annah found your body but you will then need to perform two small quests for ... the Alley itself!



Map Key

  1. Entrance to the Tenement of Thugs.
  2. Dabus.
  3. Some loose boards.
  4. Entrance to a small Dwelling.
  5. Strengthened wall.
  6. To Small Area.
  7. Exit to the Main Area.
  8. Stone Head.

Through the Alley

The entrance back to the Tenement of Thugs is at 1.

At 2 you will meet a Dabus.

There are some loose boards in the wall at 3. Look for the place where the mouse pointer becomes a question mark (?).

Inside the small dwelling at 4 you will find a dead Dabus. Examine it closely, or use Stories-Bones-Tell on the corpse, to learn that the Dabus entered this place and was then somehow sealed in. You gain 1,000 XP for learning this. Make sure to grab the Dabus' hammer that lies next to it. You'll need a hammer in a short while.

The wall at 5 seems to have been reinforced recently. Look for the place where the mouse pointer becomes a question mark (?).

Descend the stairs at 6 to enter the Small Area.

Once you enter the Small Area at 7, Annah takes the lead and shows you the place where she found your body. At this point a "face" appears on one of the walls at 8. You will have a conversation with it to learn that this is the Alley of Lingering Sighs itself – the Alley is alive!

You will gain a short memory of how you were killed by Shadows, and how Annah found your body, then the conversation with the Alley resumes. Apparently the Alley is pregnant, and it can't "divide" as long as the Dabus is repairing it. You will have to remove the Dabus.

To remove the Dabus, go back to the Main Area, seek out the Dabus and either kill it (beware – killing too many Dabuses will attract the Lady's gaze!) or tell it about the dead Dabus in the small dwelling. The Dabus will go off to investigate and be sealed in itself, and the door at 4 will from now on be locked. Report back to the Alley for 1,500 XP (if you killed the Dabus – also the Alley will be unhappy with your choice of "solution") or 11,500 XP (if you lured it away) and your next assignment.

The Dabus has stopped repairing but you'll still need to undo some of its repairs. So, back to the Main Area. This time you will need a Hammer and an Iron Prybar. If you didn't do as I told you and brought them along, you will have to buy a Hammer back at the Hive Market, since the one in the small dwelling is no longer accessible. You can find an Iron Prybar in the Tenement of Thugs – see number 11 on that area map.

To do the repairs:

Once you have finished, I suggest that you strip Morte of all his possessions and transfer them to the other party members' inventories. It will save you a bit of trouble in a short while. Then report back to the Alley at 8 for 16,250 XP. You will be treated to a cinematic of the Alley dividing before you arrive in the Lower Ward to start Act 5.
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