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Nulb map


If you installed the Circle of Eight mod-pack, you can now access the brothel and the quests associated with it. The brothel will be located just behind Mona at #8 in Nulb. You must first complete the Mystic Orb quest for Mona. You can now select a dialogue option that will get you inside the brothel.


1. As soon as you step in, you’ll notice the madam of the establishment, Lady Ophelia. For a price, you can purchase any number of sexual favours from the girls working under Ophelia, or from Ophelia herself. Without going into detail, the favours available leave very little to the imagination. The favours so purchased do not involve any cutscenes or such, and result only in lost gold and the passage of some game time. Surprisingly, indulging in such acts does not cause a Paladin to become ‘Fallen’. Go figure.

2. After an initial conversation with Lady Ophelia, you can hit her up for small talk. She has information on the various residents in Nulb, but only for a price. A character with sufficient Diplomacy can lower the price from 200gp to 100gp.

3. You can press Ophelia to find out what’s wrong in her establishment. She owes the local protection guild money, and they’ll close her down if she doesn’t make due. The problem is that two of her girls aren’t pulling their weight. They are Jenelda and Rania. It's up to you which of the two you want to deal with. That is, if it's worth it to you to help Ophelia make her business profitable.

Talk to Jenelda to find out that she prefers girls, and can’t bring herself to perform services for men. Talk to Ophelia and suggest that she advertise the brothel’s services to women, so that Jenelda can start making her due. This will successfully complete the quest and earn the party an experience point reward.

The problem with Rania is that she’s a thief, and is in the hole with Ophelia. You can offer to pay out her debt and have her come along. The implication is that Rania may be a joinable NPC. At the time of writing, I somehow wasn’t able to pay off Ophelia, despite having more than enough gold. As such, Jenelda represents an easier way to help out Ophelia.

4. Talk to Ophelia about the brewmeister’s apprentices. She’ll indicate that they’ve been causing trouble, but they’ve mostly been driven out and forced to stay in Hommlet. The exception is Mickey, who can be found at #9 in Nulb. If you already drove him away as part of the Mystic Orb quest, this dialogue ends up becoming inconsequential and the quest gets ‘skipped over’. However, you can try beating him down beforehand with non-lethal damage to get the Orb for Mona. It is then open to the party to pay him a second visit to convince him to beat it out of town. Then come back to Ophelia once you’ve driven him away.

5. Talk to Ophelia again, and she’ll indicate that most of her problems are solved, and she no longer needs anything from you. However, she will indicate that she’s dying of ‘consumption’. I was unable to find any dialogues that allowed me to suggest curing her affliction. Trying Remove Disease and a Heal scroll didn’t do anything either, so this appears to mark the end of the brothel quests.
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