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Icewind Dale

Video-based Walkthrough to Icewind Dale by Dave Milward

Prologue  |  Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3  |  Chapter 4  |  Chapter 5  |  Chapter 6  |  Trials of the Luremaster  |  Heart of Winter
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Heart of Winter 
Lonelywood  |  Burial Isle  |  Gloomfrost  |  Barbarian Camp  |  Icasaracht's Lair


Emmerich and the Three Hunters

Now that I've returned to Lonelywood, I begin exploring the town in earnest. I start with a house in the northwest corner, where I meet three thoroughly dim-witted brothers who like to trap animals and have a feud with a local ranger because of it.

The ranger in question, Emmerich Hawk, lives almost on the opposite side of town towards the southeast corner. He explains his feud with the brothers, and his own backstory about getting bitten by a white wolf. The relevance of this will not emerge until later. You can also learn the location of the Barbarian Camp from him for an xp reward. He also sells bows and arrows of various sorts.

The Dunn Family

Now begins a series of quests that involve helping a family out of its misery. I start with talking to Hailee Dunn at the well. She says her brother fell down it and needs help.

So I run to her father's house, which is almost due north of the well. Tybald Dunn relates that Hailee likes playing the 'fell down a well' prank on anybody new who comes to town. In the east part of the house is a chest that has Boots of the North (+50% cold resistance). Halagrim now has his boots for the rest of the game.

Now I speak to Hailee again, and it turns out she does it out of boredom. With a little pressing, either from a Bard or with a gold piece from another character, she relates a few secrets that she knows. That Keiran has a magic mirror in the house, and that Purvis must be here for a reason other than grave digging.

Now I go to the nearby tavern, and speak with the wayward mother, Ambere. A male character can bed her and leave her, but this involves a reputation loss. A character with enough Charisma, like Genevieve, can shame Ambere into going back to her family and thus get an xp reward.

I now speak to Hailee a third time, as I can now get her to go back home now that Ambere has as well. I get an xp reward for this as well.

I now speak to Quinn Silverfinger in the Temple of Waukeen, and choose the dialogue option that involves Tybald Dunn. It turns out that there may be an opportunity for Tybald in Targos to the south. I then tell Tybald about the opportunity in Targos for another experience point reward.

Baldemar Thurlow

There's a house right east and next to the one owned by the three trapper brothers. On the first floor of the house is an apparently disgruntled trophy wife named Aldran Thurlow. On the second floor is Baldemar Thurlow, the council representative for Lonelywood. You can try to speak to him about the barbarian camp and the recently sent delegate, but he proves evasive. There is a note in his drawer that suggests a hidden agenda, signed by a KT.

Whistling Gallows Inn

Now I head to the Whistling Gallows Inn in the middle of town. I first speak with Murdlaugh, a drunken Elven Bard who's feeling rather down and melancholy. If you press him to play a song, you'll get the hint that the source of his misery is that he couldn't find a Glacier Rose to win the hand of a Princess he was in love with.

If you didn't find out from Ennerich or somebody else, you can speak to Roan Tunnelfist the Dwarf to learn where the Barbarian Camp is.

Now I search out the west end of the inn. I go through a north door, and search the mirror, which is revealed as a secret door. A chest on the other side has a Robe of the Neutral Archmagi (armor class 5, +5% magic resistance, +1 to saving throws, Neutral Mages only). A book case has a spell scroll for Seven Eyes.

Now I speak to Keiran Nye, and he agrees to allow me to purchase special stock from him in exchange for keeping his secret. His stock includes spell scrolls (I bought Lower Resistance for Derrick) and also:

Barbarian Camp

Now I travel to the Barbarian Camp and get an audience with their King, Wylfdene. I get experience rewards for learning of the supposed bonding between Wylfdene and Jerrod, as well as trying to reason with Wylfdene. At some point, Wylfdene orders me to be killed, but then Hjollder intervenes. Matters end with Wylfdene ordering me to leave, and banishing Hjollder to the Burial Isle.

Once outside the camp's palisade, Angaar will try to attack me on Wylfdene's order, but Genevieve talks him out of it by invoking Tempos' name.

Baldemar's Secret and Digby's Death

The party next pays another visit to Baldemar, and confronts him with the secret that members of the Ten Towns' Council may have had him hire an assassin against Wylfdene. There is an xp reward for convincing him to come clean in front of the rest of the council.

Next door, the party also learns that Digby has been killed by an animal in the forest.

The party now makes their way to the Burial Isle.

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