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Moathouse: Dungeon Level 1
Moathouse dungeon level 1 map


1. Here is the entrance from the courtyard.

2. In the central room of this level, there will always be 3 Dire Rats wandering about. If you kill them, 3 more will crawl out of the halls to take their place. It could be supposed that the Dire Rats will provide an inexhaustible source of experience points. However, it must be remembered that Dire Rats always present the threat of infecting a character with disease, which can cause permanent loss of Ability scores. Until you have a 5th level Cleric or Druid, be careful about taking on such a risk.

3. Here, the party will find a Giant Viper. Not overly difficult. By now, either a Cleric or a Druid should have a Delay Poison spell ready for the occasion.

4. Here you'll find a Giant Tick. It presents the same threat of disease as Dire Rats. Try to kill it without taking a scratch if you can manage it.

5. A Giant Lizard. It is capable of some pretty serious damage, yet doesn't have a lot of hit points. A party of 3rd level characters should be able to handle it in melee by now.

Brigand Leader6. The Guard Post. There are a number of Guardsmen here. The real threat, however, is the Brigand Leader. He's a Barbarian who packs quite a punch with his Greataxe. My approach was to play divide and conquer. I had Alliria summon a Small Earth Elemental in the inside of a chamber. This had the effect of occupying the Brigand Leader and a few others for a while. 3 characters then went close to the doorway, and formed a bottleneck for the others who came out the door. Once enough have been killed off, I rush into the room. The party then singles out the Brigand Leader to finish him off with melee attacks, and Magic Missiles. An early Doom spell can help as well.

7. A secret door that leads to the back entrance of the Moathouse.

8. Stairs leading down to level 2.
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