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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Outlands and the Hells:  
Overview  |  The Outlands  |  Baator  |  Back in the Outlands  |  Curst Gone  |  Carceri  |  Curst Administration  
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Please note: For your first visit to the Outlands you should see this page.

You return from Baator to find yourself back in the Outlands. Once again you need to speak to Fhjull Forked-Tongue in his house. The monsters in the crater have respawned while you were gone, so carve your way to Fhjull's door again. Ask him how to escape this crater, and he will activate a portal that takes you back to Curst – except that you will find Curst gone!


Map Key

  1. Arrival point.
  2. Entrance to Fhjull's House.
  3. Portal to Baator.
  4. Portal to Curst.
  5. Monsters.

Second visit to the Outlands

Once again you arrive in the Outlands at 1.

The entrance to Fhjull's house is still at 2.

The portal to Baator is still at 3. You can use it to visit Baator again, if you wish, though there is really no point unless you want to kill more monsters for the experience.

At 4 you will find a portal back to Curst. You need to speak to Fhjull first to get him to activate the portal.

There are new monsters waiting for you at the points marked 5.

The House of Fhjull Revisited

Once more, enter Fhjull's house to speak to him and ask how to get back to Curst.


Map Key

  1. Exit back to the Outlands.
  2. Fhjull Forked-Tongue.

If you told the Pillar of Skulls the truth about Fhjull's whereabouts, Fhjull automatically initiates conversation with you. He will curse you for ratting on him but gives you the necessary information on how to return to Curst, and you can still demand that he hand over any items or scrolls you didn't take from him the first time. There's no particular need to loot him at this point, for once the conversation ends, a Cornugon, two Red Abishai and five Lemures turn up and kill Fhjull.

If you didn't tell the Pillar where to find Fhjull, you can speak to him the normal way.

You can ask Fhjull the same questions as on your first visit, plus three more. The most important is how to get out of this crater. He opens a portal under the skeleton's rear where you can get back to Curst. You can also ask why he is hiding in this place to learn that the skeleton of Ur-Goris shields him from the Baatezu. If asked, he tells you that the Baatezu are hunting him to "set their records straight".

Once you are done here – including resting and asking Fhjull if there are more items he would like to "share" with you – go outside and find the portal to Curst Gone.

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