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Various/Other, cont.

Talk Table Editor by Ranmanu 880kb Download (Ext.)
Edits, merges or exports data from TLK data files (supports XML import and export).
Talk Table Editor by Sir Pom-pom 617kb Download (Ext.)
This is an editor for tlk files. It includes features seldom seen in any computer program such as:
- Inplace editing of the entries in a grid
- Copy/cut/paste
- Unlimited undo/redo
- Search and replace (using regular expressions if needed)
- Support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and Japanese
Siavash's Script Generator 126kb Download (Ext.)
Generates scripts, fast and easy. Also includes a tutorial.
Neverwinter Nights Expansion Pack Changer 8kb Download (Ext.)
This package contains 13 batch files that will change your Neverwinter Nights installation to be recognized by the game and its Toolset as having different expansion packs installed. This is mostly useful for the Toolset, so that you can decide what flag it sets in your modules. Upon saving a module, the Toolset sets the module to require certain expansion packs to be played. With the batch files, you can change to and from any configuration possible, including no expansion packs, both, or either.
DialogTLk v1.2 with XML support 459kb Download (Ext.)
This is an update to Ken Scott's useful DialogTLK progam. It is an editor for the dialog.tlk file in NWN. It differs from the original by fixing the identified bugs, by providing a new option to save a custom talk table for HotU/v1.61, and most importantly, by providing XML import/export functionality.
CODI Custom Content Helper 3.5MB Download (Ext.)
The CODI Custom Content Helper is a 2da/tlk editor designed to make CC tasks faster and easier. It has Wizards that help you in the creation of custom 2da files supporting Appearances and Placeables without the need to open a 2da file. Additional wizards are in planning too that will support racial types, spells, feats, classes and of course prestige classes. It also has a built in Tlk viewer/creator that allows for quick searching and editing through append files, which can be saved and reused whenever BioWare makes an update. In addition to that, it has the ability to combine 2da files, something we all have come to know and dread. Then finally, a very robust 2da editor that allows for editing, search/replace, and a great many other features!
ScriptEase 3.8MB Download (Ext.)
If you're a complete newbie to scripting, ScriptEase will generate powerful Neverwinter scripts for you in no time. Advanced scripters will love ScriptEase for its powerful reuse and organization capabilities, too. Never write almost-the-same script twice again!
NWmax 1.2MB Download (Ext.)
NWmax is a suite of import, export and modeling scripts and utilities for Discreet's free gmax 3D modeling software. Unlike the previous scripts available to the community, NWmax is a no compromise full implementation of all features available to NWN 3d models. Skinmesh, Aura Lights, Emitters, animations, danglymesh; it's all there and it exports and saves without any copy+pasting required. NWmax offers the user a suite of custom utilities to use while importing, creating and exporting NWN weapons, creatures, placeables, tiles and VFX creations.
NwnMultiLang 213kb Download (Ext.)
NWNMultiLang is intended to help builders using the multi language features of the NWN toolset or just have a look at all text of a module in one file. Even if you don’t want to translate your module, this tool may help you.
NWN Skill DC Compilation for DMs and Builders 60kb Download (Ext.)
This is a compilation of all of the official guidelines for determining the various skills that are available in NWN through the native game interface or through various scripting packages the author has created.
APS/NWNX 2 437kb Download (Ext.)
The Neverwinter Nights Extender (NWNX) is a solution that adds new functionality to the dedicated server. It dynamically loads libraries into the server that can perform various tasks, like ODBC database connectivity. You can create your own NWNX module starting with version 2.5 and do things that you can't even dream of in NWScript.
talkdump (tlk2asc) 55kb Download (Ext.)
A program that can convert a tlk (dialog.tlk) file to a plain ASCII text file.
NWN Spellchecker 159kb Download (Ext.)
This program is intended for spell checking different parts of a Neverwinter Nights Module during module construction, such as conversations, journals, areas and different blueprints. Word 97/98/2000/XP is required.
NWN Server Status App 1.65MB Download (Ext.)
This stand alone application polls any NWN game server every 5 minutes and creates a Status Web Page. The web page can be customized with various styles by editting a Header and Footer page (HTML). The Application can also upload the status page to a Web Site via FTP.
MDL_Retexturizer 9kb Download (Ext.)
This utility will allow you to select multiple ASCII formatted MDL files, and replace entire sets of shared textures references with entire sets of replacement textures.
McGill Server Vault Administrator 38kb Download (Ext.)
A little program to cleanup the Neverwinter Nights servervault automatically for you. You can run it on demand (manually), schedule it to run once a week (with the task scheduler) or on reboot (put in the startup folder in the start menu). The following are some of its options: 1. It will remove all characters/players that have been inactive for x days (ie 32). 2. It will backup removed characters/players to a backup vault. 3. It will remove all but the newest x characters for each player.
NWN Process Monitor 4MB Download (Ext.)
This small utility constantly monitors your NWN server program(s) and reloads your modules using zero to one percent of your CPU. Nwmonitor.exe polls the windows processes looking for your server. Should the program fail to locate your server, the server program is restarted with all of the parameters you pass.
NWN Tile Slicer 7kb Download (Ext.)
The NWN Tile Slicer is a utility for Discreet's 3ds max and (eventually) gmax. It is designed to assist in the process of creating multi-tile groups for NWN tilesets. Specifically, it automates the process of converting a large model in 3ds max into a set of NWN tile models, ready for use in the game.
Modified NWN Explorer 596kb Download (Ext.)
Updated copy of Torlack's NWN Explorer that will support content from XP1 (Shadows of Undrentide) and XP2 (Hordes of the Underdark) when they are released.
NWNArmory 808kb Download (Ext.)
NWN Armory is a quick application that performs renaming, scaling and rotating on NWN PC model parts to generate other model parts. Why would you want to do this? It is intended for two main reasons although there may be other applications for it as well: 1) Creating all race models from a human template (you need to model the human male, female plus standard and large phenotypes). You would need to make twenty more of those armour pieces just to be able to have one for all the elves, halflings, etc. This utility will do that for you. 2) Creating all armour models for a new race. Say you want to create a brand new race (for use with CODI's Character Creator!). There are hundreds of model pieces out there if you want your new race to be able to wear all available types of armor. But you can tell NWN Armory how your new race differs from one of the standard races and it will transform those hundreds of pieces for you.
DialogTLK 100kb Download (Ext.)
This is an editor for the dialog.tlk file in NWN. It differs from others by allowing the user to load/store only the changes needed to display the desired strings. This allows quick restoration of the file when patches overwrite your changes.
2da/tlk Patcher + Editor 476kb Download (Ext.)
A 2da and dialog.tlk patcher and editor written in Java. The 2da patcher allows you to create patches for easily adding lines to both 2da files and dialog.tlk. 3 Demo patches included.
GFF Editor 342kb Download (Ext.)
This is a BioWare internal tool. It is provided to developers as an example of accessing Generic File Format (GFF) files. This tool is being provided "as is" and is not supported by BioWare. It is a Windows only application. Please note that care should be taken when using this editor, improper use may corrupt your Neverwinter Nights installation. Also see Documentation and Tutorial.
ERF Editor 298kb Download (Ext.)
This is a BioWare internal tool. It is provided to developers as an example of accessing Encapsulated Resource Format (ERF) files. This tool is being provided "as is" and is not supported by BioWare. It is a Windows only application. Please note that care should be taken when using this editor, improper use may corrupt your Neverwinter Nights installation. Also see Documentation and Tutorial.
NWN File Relations Diagram 621kb Download (Ext.)
Two HTML pages displaying a vector picture (zoomable) containing a map of the NWN file relations.

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