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A Video Based Guide to the Tactics4IWD2 Mod by David Milward

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Arrival by the Wicked Wench

The video begins with the introductory move, and then proceeds with me importing my characters and then choosing their voices.

The video then concludes with my arrival at the docks of Targos by the Wicked Wench, and its captain, Hedron Kerdos, giving me some low-down.

Wounded Soldier

Now I get my first quest. I walk up the dock and speak with a pair of soldiers, Reig Redwaters and Honest Jon. They give me the scoop on what's going on. With good enough Charisma, Lord Markus is able to talk them into yielding up a couple of Leather Armors, a Handaxe, a Helm, a Shortsword, and a Dagger. Keep in mind the first stages are about scoring equipment for everyone in the party, even if it is completely mundane.

It turns out that Reig's arm is wounded, so my Paladin uses a Lay on Hands on him for an xp reward. A Cleric can do this as well with a healing spell. Reig's arm is still in bad shape, so the next part of the quest is for me to get a 'Healing Draught' for him.

I move westwards somewhat, and then kill a lone puny Goblin. There will be a Small Shield nearby that Lord Markus can equip.

I then go east a little and enter a house, where I kill a couple more Goblins. A locked chest yields a Fire Agate Gem, another Dagger, and some gold.

I then enter the Warehouse to the north. Magdar Shenlen gives me license to smash open barrels in search of the 'Healing Draught'. There are quite a few locked chests here. Some of them are blocked off by barrels, but these are easily smashed.

Note that once I go further inside away from the door, 3 more Goblins will burst in. Lady Elanna shows what Sleep empowered by Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment can do during the early stages, putting all of the Goblins to sleep and rendering them easy targets for one-by-one slaughter. The Goblins yield another Small Shield and another Handaxe.

Between all of the locked chests, I am able to find a Battle Axe (which Stygar equips), a Small Shield, a couple of Leather Armors, a couple of Spears, Bullets, Arrows, Bolts, a Light Crossbow, and some Food Rations. The Potions of Healing that Reig needs will be in the northeast corner of the Warehouse.

Lord Markus then gives Reg a Potion of Healing to get an xp reward and conclude the video.

Jorun Tamewater

Now the party heads west, bends south around a hall, and then east towards the center. They then kill a couple more Goblins.

Towards the middle, they run into a Dwarf named Jorun Tamewater. He raises the possibility that Goblin sappers may have opened a way from underneath Targos. The party meanwhile scores another Small Shield, which Lord Markus equips in his second weapon set.

Jorun's house will be a little west and south. It has three chests, with one of them being trapped. The trapped chest has a Studded Leather Armor, which is an upgrade, another Helmet, a Heavy Crossbow, some bolts, as well as a Warhammer. Lord Markus now has a second weapon set if he needs to use blunt damage. The chest to the east will have another Leather Armor and a Warhammer. The chest to the west will have a Potion of Evil Protection.


Towards the southeast section of the Docks is a rather nervous guy named Callard. There will be various goods strewn about near him. This includes a Shortbow and some arrows, so now Alliria has her missile weapon.

I kill a couple more Goblins along the dock just north of Callard. Stygar gets a Club. Remember, the only Martial Weapon that a Battleguard of Tempus can use without penalty is an axe. Other weapons have to be simple weapons. Clubs and maces will be Stygar's source of blunt damage when he needs it.

Firtha Kerdos

Now I go to a house towards the southwest corner, and kill a few Goblins attacking an old woman. She has some choice words for me before I leave. She turns out to be Hedron's mother, so I have Elanna (not my Paladin) inform Hedron of the rescue in order to get an xp reward and some gold.

Goblin Sappers

First, I speak with Bron in front of another warehouse that's towards the northeast corner of the docks. There's two ways to get his permission to enter the docks. One is to convince him then and there that you can handle it. The other, the one I show in the video, is to try and convince the Iron Collar mercenary company in the Salty Dog Tavern to try and help out, but to no avail. I then report the 'bad news' to Bron, who then lets me inside.

I unlock the large front door and enter. I then show a fairly frequent tactical theme. Markus, Stygar, and Akutagawa take down some of the Goblins with melee attacks. Alliria and Tithian take out archers at a distance with their own missile weapons. Once it's all done, I go around collecting loot from the dead bodies and chests, which includes arrows for Alliria, a Longsword as an upgrade for Markus, a Greataxe for Stygar for when he needs an extended range weapon, as well as a Dead Cat. The Dead Cat is actually a quest item that will become relevant fairly soon. I then open the trap door and descend into the tunnels beneath the warehouse.

The Gobins are initially in small numbers, and not much trouble. Sometimes I have Akutagawa lead them on and towards the rest of the party to make sure I can deal with them separately from the main force. The barrels themselves will have various mundane or redundant items.

Note also that you can't rest in the tunnels themselves, but you can rest in the warehouse just above.

At about 11:15 I start to fight the main force at the west side of the tunnels. An important consideration is to choose your battle ground. Don't find them in a narrow tunnel. This risks exposing one or two party members to a mass assault. Instead Markus leads them onwards into a larger cavern. Stygar starts using his Tempus' Strength power at the same time to give himself an edge. This way the party can gang up on the Goblins one by one. Lady Elanna waits until enough of the Goblins are bunched together before she pulls the trigger with a Sleep spell. Once it puts most of them to sleep, the party takes out the still-awake Goblins one by one, then the sleeping Goblins one by one, and leaves the sleeping boss, Rukwurm, for last. He is now far less dangerous without any support. When Alliria gets wounded she runs. When Rukwurm follows this allows the rest of the party to take free shots at him. Once he himself is near deat, he starts to run. In this situation just shoot the enemy down at a distance. He leaves behind an Expended Teleportation Scroll. The party gets an xp reward after clearing the tunnels of any Goblins. They look around for any remaining loot, including a Scroll of Minor Mirror Image, and a Flask of Burning Oil, before leaving.

The party then gets another xp reward for informing Bron of their success. When Lady Elanna brings up the subject of the scroll that Rukwurm was using, Bron suggests taking it to Lord Ulbrec's wife, Lady Elytharra.

Animal Charms

Now I head for the Salty Dog Tavern and speak with a Barbarian named Guthwulfe. He invites me to a drinking contest with his Spirit Wolf Charm (Summon Wolf x3) being the stakes. He'll chicken out on a contest with a Dwarven character. A non-Dwarven character with a Constitution of at least 16 is needed. Lord Markus is able to drink him under the table and get the Charm.

I then head up the trail in the northwest corner to reach Targos proper. As soon as I enter there is an item I keep an eye out for. It's the Rabbit's Foot, an amulet which adds an enduring +1 bonus to luck. It can be found in a barrel just when you first enter the center of Targos after leaving the Docks. I have Elanna wear it to augment her spellcasting power. This will be explained more clearly when Elanna finds the ring Tymora's Loop much later in the game.

Now I'm ready to explore Targos itself.  

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