Sword Coast Stratagems for Baldur's Gate 2 Walkthrough by David Milward

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The Good Party  
Avastrian  |  Jaheira  |  Anomen  |  Keldorn  |  Minsc during Shadows of Amn  |  Sarevok during Throne of Bhaal  |  Imoen
The Evil Party  
Asteroth  |  Korgan  |  Sarevok during Throne of Bhaal  |  Jan Jansen  |  Viconia  |  Edwin
Also ...  
The Other NPCs




Strength 18/52
Dexterity 10
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 13


Warhammer *
Mace **
Sling **
Sword and Shield Style **

Why He's Included and How to Use Effectively

Anomen starts off as a Cleric who frequently mixes it up, and casts spells as needed. He can cast pretty much any healing spell or buff available when needed. Spells like Armor of Faith, Defensive Harmony, and later on things like Aura of Flaming Death and Globe of Blades, will help his fighting prowess.

Before I used to have him use Crom Faeyr, but then I started to re-evaluate this set up for a number of reasons. One is that Anomen starts to undergo a transition of sorts approaching Throne of Bhaal. In Shadows of Amn his spells were lower-level and the monsters weren't quite as dangerous, so Anomen often acted as another fighter with some priestly upside. In Throne of Bhaal Anomen starts to fall behind the others somewhat because he can't use the Greater Whirlwind Attack or Hardiness. And the monsters are much tougher in physical combat during Throne of Bhaal. Concurrently Anomen starts to use spells like Storm of Vengeance, Fire Storm, Heal, Mass Cure, etc. with much more frequency. Anomen is still no slouch in physical combat, but he does start to trend towards a spellcasting cleric who can fight when needed in Throne of Bhaal.

The other reason is that Anomen won't necessarily need Crom Faeyr. When he gets the Holy Symbol of Helm, it puts his Strength to 19. It certainly isn't 25, but it still gives him really good hitting power. A weapon that provides powers other than those of Crom Faeyr, like the Mace of Disruption or the Storm Star Mace, starts to look like better options if they can still be used with a Strength score of 19.

Add to that the fact that Crom Faeyr demands a pretty hefty investment, which includes the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, and suddenly the alternative set ups start to look a whole lot better. Thus I have Anomen as a part time fighter and part time priestly spell caster who can perform a diversity of roles as the occasion warrants. He'll rely on the Mace of Disruption during Shadows of Amn, and on the Storm Star Mace during Throne of Bhaal.

Inventory in Shadows of Amn

Main Weapon: Mace of Disruption +2
Missile Weapon: Sling of Seeking +2
Helmet: Citadel Helmet
Cloak: Cloak of Protection +2
Armor: Enkidu's Full Plate
1st Ring: Holy Symbol of Helm
2nd Ring: Ring of Free Action
Belt: Girdle of Bluntness
Boots: Boots of Grounding

Inventory in Throne of Bhaal

Main Weapon: Storm Star Mace +5
Missile Weapon: Sling of Seeking +2 + Bag of Plenty +3
Helmet: Citadel Helmet
Amulet: Amulet of Power
Cloak: Cloak of Protection +2
Armor: Enkidu's Full Plate
Gloves: Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization
1st Ring: Holy Symbol of Helm
2nd Ring: Ring of Fire Resistance
Belt: Girdle of Bluntness
Boots: Stormlord's Heels

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