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Current Act - Find the Place Where Annah Found your Body:  
Overview  |  The Tenement of Thugs  |  The Alley of Lingering Sighs  |  Pharod's Vault  
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This area will be available after you have entered the Tenement of Thugs. If you return to the Buried Village and enter Pharod's Court, you can find Pharod lying dead in front of his throne. Loot his corpse to find:

After looting Pharod's Corpse, you may also want to take a short chat with Annah to console her on the loss of her father. She won't be too badly stricken with grief, since Pharod wasn't her real dad, and since he apparently didn't adopt her out of kindness and generosity.

You enter the vault by taking Pharod's Crutch and going to the top left of Pharod's Court (number 3 on the map of the court). A dialog will appear for you to activate the portal.

What you find in Pharod's Vault

If you thought that you'd find a huge hoard of treasure here, you will be sorely disappointed. It seems Pharod was heavily into books and spent most of his loot on reading material. But there are a few things to pick up.

You enter the vault at 1.

On one of the top bookshelves at 2 you will find a Scroll of Magic Missile.

On one of the lower bookshelves at 3 you will find a Blood Charm and a Blood Fly Charm.

At 4, search the lower bookshelves for a Piece of Cheese (worthless).

The container at 5 holds:

One of the upper bookshelves at 6 hides a Stinger Earring.

When you approach 7, a dialog opens and you can activate the portal back to Pharod's Court.
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