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A Video Based Guide to the Tactics4IWD2 Mod by David Milward

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Chapter 2
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Oswald's Air Ship Crashes

Now I deliver the good news of Guthma's defeat to Lord Ulbrec, and get an xp reward for it. His next assignment for me is to rendezvous with the Neverwinter forces in the Western pass. Oswald is to take me there in his air ship.

Oswald is of course due north from the door to Ulbrec's house. And of course he sells potions. The Light of Selune mod adds another option, to choose the dialogue option involving a 'stash of armor'. The following is then available for sale:

I wasn't interested in any of these on an ongoing basis. I have Oswald begin the flight, and also an extended sequence of cutscenes. The end result is that Oswald is forced into a crash landing.

My party members are slow to get up, but are nonetheless able to take out a Boring Beetle that intrudes. The Beetle leaves behind a Boring Beetle Shell (more on this later).

Tithian begins to look around, disarming a trap on one of the wooden beams, and getting some potions and gems and the like.

Oswald comes to, and then informs me he needs some spell ingredients to repair the ship:

One of the diamonds is already on hand in the crate by the northeast corner of the ship. The Thrym Extract is lying on the floor nearby.

The bookcases have a few other items, including spell scrolls for Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, and Emotion: Hope. Tithian scribes the latter, as it is a good buff spell to cast prior to combat, and lasts 50 rounds.

Boring Beetle Nest

Now I leave the ship and head straight north. More Boring Beetles will arrive at intervals. The key is to attack and destroy their nest. This nets an xp bonus for stopping their threat to Oswald's ship. The nest afterwards becomes an item container that has several potions and other miscellaneous items.

Boring Beetles always leave behind Boring Beetle Shells. Oswald can fashion a Shell in three days into an armor of my choice, Full Plate Armor, Chainmail, or Half-Plate Armor, each at reduced weight. This doesn't fit into any of long-term or short-term plans, as I'm decently equipped as it is. You could conceivably obtain as many plate suits as your party needs if you were to let the nest spawn as many Beetles as you needed.

Note now the woodpile just a little to the east. The Wood is an item that is one of the spell components. There will be others around, but I need only one. Also, it is pretty much a sure thing that any spot that has Wood lying on it is also trapped, so Tithian takes care of this first.

I continue south and then east. You can also count on traps being around where tunnel ways intersect, so Tithian has to take care of these as well.

I get attacked by a few Silk Spiders but they aren't difficult. They leave behind Spider Silk after dying, and I collect one of them as a component for Oswald's spell.

Captain Yurst

Here I show a series of interrelated events. First, I go eastwards and then fight a Verbeeg Giant named Goublika, and 3 Fomorian Giants. The Fomorians will throw boulders until I close in on them. Goublika is pretty tough but I can gang up on him. Lady Elanna meanwhile blows the Fomorians away with repeated castings of Fireball. This is the first step as the Fomorians had been throwing their boulders at a nearby Captain Yurst.

Now I head more towards the northwest part of the area having Tithian disarm traps along the way. There's an area just northwest of the centre where there's a bunch of Tundra Yeti. I don't rush them, since there's traps around them. I let them come to me, and then I kill them one at a time. The crate has several potions, a few other items, as well as the Periapt of Wound Closure (protects its wearer against weapons that cause continuous bleeding, regenerates 1/hit point every 10 rounds). The Periapt is enhanced with the protect against bleeding feature as part of the Ease of Use mod I believe. However, even with Tactics installed, enemies that cause bleeding damage tend to be rather rare, so this doesn't fit into my long term plans.

I then move southeast and find Captain Yurst, who is mortally wounded. I get xp bonuses for stopping the Giants from throwing boulders at him, and for soothing his wounds with the Periapt of Wound Closure. He then dies and leaves behind some broken pieces of armor and weapons, a Golden Necklace, a Scroll of Protection from Cold, and a spell scroll of Fire Shield: Red. Tithian inscribes the Fire Shield scroll. Any one of the broken pieces of armor or weapons provides the iron component that is needed for Oswald's spell.


In the northwest corner, after a couple of traps, is a small camp with a fellow named Beodawyn and several of his followers. He sells an interesting assortment of items, such as bolts, spell scrolls, plus some unique ones. These include:

I bought only the Amulet for Markus.

If you insist on searching through his cache, but without disarming the trap first, the character that does this will temporarily go beserk. In any event, helping yourself to the cache's contents provokes Beodawyn into revealing his true form as a Werewolf. His followers aren't that tough, but he himself is highly resistant to any kind of physical damage. His notable weakness is magic damage. So Elanna cranks out Magic Missile non-stop. Tithian manages to tag the Werewolf with his Moonblade enough times so that the accumulated damage is enough to bring it down. If you're having trouble with this fight, you might want to consider handing the Moonblade over to whichever character has the highest attack bonus with it.

Illium and Andora

I head towards the northeast corner, and my next fight is against the Rangers and Druids of Andora. This can be a tough battle as your foes are numerous and attack from both sides. Odea Wintersthaw will lead several Druids, Wolves, and Rangers from the south side, while Illium and other Rangers will open fire from the north.

For the group to the south, Alliria starts with Spike Stones and Spike Growth. Lady  Elanna chips in with Web and then lets loose with Fireballs. Since there will be quite a few Druids here, Stygar also casts Silence. Alliria also follows up with Call Lightning, which will passively score electrical damage several times over the course of this long battle. Any that come forward will get cut down by my warriors.

The danger of this fight is that Illium can score heavy damage from afar with his crossbow, and he'll constantly pick himself back up with healing potions, so I really have no choice but to whether his storm over the long haul. For this reason I must make taking out the southern force an utmost priority. I won't be able to take out Illium any time soon, so I must take away his help first to lessen the risk to myself. But I have healing potions of my own, and I can retreat a party member that is taking too much damage out of his range, both of which allow me to manage the danger.

It is once that I have wiped out the southern force that I can have everybody concentrate their missile fire on him. Illium will fire away until he runs out of either potions or healing potions. At that point he'll retreat.

I then take the opportunity to loot Odea's body for (among other things): 

After this I use missile fire on another Druid and Ranger at the edges of the cliffs. Note how Arrows of Stunning or Bullets of Stunning may be just the thing to give you the edge during a shootout.

I then find a tunnel that leads to the tops of the cliffs to the north. I then finish off the remaining Rangers in close up combat. Illium can also be dangerous in close-up combat, so I tag him with the double shot of Alicorn's Lance and Faerie Fire.

Illium leaves behind:

The way is now open to the Glacier.

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