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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 6  |  Quests in Chapter 6 
Areas in Chapter 6
The Underdark Exit Area  |  Small Teeth Pass  |  The North Forest  |  The Forest of Tethir  |  The Graveyard District  

The Graveyard District (Chapter 6)
The Lower Tombs  |  Bodhi's Inner Sanctum  


Here awaits you several battles against multiple Vampires. Hopefully you will also have gathered allies to help you with the fight.

  1. Here is where you arrive from the Graveyard District. If you secured the help from the Order of the Most Radiant Heart, this is also where Eric Vanstraaten and his Paladins meet you.

    Loot the chest for a Scroll of Finger of Death, two Wooden Stakes, and a Sunstone Gem.

    Loot the table for a Scroll of Symbol Death.

    When you reach 2, Del and another Vampire turn up here. You can let the Paladins handle them or help yourself after killing the Vampires at 2.

  2. Here is Valen, a Vampire, and a Fledgling Vampire. Kill them.

    Once they are dead, Eric Vanstraaten sends his Paladins away but continues with you as an uncontrollable NPC.

  3. Each time you have killed a named Vampire, you can Stake one of the coffins here for 9,000 XP.

  4. Here you will find another four Vampires. If you secured the help of Drizzt Do'Urden, this is also where you find him and his party.

    When all Vampires have been killed, Drizzt sends his companions away and continues with you as an uncontrollable NPC.

    With the Elven Holy Water you got from Elhan, click the blood pool a few times to pour the Holy Water into it and weaken the Vampires considerably.

  5. Here is another large Vampire battle. This is also where the Shadow Thieves will meet you if you secured their help. Once all Vampires are dead, Arkanis sends the other Assassins away and follows you as an uncontrollable NPC.

  6. At the entrance to the Trap Room, you will meet a Guard Vampire.

  7. There are several Vampiric Mists in this room. The central Blood lake can be looted for the Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise and a Wooden Stake.

  8. Here is the entrance to Bodhi's Inner Sanctum.

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