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3DSMax Files at BioWare Varies Download (Ext.)
A collection of 3DSMax files made available by BioWare. Currently it includes export scripts, online documentation and models.
HAK Combine and Doctor Utility 386kb Download (Ext.)
This utility gives users an easy-to-use interface for combining HAK files. It also provides functionality for editing HAK files individually, allowing users to add/remove files contained within them.
Standard Item Tag/Resref Lexicon 52kb Download (Ext.)
A complete list of all standard items in the game, along with their Tags and resrefs.
Creature Tags and Resrefs 13kb Download (Ext.)
A handy list of all standard creatures and their respective Tags and CR ratings.
Conversations in Excel 32kb Download (Ext.)
Build your conversations in Excel (or another spreadsheet), spell check them all at once, copy and paste to NWN.
2da Editor 409kb Download (Ext.)
This is a tool to make and modify 2da files. You can set this software as the default software for 2da files and it will open them.
DDSTools 30kb Download (Ext.)
This is the ddstools.exe DOS application that will allow you to decompress dds files to tga's and back.
NWN Status Tool 114kb Download (Ext.)
A tool that allows to do a realtime querry of a server to list players and the major server settings like ELC, ILR etc . *Note* You need the Microsoft .Net runtime to run this program.
NWN Monster Tags 10kb Download (Ext.)
A useful list of all the standard monster tags from the game.
New Spells Demo/Example 1.9MB Download (Ext.)
This is a demo/example of about 50 odd number of spells the author has added to a DMed game that he plays in.
NWN Content Installer Creator N/A Read (Ext.)
The Neverwinter Nights Content Installer Creator (NWNCIC) was developed to make distributing and installing user-created content for Neverwinter as easy as possible for both the content maker and the person who wants to use the new content. It is available with the patch 1.25 and higher.
ObsidianSS (Scaler\Skinner) 580kb Download (Ext.)
This application can be used to scale the size of creatures by editing the MDL files. It also allows you to change the skin names and save the file with a new name. Now you can make small dragons and not have to edit a file by hand. :) (.NET Framework Required to Run - Win98,ME,2000,XP compatible).
NWN Server Query 10kb Download (Ext.)
A PHP script that, when put on a website, allows to display the complete server information, server and module description, and a list of players online.
Spell Bugfixes for Builders 52kb Download (Ext.)
Many spell implementations contain bugs/problems and there are even times when the implementation is better than the description. This pack contains a bunch of fixes and some alternative implementations. This is a separate pack for builders which contains two erf files, one with the fixes and one with the alternatives.
Expanded Magic Item Feats 3kb Download (Ext.)
This hak is nothing more than amodified .2da file. This file greatly increases the variety of feats you can place on a Magic Item (like a Long Sword that provides Long Sword Specialization and Improved Knockdown). Please note the Feats aren't applied until the item is equipped, so you can't equip a Katana which gives Exotic Weapon Prof unless you already have that Feat.
All Item Properties for All Items 10kb Download (Ext.)
This little hak pack makes all item properties avaiable for all items.
NWN Area Loadscreen Kit 18kb Download (Ext.)
This kit it designed to aid in the creation of custom area load screens for builders to add to their modules via a hak pack. It includes a step-by-step instruction guide, the required 'loadscreens.2da' file, and 2 Targa (.TGA) template to aid in the proper assembly of the load screen. ALSO REQUIRED: - Image editing application which can handle Targa (.TGA) files.
Module Builders Henchman Kit 663kb Download (Ext.)
This kit streamlines and eases the implementation of henchmen into a custom module. Includes 4 ERF files and 2 Word files. The basic ERF does not include any inventory control and is similar to what was available in the official campaign, the exthenchman ERF has inventory control and advanced henchman AI, the multiplehenchmen ERF has multiple henchman support, inventory control and advanced henchman AI, the monsterAI ERF is an advanced monster AI. Also included is a HowTo for adding familiars and/or animal companions for henchmen and NPCs.
Keyword Conversation System 131kb Download (Ext.)
A system for creating NPCs that respond to Keywords spoken by players. Easy to set up for basic conversations, but flexible enough to create very advanced interactions via custom script execution in response to keywords.
Item Portraits 235kb Download (Ext.)
These are just snapshots of the items by category. The author got tired of guessing the 'size' of a new object and made a handy cheat sheet.
Module Design Tool 104kb Download (Ext.)
Module developer's tool to keep track of most of the things you use in your module. Great for keeping notes of where things are, tags, etc. in your mod. Includes a linked Table of Contents, and seperated individual sheets. Cut and Paste your way to a complete Module Plan. Uses Tables for easy entries and was developed using MS WORD 2000 (Office XP).
Listing of NWN Resources 148kb Download
This file is a list of every resource in NWN and the bif file that it comes from. Search through the file to find what you're after.
Aurora NWN Model Viewer 1.6MB Download
The Aurora Neverwinter Nights Model Viewer is a stripped down version of a tool used internally at BioWare to view game models and tiles. The model viewer can be used as an early compatibility test. If you can run the viewer and view the models (and their animations) then you probably can run Neverwinter Nights.

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