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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Mortuary:  
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So, you have finally made it down to the first floor. Of course your goal here is to escape from the Mortuary but you might as well explore the level thoroughly. There is a little loot to be gained and something very important to learn.


Map Key

  1. Stairs to the second floor.
  2. Zombie 732.
  3. Central Chamber.
  4. Deionarra's Tomb.
  5. Portal to Empty Tomb.
  6. Stairs to the second floor.
  7. Front Gate. You will also find Soego here.
  8. Zombie 331.


This floor holds fewer dangers than the third floor but you should still not speak to anyone needlessly.

One "person" you should speak to is Zombie 732 at 2. He is holding a book, the Tome of Bone and Ash, which you can relieve him of through dialog. Not only can you sell this book for a nice sum once you are outside, it can also be put to good use in the Central Chamber at 3.

In the Central Chamber you can find a Crescent Hatchet. It is not much as a battle axe but it is useful until you find a better one, if you want to wield an axe.

You will also find four Giant Skeletons. Engage them in conversation but do NOT try to use them to give Morte a body – trying to pry the head off one of them will turn it hostile and you will have a very tough battle on your hands! Instead, examine the skeleton carefully and try to recall the enchantment that is holding them together. With an Intelligence of at least 16 you will remember the enchantment yourself (500 XP); with a lower Intelligence you will have to consult the Tome of Bone and Ash (you DID take it from Zombie 732, didn't you?) to figure it out. Mar the runes maintaining the warding enchantment first, then work backward through the rune pattern. For each of the four skeletons you will get 800 XP and the skeleton's breastplate with a minor enchantment. You should get:

Once you are a mage, they can be used as scrolls to cast spells from your Quick Item slots or to scribe the spells into your spellbook. They can also be sold to a spell merchant regardless of your class. ;-)

Continue to 4 on the map where you will find Deionarra's Tomb. This is where Dhall told you that an old companion of yours was buried but you will find her floating above her own tomb!

Approach her and speak to her. You may not remember her but she sure remembers you ... and not too happily, it would seem! Apparently an earlier incarnation of yours didn't treat her very nicely. Still, with but a minimum of coaxing she is willing to help you escape.

First, ask her who you are, and not least what you are. She will tell you that you claimed to love her in an earlier life, and that you have died many deaths. You will gain a memory (1,000 XP) of how to raise dead if they have died close to you. This means that you can Raise dead party members, as long as you don't remove them from your party. You can use this ability three times per day. This special ability may come in handy.

Next, ask her how to escape this place. You should be diplomatic about this (with a Wisdom of 13 or better you will realize this before you make any blunders; otherwise you will get a second chance), or Deionarra will curse you (though I don't know of any adverse effects of her curse). She suggests that you use a portal and explain portals and keys to you (500 XP).

When you try to leave, Deionarra offers to tell you about your future. But first she demands a promise that you will return. You can either lie, say that you will do what you can or make a vow that you will find means to either save her or join her. If you refuse to make a promise, she refuses to speak to you.

Deionarra predicts that you will meet three enemies, then come to a prison built of regrets and sorrow, and that you must destroy that which keeps you alive. And she will tell you that each incarnation weakens your thoughts and memories so that in time your mind will be completely destroyed.

If you found the Bone Charm on the third floor, you can continue to 5. A portal will open which allows you to escape from the Mortuary into a tomb, from which you can escape out into The Hive and the next act of the game.

If you didn't find the Bone Charm, or if you prefer to leave by the front door, go to 7 and speak to the gatekeeper Soego. Tell him that you were here for an internment earlier but that you seem to have gotten turned around in the halls. He will open the gate for you (500 XP) and you can then ask him a few questions. He doesn't know where to look for your journal but he can tell you that Pharod is a Collector – a person who makes a living by dragging the dead to the Mortuary – and that he resides somewhere in the Hive, the slums outside the Mortuary. And you can turn in Vaxis the False Zombie for 250 XP if you haven't already turned him in to Dhall. (Please note that if you turn in Vaxis, you will not be able to join the Anarchist faction in Act 5.)

Be aware that Soego won't be fooled by a Dustman disguise, and he will be very confused if you speak to him while disguised as a zombie. But he will buy your explanations and open the gate for you anyway. If you try to snap his neck you will succeed with a Dexterity of 13 or better – but he will still attack you! Very strange... If you kill him, he drops the Mortuary Key which you can then pick up to let yourself out.

Whichever way you choose, you have escaped the Mortuary. Enjoy the short cinematics to celebrate your liberty!

Oh, and I haven't told you about Zombie 331 at 8. He is not relevant at this point but you may want to talk to him later.

Onwards to Act 2: The Hive!
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