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Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Current Act - The Underground:  
Overview  |  The Trash Warrens  |  The Buried Village  |  Weeping Stone Catacombs  |  The Dead Nations  |  The Drowned Nations  |  The Warrens of Thought  
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You have to fight your way through this area to find the Buried Village where Pharod is hiding. The Trash Warrens Thugs you find down here are a bit tougher than the thugs you've been fighting in the Hive. Some of the thugs will attack you on sight, while others can be persuaded to leave you alone.

Map key

  1. Exit back to Ragpicker's Square.
  2. Anamoli, four Collectors and three Trash Warrens Thugs.
  3. A shelf with some treasure.
  4. Two pieces of Junk.
  5. Three Trash Warrens Thugs.
  6. Another three Trash Warrens Thugs.
  7. A container with some treasure.
  8. A Collector who will cry for help, calling in seven Trash Warrens Thugs.
  9. A scared Buried Villager.
  10. Four Collectors and two more Buried Villagers.
  11. