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Icewind Dale

Video-based Walkthrough to Icewind Dale by Dave Milward

Prologue  |  Chapter 1  |  Chapter 2  |  Chapter 3  |  Chapter 4  |  Chapter 5  |  Chapter 6  |  Trials of the Luremaster  |  Heart of Winter
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Chapter 5 
Wyrm's Tooth  |  Frost Giant Caves


Wyrm's Tooth

Now I go through the door to start Chapter 5. For much of this area, you'll often find Greater Ice Trolls and Greater Snow Trolls bunched together. Remember, inch forward slowly to keep the numbers you face at any given time to a minimum. Also, kill the Greater Ice Trolls first. This way, you have less difficulty in then bringing down the Greater Snow Trolls and then delivering an acid or fire based coup-de-grace.

The north part will have several Glacier Yetis, who are rather easy, especially if deal with them by attrition.

I eventually make my way to the entrance to the lower part of the structure, at the south side of the map.


Now I enter through the door, and find myself in a room with three more doors. I take the one to the right. Now I see a bunch of slaves. I speak with their leader, Gareth, who wants me to get the key from the Frost Salamanders upstairs so that the slaves can escape.

I go up the stairs in the middle of the room, and am taken to the leader of the Frost Salamanders, Kherish. It doesn't take much to convince him to give me the key. I then go back down and give the key to Gareth, allowing the Slaves to escape.

At the west end of the room is a Manual of Engineering, which is actually a quest item that I'll need later on.


Now I go back up the stairs, to begin my clearing out the level above. Initially, I have to kill off an ambush that includes Frost Salamanders, Winter Wolves, and Greater Ice Trolls.

The thing is, you can't rest here. Frost Salamanders also project a cold aura that can score cold damage on any characters within a small radius. Individually, this won't be a big deal during a single round against a single Frost Salamander, but it can add up over the long haul. Winter Wolves will also occasionally unleash a cold breath weapon in a cone-like area of effect. So, my strategy is always to slowly inch along. If any Frost Salamander or Winter Wolf comes into view, I shoot it down with missile fire. This way, I can often nail them dead before they even get close. In fact, I kill them faster when my characters use ammunition that can inflict elemental damage other than cold (e.g. fire, acid, electricity)  If a pair come into view, I split my missile fire apart to keep them both at a distance. If any Greater Ice Trolls show, I stand still and let them come to me. Genevieve and Halagrim switch over to their melee weapons and kill them by themselves so that I don't have to waste any ammunition on them.

At some point, as I progress north, I run into the woman named Vera that Gareth spoke of earlier. I'll get an xp reward for telling her that Gareth and the others have escaped.

A little further north is a machine that I can't do anything with.


Much the same as the previously video, inching along and dealing with the monsters piecemeal. At some point, I will find and kill Kherish, who takes a little longer to drop than the other Frost Salamanders. He'll leave behind the Spear of Kherish +3 (+10% fire resistance, 5% chance of 1d3 cold damage), and one of the following:

I then leave. The Frost Giant Caves are next.

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