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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 5  |  Quests in Chapter 5 
Areas in Chapter 5
The Underdark  |  Adalon's Lair  |  Ust Natha  |  The Beholder Dungeon  |  The Mind Flayer Dungeon  |  The Kuo-Toa Dungeon  |  The Exit Area  


In the Underdark, speak to Uder Mordin at 3. With a little prodding he will tell you of a Mage who got himself imprisoned in the area.

Buy a Scroll of Freedom from Carlig and have one of your mages use it from a quick item slot anywhere in the Underdark. The imprisoned Mage, Vithal, will be freed and appear at 7. When you go near the place, he asks for your help in acquiring the treasure he was looking for. Vithal needs you to find his Book of Rituals and then to help him fight whatever monsters come out of the three portals when he enters the elemental planes of Earth, Fire, and Air.

  1. Go to the Svirfneblin settlement in the top left corner of the Underdark map.

  2. At 17 speak to the Innkeeper and ask if he has run across a bit of "lost" gear. Turns out he has the Book of Rituals.

  3. Ask him politely for it and he will sell it to you for 300 GP, so pay him off. Or kill him, or pickpocket him. But unless you have finished all other quests in the settlement, the peaceful solution is recommended. :-)

  4. Go back to Vithal. He has gone to the Earth Elemental Gate at 5. Speak to him and give him the Book of Rituals.

  5. Vithal opens a portal to the Elemental Plane of Earth, but he also summons an Greater Earth Elemental in the process. Kill the Elemental for 10,000 XP.

  6. Vithal enters the Elemental Plane of Earth and returns a short while later. He then bids you follow him to the Fire Elemental Gate at 6.

    NOTE: Before speaking to Vithal, you may want to check his health by holding the cursor over him. If he gets too badly injured, cast a healing spell on him, lest he gets killed before the quest is over.

  7. Follow him there, and Vithal opens another portal, summoning a Greater Fire Elemental. Kill it for another 10,000 XP.

  8. Vithal now enters the Elemental Plane of Fire and returns shortly after. He asks you to follow him to the Air Elemental Gate at 4.

  9. Follow him to the Air Gate. He opens another portal, releasing a Greater Air Elemental. Kill it for 11,000 XP.

  10. In case you're planning to double-cross Vithal, use the time while he is away to prepare for a Mage battle. (Good parties can do this in good conscience; if you cast Detect Evil it will reveal that Vithal is evil!)

  11. When Vithal returns, he rewards you with the Rod of Absorption.

  12. If you press him a bit, he also gives you Scrolls of Simulacrum and Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting.

  13. If you demand more, you will have to fight Vithal. He is worth 20,000 XP and drops Scrolls of Incendiary Cloud, Wail of the Banshee, and Time Stop, plus the Skull of Death.

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