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A Video Based Guide to the Tactics4IWD2 Mod by David Milward

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The Weeping Widow

This video is long but it contains the entire sequence for how to extract the maximum benefit (both xp and gp) from a series of interrelated quests.

First, I go a little east, enter a house, and speak with a priest of Myrkul named Koluhm Bonecutter. Lady Elanna talks with him for a bit. At around 4:23 I show the key dialogue option that needs to be selected, "Do you actually . . . rest here?" This is when Koluhm reveals that he was troubled by a mourning spirit at the nearby Weeping Widow Inn. I pursue this dialogue tree fully. It is helpful to do this first, since it opens up another dialogue option for my next conversation.

I then enter the Weeping Widow Inn, and speak with its keeper, Cahl-Hyred. At 6:07 I choose the dialogue option involving Koluhm, now possible due to my previous conversation. Starting at 6:30 I then pursue fully the dialogue tree that stems from Koluhm not paying for his room while he stayed at the Inn. Then at 6:50, I then choose the dialogue option, "Can I see this potion?" I then get a Ghost-Touched Bottle in my inventory.

At 7:30, I then speak to Cahl-Hyred again, and take on another related quest, to put the spirit of the Weeping Widow to rest. I sleep until it's night time, so that I'll be able to see the spirit in question when the time comes.

I then do a sweep of both levels of the Inn for treasure. Among the booty is a Masterwork Dagger that will come in handy.

At around 9:30 I begin to speak with the weeping widow, named Veira. The quest becomes finding a way to put her to rest.

Starting at around 10:15, I speak to Cahl-Hyred, and bring up the dialogue option that involves asking about Veira's husband. I pursuit this dialogue in full, until I get the hint that the keeper of the Salty Dog Tavern, Gohar, may now something of the fate of Veira's husband. It's important to get this bit of information to be able to complete one of the quests.

*Light of Selune Note* As an aside, the Light of Selune mod adds a new merchant here, Govan Tremayne. Mostly mundane, but it gives me an opportunity to sell what I've accrued thus far. Note that I'm quite diligent about getting and selling whatever I can find. There's a reason for this that will be explained soon.

Now I head over to Lord Ulbrec's house, and have Tithian do a sweep for treasure there. Lady Elanna then speaks with Ulbrec's wife, Lady Elytharra, and brings up the subject of the Ghost-Touched Bottle. I then learn that the bottle can become more valuable if I can get Veira's tears inside of them.

I then head back to the Weeping Widow Inn, and have Tithian speak with Cahl-Hyred. I then get an xp bonus for explaining to him what the bottle was. Now, if I want to get gold out of this, Tithian needs to pull off a Bluff or Intimidate check of 4 or higher to pull it off. He already has the skill ranks for it, so he gets 150 gold after selecting the Bluff dialogue option that involves threatening to leave the bottle in the inn.

I then head back to Koluhm Bonecutter, and get another xp bonus for explaining to him that he cheated himself out of a valuable item, the Ghost-Touched Bottle.

Now I head over to the Salty Dog Tavern in the Docks, and speak with its keeper, Gohar. I then bring up the subject of Donovan, which is possible now that I've thoroughly questioned both Veira and Cahl-Hyred about what happened to Veira's husband. I keep the dialogue going until I can get a piece of Donovan's boat from Gohar.

I then go back to the Weeping Widow, and rest until it is night time. I then go upstairs, and put Veira's spirit to rest by bringing the boat piece to her. She also complies with my request to put a tear of hers into the Ghost-Touched Bottle. I now have Veira's Bottle in my inventory.

Everybody advances another level. I then get another xp reward for informing Cahl-Hyred that Veira has been put to rest. Lady Elanna also extracts another gold reward from him.

Now I head back to Lady Elytharra, where a number of options are available. One option is to have Lady Elytharra use the bottle to enchant a Dagger, Sorrow's Tear (+1 to THAC0, +2 enchantment, +2 vs. spectral undead, 5% chance of 1 point of magic damage on target). The more profitable option is to sell it to her, and if you can make a Diplomacy check of 2 or higher, get as much as 700gp in return.

Garradun's Letter

For my next quest, I head towards a tent near the northwest corner of Targos. I speak with a few of the locals inside the tent itself.

