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The Perfect Party
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Why She's Included

The Druid provides a useful mix of healing and offensive spells. She can help pick up some of the slack for the Cleric, and also help out my Sorceress if it's time to crank out the damage.

The Druid is also a wonderful source of crowd-control. Individually, spells like Entangle or Spike Stones may not do a whole lot on their own. Chances are, a monster can make one individual saving throw and get out of the area uneffected by the spell. But if you have the time to blanket an area with spells like Entangle, Spike Growth, and Spike Stones, chances are your foes will fail at least one saving throw and remain stuck. It gets even better when your arcane spellcasters can chip in with spells like Web, or cloud-damage spells like Cloudkill that will slow them down even more. You can even add Sunray into the mix at higher level spells. Once you've got a horde stuck in place, that's when the fun begins. They're sitting ducks for your offensive spells. Other key spells that a Druid can use include offensive spells like Flame Strike, Static Lightning, and Spiritual Wrath. Tremor is an incredibly useful spell that will knock down a lot of incoming enemies, and it's party-friendly too. Summon Elemental Swarm also provides another nifty option. I also add 1 level of Ranger, at the beginning, since she's also my designated Archer, and it allows her to use certain other weapons in the game.


Primary Crowd-Controller, Primary Summoner, Primary Archer, Secondary Damage Caster, Secondary Healer, Secondary Buffer, Tertiary Tank, Secondary Scout



Hide & Move Silently – She can also double as a second scout when needed.

Animal Empathy – Occasionally useful, but I guess more for 'flavour' than anything else.

Wilderness Lore – Another ability that is quite useful in some situations.


Starting Feats: Combat Casting – Self-explanatory, since she also has to cast spells in the thick of combat.

3rd level: Spell Focus Transmutation – This enhances Alliria's crowd control spells, like Entangle, Stone Spike, Spike Stones, and later on, Tremor.

6th level: Greater Spell Focus Transmutation – Further enhancing my crowd control spells.

9th level: Dirty Fighting – She enters melee fairly often herself, so this ability is quite useful since each critical hit has a chance to either blind or slow down the target.

12th level: Improved Critical – A no-brainer really.

15th level: Rapid Shot – Adds an extra arrow shot per round at full bonus, but at a -2 bonus to other missile attacks in that round. Well worth it, since Alliria acquires a number of items that increase her attack bonus with missile weapons.

18th level: Spell Penetration – Adds a bonus to overcome monsters' spell resistance, which makes sense for a character who casts a lot of crowd-control and offensive spells.

21st level: Greater Spell Penetration – Same thing.



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