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The Perfect Party
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Why He's Included

This character build provides a lot of utility. He'll provide the thieving skills. He'll also operate as a secondary spellcaster, able to provide spells that my Sorceress can't. He's also a handy decoy, which is to say somebody who necessarily won't be able to chop down the opposition, but can keep himself protected so that he can hold up a group of monsters by himself without any real danger and giving his comrades a chance to go to work on the rest. Spells like Mirror Image, Stoneskin, and Improved Invisibility provide protection from physical attacks. Being Drow gives him Spell Resistance, and his Rogue levels give him Evasion, so he can withstand magical assaults as well. Three levels is enough for Evasion and that extra +1d6 during backstab attacks (or Arterial Strike if that's your preference). Otherwise, I've learned to emphasize spellcasting power for him.


Primary Decoy, Primary Thief, Secondary Damage Caster, Secondary Crowd-Controller, Secondary Archer, Secondary Spokesperson, Tertiary Tank


+5 Dexterity coupled with the +5 Dexterity from Chimandrae's Slippers will enhance attack bonus (in combination with the Weapon Finesse feat), armor class, reflex saving throws, and skill checks.


Bluff – Sometimes a particular dialogue outcome will need Bluff instead of Diplomacy, this is where Tithian does the talking instead.

Disable Device, Open Locks, Search – These are the skills I emphasize for the thieving role.

Concentration – Self-explanatory.

Note that the skill levels remain adequate even when learning them as cross-class skills while building up Wizard levels.


Starting Feats: Blind Fight – For the simple reason that Drow are particularly vulnerable to getting blinded by fire-based spells.

3rd level: Weapon Finesse – This feat allows Tithian to use his Dexterity bonus instead of his Strength bonus when using a Shortsword or Dagger. I also installed the component from the Light of Selune that allows the Moonblade of Selune to benefit from this feat as well, which makes sense considering how the Moonblade is actually described.

4th level: Armored Arcana – To enable use of a certain buckler without any arcane spell failure. I get this as a bonus feat for my 1st Wizard level.

6th level: Lightning Reflexes – Improved reflex saving throws also enhances the Evasion ability.

8th level: Spell Focus Transmutation – To enhance spells like Slow and Disintegrate.

9th level: Combat Casting – A logical choice for a spellcaster and decoy who spends a lot of time in the thick of it.

12th level: Expertise – Since Tithian uses either the Brilliant Short +5 or the Moonblade, both of which ignore Armor and Shield bonuses, he can indulge in the use of this feat to boost his own armor class by 5 points and enhances his role as a decoy.

13th level: Greater Spell Focus Transmutation – Further enhancing spells like Slow and Disintegrate.

15th level: Iron Will – It's hard to argue with improving saving throws in Tactics.

18th level: Great Fortitude – Same thing. Dirty Fighting – Useful as well.



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