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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Throne of Bhaal: Chapter 8  |  Chapter 9  |  Chapter 10
Shadows of Amn  |  Watcher's Keep  
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Overview of Chapter 9  |  Quests in Chapter 9 
Areas in Chapter 9
The Hellish Pocket Plane  |  Amkethran  |  Abazigal's Lair  |  Sendai's Enclave  

Abazigal's Lair
Outside the Lair  |  The Pools  |  The Frost Salamander Room  |  The Bone Fiend Room  |  The Kuo-Toa Area  |  The Eyeball Area  |  The Beholder Area  |  Fil'Yissetat  |  Abazigal's Lair  


This area is guarded by large numbers of Kuo-Toa. Try to take on a few at a time, lest you get overmanned.

  1. This is where you arrive. You will immediately come under fire from Kuo-Toa at 2.

  2. Here is a large number of Kuo-Toa, including Clerics and Mages. You may want to thin their numbers with area-of-effect spells.

    Once you enter the area, you will also be attacked by a couple of Greater Water Elementals.

    Here is also a convenient door back to the Pool area.

  3. More Kuo-Toa and Greater Water Elementals.

  4. Here is a Kuo-Toa Priest, two Greater Water Elementals, and an Olhydra which protects itself with Fireshield (Blue).

  5. Here is a single Kuo-Toa Priest.

  6. Open the locked cell door to speak to the Monk inside. He tells you how to get through the longer tunnels and even gives you a Rope which you'll need.

    He also tells you that the path to Abazigal's inner chamber is guarded by a dragon. But killing the dragon is not enough – you will have to use a Scroll of Reversal which the Monk brought here, but which was taken from him, to open the gate to the inner chamber.

    With that the Monk dies. He drops Hindo's Hand.

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