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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 1  |  Quests in Chapter 1 
Areas in Chapter 1
Irenicus' Dungeon, Level 1  |  Irenicus' Dungeon, Level 2  |  The Elemental Plane of Air


This procedure tells you how to escape the dungeon at the beginning of the game. I am providing the fastest way out but you can choose to explore the entire dungeon. I strongly recommend exploring everything, both for the extra experience points and in order to get the full gaming experience.

  1. You begin the game at 1 on Level 1 of Irenicus' Dungeon. When Imoen offers to join, by all means accept! Imoen is not only a good Mage, she also has the necessary Thief skills to see you through the dungeon.

  2. Go north to free Minsc from his cell to get him into the party. You will get 3,000 XP and a powerful fighter. Also speak to Jaheira and promise to free her.

  3. Go to the room at 2 on the map and loot the table and chest for weapons and armor. Make sure to have Imoen search for traps to spot the trapped safe with a magical Dagger +1 and some Potions of Healing. Also take the key to Jaheira's cell.

  4. Return to Jaheira's cell and use the key to open the cell. Jaheira joins the party and the party receives 3,000 XP.

  5. Go back to the starting room and then walk west and north to the Lightning Mephit room at 5. Deactivate the machine and kill the Mephit.

  6. Continue north to the Crystal Room and speak to Aataqah. Give him any answer you like; it won't affect the game later. You get most XP out of the good answer ("I will press the button") but also a harder fight.

  7. Proceed to the room at 11 and kill the Radiant Mephit. Speak to the Sewage Golem and pretend to be its master. You will learn that the Golem needs an Activation Stone before it can resume its duties.

  8. Go to Rielev's Room at 14 to fetch the Activation Stone. You'll encounter a Goblin War Party at 13 on the way which you will have to fight.

  9. On the way back, you may want to stop by 12 to kill the two Lesser Clay Golems. Otherwise you will just have to fight them later.

  10. Go back to the Sewage Golem and give it the Activation Stone. The party receives 3,000 XP for activating the Golem. It will leave to resume its duties and open all doors into the Sewage Room at 17, making it possible for you to pass that way to the Mistress' Room at 22.

  11. You can take any route to the Sewage Room but the fastest way is back through the Chrystal Room at 6. From there, go up and right, killing three Goblins on the way.

  12. In the Sewage Room, kill the Otyugh and loot it for the Wand of Frost Key.

  13. Proceed east to the Master's Room at 19. Make sure to search the room for traps and loot it for anything valuable, in particular the Wand of Lightning Key.

  14. Go to the Dryad Room at 21. You can promise the Dryads to help them escape Irenicus, if you wish.

  15. Go to the Mistress' Room at 22. If you didn't kill the Lesser Clay Golems back at 12, they will now move towards you. Make sure to search the room thoroughly and disable any traps!

  16. Take the Portal Key from the chest at (x=3100, y=2300). You can now activate the portals at 4 and 20.

  17. Optionally, you can now explore the rest of Level 1 and the Elemental Plane of Air. Recommended for the extra experience and some nice items.

  18. Go to the Portal Room at 20 and kill the Goblin War Party you find there. Or go all the way back to 4. Then use the portal to proceed to Level 2 of Irenicus' Dungeon.

  19. You arrive at 1 on Level 2 of Irenicus' Dungeon. Yoshimo approaches you and asks to join your party. You may as well accept him into the party for now.

  20. Proceed to the Mephit Madness Room at 2 and destroy the four portals. Make sure to loot the room thoroughly, and in particular pick up the Wand of Summoning Key, the Wand of Cloudkill Key, and the Wand of Fire Key.

  21. When Jaheira discovers Khalid's body on the table in this room, don't insult Khalid or insist that you should try to have him resurrected, unless you want Jaheira to leave the party permanently.

  22. Go to 3 and kill the clone, then loot her body for the Wand of Missiles Key.

  23. At 4, kill the Ice Mephit and the Assassin.

  24. At 5, kill the Smoke Mephit and the Goblins.

  25. At 6, make sure to disarm the trap on the bridge.

  26. At 7, make sure to disarm the traps by clicking the six pedestals in the left side of the room where the cursor turns into the double arrow. Don't walk past any pedestal before the trap has been disarmed.

  27. Optionally, you can explore the entire level but the shortest way out is to take the bottom right exit.

  28. At 12, kill the Shadow Assassins.

  29. At 13, exit the dungeon. After Irenicus' little spiel, he and Imoen are taken away by the Cowled Wizards. Each remaining member of the party receives 34,500 XP.

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