One of the patients, Garradun Tanner, wants me to deliver a love letter to a Captain Mariner. I then speak with Denham Fisher, who demands that I hand over the letter. He then reveals that Garradun is in fact a Doppleganger who is using the supposed love letter as a coded message to deliver military information to enemies of Targos. Denham then gives me letters that will explode if delivered to a fake Captain Mariner. This won't come into play until a good while later.

I then confront Garradun again, who reveals himself as a Doppleganger. I then get an xp bonus for this, plus 300 xp for killing him in a straightforward physical fight.

I then speak with Ragni Bellows, who offers healing services. He also has some items for sale. These include priestly scrolls and potions, as well as:

Phaen of the Rags

Now I spend a night at the Weeping Widow in order to lick my wounds.

I then speak to Lady Elytharra again, and ask about the Expended Teleportation Scroll that I obtained earlier. Following the dialogue to its natural conclusion, it is apparent that a traitor used a pair of Teleportation Scrolls to get the Goblin Sappers inside the Caves beneath the Docks.

Now I head to the house that is just little north of Lord Ulbrec's house. I have Lady Elanna switch places with Stygar in the marching order. There's a reason for this. Alliria and Tithian switch over to their missile weapons.

Once I step inside, a battle with a mage named Phaen of the Rags becomes inevitable. This can be a tough fight in Tactics, so I squeeze every possible advantage that I can. Before the dialogue with Phaen even begins, I hit pause and have Markus and Akutagawa begin closing the distance on Phaen. Stygar begins using his Tempus' Strength power to give himself maximum probabilities of hitting and damaging Phaen.

The reason for having Lady Elanna and Stygar switch places is so that Elanna, with her higher Charisma score, starts off closest to Phaen at the outset. Thu, she starts dialogue with Phaen and can use her Charisma to extract a couple of xp rewards from the discussion. The first is learning that Phaen used a pair of Teleportation scrolls as the traitor within the walls of Targos. The second, and this requires a low Bluff skill check (which is raised by having a good Charisma score), involves tricking Phaen into revealing the name of his master, Harshom Beastlord.

Once battle begins, Lady Elanna retreats while Markus, Stygar, and Akutagawa close in on him. Alliria and Tithian open fire with their missile weapons. Phaen starts off with Shield, and will protect himself with Mirror Image once combat starts. Luckily, he only got a lower number of Mirror Images in the fight shown in this video. At some point, he will also summon a few Goblin Sappers. Lady Elanna takes them out of the fight with a Sleep spell or two. This allows the others to concentrate on taking Phaen out as quickly as possible. And indeed, Phaen will frequently use spells like Snilloc's Snowstorm (which he himself will enjoy damage reduction against), Hold Person, and Burning Hands. Once he runs out of offensive spells, he will also cast Bull's Strength on himself, and begin attacking with his quarterstaff. He should not be underestimated, even when using this mode. It is thus vital that the party concentrates on taking him out first and foremost, and as soon as possible, even if there's a Goblin or two that's still awake. Once he dies, the party then kills off the Goblins one by one.

Phaen leaves behind Phaen's Ironshod Staff (+1) and Phaen's Robe of Rags (+2 deflection bonus to armor class, +3 cold resistance), which both make for decent interim items for Lady Elanna.

I then rest up again at the Weeping Widow, and then inform Lady Elanna of what I have discovered. I get a bigger xp reward for informing her of the identity of Phaen's master. I also get gold out of this when I can. It may sound awfully mercenary on my part, but there's a justification for it.

Veldin's Vision

To open up this quest, I need to explore the dialogue options with Elytharra that involve offering my services to Lord Ulbrec, and then "Has magic been any use against the Goblin forces?" This then leads to Elytharra telling me that a Diviner who was supposed to find the location of the Goblins' camp has taken ill, and can be found in the healers' tent pavilion.

I then find Valdin Geldencross lying on a hospital bed in the tent pavilion. I choose the dialogue option "Can you hear me? Lady Elytharra asked me to try and help you. " This leads to the knowledge that apparently the foul conconction called Braehg can help him come to.

I then speak with Guthwelfe in the Salty Dog Tavern and buy a Flask of Braehg from him. I come back to the tent pavilion and make Veldin drink it. Upon his recovery, he describes visions that while interesting are also not especially revealing. This gets me one xp reward.

I then bring the news back to Lady Elytharra for another xp reward and some gold.

Lord Ulbrec

Here the video is simply one of me reporting to Lord Ulbrec, and then getting his permission to enter the Palisades of Targos.

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