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A Video Based Guide to the Tactics4IWD2 Mod by David Milward

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Chapter 5
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Undead in Kuldahar Valley

The video begins with me speaking with Oswald to get some background information, and then flying in his airship to start Chapter 5.

When I arrive in Kuldahar Valley, a Priest of Bane named Heipherus shows up and issues some verbal threats. He immediately brings several undead include Wights, Barrow Wights, Wraiths, and Black Archers. My spellcasters immediately put up a few buffs as and when circumstances allow. There will be many more undead throughout the valley and part of my job is to clear them all out. Alliria also starts off with Static Discharge so that it will periodically inflict passive electrical damage at regular intervals over these series of combats.

It goes without saying that I bring out my anti-undead weapons for this such as the Club of Disruption and the Moonblade of Selune. If your Cleric's level is high enough Turn Undead can also prove highly effective by keeping many of the undead divided and unable to attack.

Elanna saved any Bullets of Disruption she found along the way just for this moment. She uses her sling to take out the Black Archers, allowing the warriors to concentrate on the other undead. I comb the whole valley to make sure I've killed off any undead.

Nathaniel and Jermsy

In a tower to the north I find Jermsy and Nathaniel, who both provide background information. Nathaniel has a few items for sale, including:

Hrothgar's Glen

Plenty more undead to fight here. Note how both Tithian and Lady Elanna exploit the gate as a choke point at which to aim offensive spells. Anti-undead weapons work just as well as always.


First I add 2 extra preparations, Holy Aura and Mass Haste.

Now begins my battle with Heipherus. Again, Insect Plague or Feeblemind won't work here. Also keep in mind that battles like this can be quite random, so remember that what I describe is how I react to the situation as it unfolds, and I am not necessarily describing a standard script.

I begin combat with what I can now call the triple combo: Stygar – Power Word: Blind, Tithian – Slow, Lady Elanna – Chaos. This drastically reduces the effectiveness of his Orog troops, allowing the party to concentrate on the Wraiths first.

Alliria starts with Summon Insect, right next to Heipherus. This works perfectly, as Heipherus wastes his Insect Plague on them instead of my party.

Now note how my choice of spells is dependent on enemy placement. Lady Elanna uses Chain Lightning for enemies that are tightly packed and right next to her comrades, but then she changes position and starts using Cone of Cold when she can catch several foes in a relative straight line. Alliria makes repeated use of Flame Strike for a cluster of foes that are tightly packed together.

The warriors then go to work on the Orogs after they've gotten rid of the undead.

At some point it's only Heipherus who's left. Everyone then switches over to missile weapons and hits him at a distance to avoid coming within the Insect Plague. He comes closer at some point, but this dooms him to getting cut down.

He'll leave behind:

I report the good news to Jermsy, and get the Farmer's Cloak (+3 deflection bonus to armor class), and (as part of the Light of Selune mod) Flicker, a +3 Longsword that is Keen (improved chance for critical hits) and imbues its wielder with a constant Blink effect. Stygar wears the Farmer's Cloak for the rest of the game.

Now it is time to enter the village of Kuldahar.

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