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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Prologue:   Farlong Downstairs  |  West Harbor

West Harbor

West Harbor map

This part of the game serves two purposes: 1) to provide a backdrop for the rest of the story and 2) to allow the new player to get a feel for the game mechanics at a leisurely pace.

1.Entrace to Daeghun’s House.
2.The bridge of West Harbor. Here you’ll also meet Amie and Bevil, who will join your party.
3.Here you’ll be treated to a cinematic between a farmer named Orlen and the leader of West Harbor, Georg. There’s apparently trouble with the crops and everybody, nearby druids included, are at a loss to explain it. Georg thereafter notices you and explains that you need to win 3 of 4 competitions to win this year’s Harvest Cup. Win all 4 of the competitions and you’ll get a special prize. The four competitions are the Harvest Brawl, the Tourney of Talent, the Archery Competition, and the Knaves Challenge.
4.A man in a green suit. More on him later.
5.A locked chest. More on this later as well.
6.This is where the Harvest Brawl takes place. This contest is about physical prowess. I recommend completing the other challenges first so that your characters advance a level and thereby increase their hit points.

Speak to Father Merring, a cleric of Lathander. Grab your training clubs from the barrel that’s right next to him. Then have at least one character land a blow with a club on one of the nearby Practice dummies. Once that happens, talk to Father Merring. He’ll then have you fight a team that consists of the Lannon twins and their sister. This is a pretty easy fight. By the way, betting is against the rules.

When the fight is over, talk to Father Merring again. If you were wounded during the previous fight, he can heal them for you. Merring tells you to commence your next challenge by speaking with your opponents, the Mossfeld brothers.
This is a tougher fight, hence the recommendation to advance a level first. Speak to one of the brothers. Once dialogue starts, the brothers offer a side bet of 10 gp on the fight. Taking them up on that offer tilts your alignment slightly towards Chaotic. Answering that its against the rules tilts your alignment slightly towards Lawful. The third option does not involve any alignment adjustment. Once the dialogue runs its course, the fight begins. Simply bash them up one at a time to win the Harvest Brawl. Harvest Brawl
7.Here is where you’ll find Lazlo Buckman, who sells ale as well as an embarrassing anecdote about Amie for free.
8.Here is where you’ll find a pile of logs. More on this later.
9.Here is where you’ll find Galen the merchant, and hence your first chance to understand how the trading interface works. Sell him Daeghun’s Furs and then use the gold to buy the Duskwood Bow from him.Galen
10.This is where the Tourney of Talent begins. Speak to Retta Starling, who’s standing just outside the fence. Amie eagerly takes up the challenge. Its simply a matter of her casting Summon Create I within the fence, then casting Enlarge Person on herself, and then casting either Ray of Frost or Acid Splash on the nearby barrel. This completes the Tourney of Talent, and Retta will reward you with scrolls of Summon Creature II, Ghostly Visage, and Lesser Dispel Magic.Tourney of Talent
11. Once you finish the Tourney of Talent, you’ll be approached by Orlen. Orlen is convinced that Lewy Jons is cheating by entering a magically enlarged pig into a contest. Have Amie look at the pig, and she’s convinced that it has been magically altered. She then offers to use the scroll of Lesser Dispel Magic to reveal the deception. Bevil suggests talking to Lewy first to offer him a chance of withdrawing before suffering public shame. When you talk to Lewy, he offers a Potion of Bless as a bribe. Accepting the bribe causes you to lose influence with Bevil, not that that matters a whole lot. If you persist in him owning up, he’ll say no dice. You can have Amie use the scroll on the enlarged pig to reveal that it’s actually quite small. Once that is finished, talk to Orlen again for 150xp and some Pork Jerky as a reward. Lewy's Pig
12.Here you’ll find Daeghun. Give him the Duskwood Bow for 400xp. He’s also the one to talk to for the Archery Competition. Grab the crossbow and bolts from the nearby barrel. Hit one of the practice targets to begin with. Speak to Daeghun again. Now hit all 10 of the bottles that are placed on top to win the Archery competition.Archery Contest
13.Here is where you’ll find a wizard named Tamas and a young boy named Kip. Tamas is the one who sets you on the Knaves Challenge. This involves acts of thieving, so if your PC doesn’t have thieving skills, you can have Kip tag along to help out. Your task is to find the three feathers and bring them to Tamas.Knave's Challenge
The Green Feather can be pickpocketed from the man in the green suit at #4.

The White Feather is in the locked chest at #5.

The Blue Feather can be found in the pile of logs at #8. Beware, it is trapped.

Bring the feathers back to Tamas for 400xp and completion of the Knaves Challenge.
14.Here is where the celebration of your victories occurs when you complete your challenges, but you must initiate dialogue with Georg first. If you win three of the challenges, you’ll receive 1,000xp and the Harvest Cup. Win all four and you’ll also receive the Harvest Cloak. Once the cinematic ends, you move on to Act I.Harvest Celebration
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