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Various/Other, cont.

Models & Skins Varies Download
A collection of various models & skins the fans have made for the Aurora Neverwinter Nights Model Viewer (above). Here you can also download the models officially released by BioWare.
NWVault Model Library N/A Download (Ext.)
A repository of models of all kinds, from armor to monsters, items, weapons and more.
NWVault Hakpack Library N/A Download (Ext.)
A huge repository of hakpacks of all kinds, from items to modules, textures, tilesets, .2da changes and more.
NWVault Texture Index N/A Download (Ext.)
A small listing of new textures, most notable of them being the Black Sun orcs and Topless Female texture.
NWVault Prefab Index N/A Download (Ext.)
A growing list of mostly prefabricated areas and items you can use to build on.
NWVault Top Downloads List N/A Read (Ext.)
A useful list of the most downloaded content on NWVault. Quantity of downloads does not denote quality in some cases here, however.
Walkmesh Editor 290kb Download (Ext.)
This little tool can open a tileset walkmesh (.wok) and placeable walkmesh and edit the footstep sound and 3D effects.
The BESIE Random Encounter System 539kb Download (Ext.)
BESIE provides tools, which require no scripting, for both classic random encounters and for a powerful MMORPG style spawning system. For scripters who wish to write their own random encounter routines, BESIE adds powerful scripting functions to the NWN scripting language.
NWN compDcomp 112kb Download (Ext.)
NWN compDcomp is a front end for Torlack's model decompiler and compiler for Neverwinter Nights. This is to help in converting mdl's from binary to ASCII and ASCII to binary. It can be run both ways, with the simplicity of two simple buttons.
Expanded Placeable Palettes 1kb Download (Ext.)
Now you have more options available for custom placeables. This hakpak adds new categories for custom placeables. The new categories are Floor Coverings, Furniture, Lighting, Paths, Ships & Boats, Statues, and Wall Hangings.
Ultrace's Item Graphics Pack 271kb Download (Ext.)
This is a collection of TGA pictures for use in creating new items in NWN. To make these available for use in the Aurora Toolset, put them into your Override directory. After making any items with these pictures, you will need to include the appropriate TGA files in the Hak Pack for any module using those items. This pack contains: 24 Ring graphics, 24 Necklace/Amulet graphics, 8 Belt graphics, 12 Glove/Gauntlet graphics, 10 Bracer graphics, and 8 Cloak graphics. A hak pack is also available.
Neverwinter Nights 1.28 Full 2DA source 297kb Download (Ext.)
This package contains the full 2DA source files from the 1.28 version of Neverwinter Nights. This is a complete package of the 2DA files, including files that are not part of the 2dasource.zip file that comes with each update.
Neverwinter Nights Talk Table Viewer 290kb Download (Ext.)
The Neverwinter Nights Talk Table Viewer is a free, unsupported Windows utility that allows you to view and search the contents of your dialog.tlk file. This viewer has support for all the currently released language versions of Neverwinter Nights, but only works with your currently installed language.
Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator 851kb Download (Ext.)
This is a tool for creating scripts for use in Bioware NWN Aurora Toolset. It covers many of the basic functions that are used frequently in modules, as well as some, perhaps, less frequent ones. The program is suited for newbies, who can't make these scripts themselves, as well as skilled scripters who don't want to make the same, similar scripts all the time. It has most of the features of the toolset's script wizard, and much more.
Combine2DA 2.7MB Download (Ext.)
Combine2DA lets you intelligently combine two or more 2DA files. Features include: - basic error checking, content validation against Bioware's files, 3 renumbering styles, add/delete lines, copy lines. Patch 1.28 upgrade is available here.
BioWare's Photoshop PLT Exporter Plugin and Photoshop Templates 620kb Download (Ext.)
This package includes one Photoshop source file for each of the 13 PC armor/clothing slots and the Photoshop PLT plugin which will allow you to export your own custom PLT files. The PLT files allow you to customize textures so that you can utilize the colour selection in the BioWare Aurora Toolset for Neverwinter Nights.
Serverwatch 539kb Download (Ext.)
Serverwatch provides a graphical user interface for the Linux NWN Server, similar to the GUI for the Windows server provided by Bioware. It uses the excellent KDE 3 toolkit. Serverwatch has an intuitive layout, with separate Tabs for Server settings, Game monitoring, and Server messages. The GUI provides access to everything you can do with nwserver itself: you can modify server settings, start the server program, monitor and manage the connected clients, send messages to clients, and even log all messages from the server. In addition, you still have command-line access to the server, if you wish.
QuickSet Doctor 110kb Download (Ext.)
This small program will allow you various modifications of your set file that otherwise would take a long time. It also helps you get rid of the 'Model Not Found'.
NWNPersist 670kb Download (Ext.)
A tool that uses MySQL as a database and lets you persist information to it in a fairly simple manner.
Complete List of Misc Items' Pictures 293kb Download (Ext.)
This is a list compiled to help when designing new items. This includes all the pictures from the small, thin, medium and large categories.
Unlimited Item Properties 2kb Download (Ext.)
This hak-pack removes the level restrictions of the items to allow builders to ballance the items in their own mod. You can assign as many propeties to an item as you want without having to worry about the level restrictions.
PLT Editor 22kb Download (Ext.)
PLT Editor is a simple program for modifying PLT texture files. With it you have the ability to replace colors, paint colors, (now using custom brushes), or export the file as a bitmap for further editing.
Sam's Automatic Persistent World 13kb Download (Ext.)
This software will allow you to persist infomation about unique objects within a Neverwinter Nights module without human intervention and without in-game tokens.

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