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Icewind Dale

Video-based Walkthrough to Icewind Dale by Dave Milward

Prologue  |  Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3  |  Chapter 4  |  Chapter 5  |  Chapter 6  |  Trials of the Luremaster  |  Heart of Winter
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Chapter 4 
Upper Dorn's Deep  |  Main Hall  |  Tombs


To Upper Dorn's Deep

Now I ask Larrel to reveal the source of evil with the Heartstone Gem, which begins a brief cutscene. Larrel offers to teleport me there, but I want to advance Halagrim a level first. I then talk to him again and have him teleport me to the entrance to Upper Dorn's Deep. Once there, I only have to fight a few Neo-Orogs, who aren't much trouble.


Now I enter the cave, and begin running into Blue Myconids. Aside from their ability to make an individual party member go berserk, they're not especially dangerous.

To the east are a couple of caves, one with Neo-Orogs, and the other with Orcs.

Further east is a small building with a reclusive wizard named Bandoth. He's irritable and can be easily goaded into a fight. Be careful to avoid insulting him if you want to buy anything from him, or do his sub-quest. He sells a lot of potions, as well as spell scrolls, which include Feeblemind, and spells of a summoning nature.

His sub-quest is for me to find his missing apprentice and the Razorvine Extract he was to bring back.

Blue Myconids and Ettins

This video simply consists of me defeating Blue Myconids and two-headed giants called Ettins. Ettins can be defeated soundly by themselves, but can become dangerous in numbers. As such, I often edge along slowly, and pick them off with missile weapons at a distance, both so that they can't reach me and to avoid bringing several off them into view at once.

Razorvine Extract

At some point, I make my way to a large cave entrance to the south. There will be several Ettin inside the cave. They'll be packed closely together, so the edge along and shoot strategy won't work. This time, I just rush straight into melee, but giving myself an edge with the Defensive Harmony spell. Derrick makes effective use of an Icelance spell by hitting and stunning a full-health Ettin with it, while the other party members go to work on another one that's close by.

A corpse in the cave has the Razorvine extract. I bring it back to Bandoth for an xp reward.

I then make my way to the entrance to the Main Hall at the east side.

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