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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
Shadows of Amn  |  Watcher's Keep  
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Overview of Chapter 9  |  Quests in Chapter 9 
Areas in Chapter 9
The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Amkethran  |  Abazigal's Lair  |  Sendai's Enclave  

Abazigal's Lair
Outside the Lair  |  The Pools  |  The Frost Salamander Room  |  The Bone Fiend Room  |  The Kuo-Toa Area  |  The Eyeball Area  |  The Beholder Area  |  Fil'Yissetat  |  Abazigal's Lair  


You enter to the sound of bubbling water. A man named Ekin Cyre spots you and orders his minions to lock down the enclave. You are then attacked by a Greater Werewyvern and several Lesser Earth Elementals...

You are evidently not very welcome!

The way you travel around this dungeon is by diving through the water-filled tunnels. But you'll need something to help you get through the longer tunnels.

  1. Here is where you enter from the Outside area. You will immediately have to fight a Greater Werewyvern and some Lesser Earth Elementals.

    The Greater Werewyvern drops an Empty Breath Potion Flask and a green scroll of Stone to Flesh. Hang on to both.

    Beware that there is also a trap right in front of you when you enter.

  2. To begin with, this is the only pool you can dive through. It leads to the Frost Salamander room.

  3. Once you have been to the Frost Salamander and Bone Fiend rooms and have acquired the Breath Potion, you can dive through this pool to the Kuo-Toa area.

  4. Once you have the Breath Potion and the Rope, you can dive through this pool to the Eyeball Area.

  5. This pool leads to Fil'Yissetat's room. You need the Breath Potion and the Rope to dive through this pool.

  6. This entrance leads to the Kuo-Toa area but it can not be used until you have opened it from the inside.

  7. This entrance leads to the Eyeball area but it can not be used until you have opened it from the inside.

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