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Various/Other, cont.

NWN Character Organizer 510kb Download (Ext.)
The Character Organizer is a simple to use Windows program that automates the renaming/reorganizing of your Neverwinter Nights character files. It's main feature is a batch routine which renames your character files so that Neverwinter Nights displays them in chronological order. A second tool makes it easy to archive (and unarchive) any of your character files.
Damage Enhancement 1.8MB Download (Ext.)
This file contains the components to allow up to 5d20 damage. It also allows you to use things like negative energy, divine, positive energy and stuff like that on weapons.
NwnNssComp 83kb Download (Ext.)
NwnNssComp is a standalone NWScript compiler and decompiler for Bioware's Neverwinter Nights game. It allows module developers to quickly recompile all their scripts.
NwnMdlComp 94kb Download (Ext.)
NwnMdlComp is a model compiler and decompiler for Bioware's Neverwinter Nights game. It allows content providers to extract binary models from NWN and convert them to human readable ASCII format. The ASCII format is the format commonly supported by model editing plugins. NwnMdlComp also supports the recompilation of these ASCII models back into binary form.
NWN Treasure Editor 318kb Download (Ext.)
NWN Treasure Editor provides the content creator with the ability to easily customize and augment the existing treasure tables provided by Bioware. It is a standalone application that produces NSS (NWN script source) files that are compiled by the existing NWN toolset.
Neverwinter Nights Explorer 673kb Download (Ext.)
NWN Explorer is an explorer style program that allows the user to view the NWN data files.
MP3toBMU 1.8MB Download (Ext.)
MP3toBMU is a program that converts .mp3 and .bmu files back and forth. In this version, the author has added a new interface to the files.
2DAEdit 2MB Download (Ext.)
2DAEdit is a text editor designed specifically to edit .2da files for Neverwinter Nights.
NWNStatus Web Server Utility 73kb Download (Ext.)
NWNStatus is a program that runs on a Windows web server (Apache or Microsoft IIS) that lets you check the current status of a Neverwinter Nights game server through your web browser.
ITP Tools 95kb Download (Ext.)
This program can be used to edit ITP, BIC, UTx, GUI, and IFO files. Editing an ITP file is required to add new tiles to a tileset without overriding an existing tile, or to create an entirely custom tileset.
NWN Tileset Duplicator 1.8MB Download (Ext.)
The NWN Tileset Duplicator is designed to aid a NWN fans in the duplication and editing of a NWN tileset. The NWN tilesets contain multiple file references that must be maintained. This application was developed to ensure that actions taken in the tileset (such as renaming) do not destroy the necessary file references of the tileset. It makes every attempt to ensure that all file references within the tileset files point to the appropriate files.
Neverwinter Nights Desktop Theme 3MB Download (Ext.)
Inclued in the zip are 3 themes and wallpapers, 15 icons, custom cursors, etc.
2DA Wizard 202kb Download (Ext.)
The 2DA wizard is a simple tool that will assist authors and scripters in the customization of NWN. It allows the user to select and open any 2DA file and modify it as they see fit.
PRC Neverwinter Script Compiler 188kb Download (Ext.)
NwnNssComp is a standalone NWScript compiler and decompiler for Bioware's Neverwinter Nights game. It allows module developers to quickly recompile all their scripts. This is based on Torlack's older version.
BioSearcher 238kb Download (Ext.)
The BioWare Script Editor in the Aurora Toolset doesn't allow you to search through default BioWare scripts. You can search through your own scripts, but that's it. This utility lets you search through the default BioWare scripts in your installation - including your patch files.
2da Excel Editor 38kb Download (Ext.)
This is a simple but very useful Excel spreadsheet. What it does is convert 2da info back and forth from Excel to 2da formatted. This allows you to create 2da's without having to place a thousand spaces, it also gives you all the other luxuries you get when working with Excel, such as easily copying and pasting information, finding and replacing, placing formulas, etc.
NWNUtil 1.6MB Download (Ext.)
NWNUtil is primarily a server watch utility but can also start NWN and toggle usage of either installed expansions. It must be installed in the same directory as nwmain.exe and nwserver.exe. The server watch utility can restart a server when it crashes/hangs in addition to automatically restarting the server at regular intervals. It also allows you to save a group of settings as a profile, which can be loaded the next time you start the server. NWNUtil also supports the command line parameter –profile , which allows you to create a shortcut that will load nwserver with the settings saved in the profile. –profile My Server would load NWNUtil which, in turn, would load nwserver.
Twilight Authoring Tool Set 2.1MB Download (Ext.)
This application allows you to develop ideas and the story for a module before you create it with the NWN Toolset.
NWN / CEP Creature List 126kb Download (Ext.)
An Excel worksheet with all NWN and CEP Creatures listed with CR, Catagory and Sub Cat as you would see them listed in the DM creator tool.
MWMDRAGON's SpellGEN 1.6MB Download (Ext.)
This application is custom built to let others make custom spell scripts by using the easy to use and follow graphical interface. No scripting skills required.
NW Portrait Manager 1.4MB Download (Ext.)
This program allows you to manage all your portraits in the NWN directory and download new ones from NW Vault.
InfoChanger 211kb Download (Ext.)
This is a very simple program for changing two pieces of information within .mod (module) and .erf (export) files: The program can change the expansion pack(s) required as well as the minimum required game version.
BIF Packer/unpacker 243kb Download (Ext.)
With this Bif editor you can unpack BIF files to your drive, replace the contained files, and re-pack the BIF. This way you can replace features (models, textures, palettes etc.) of the default NWN/SoU campaigns.

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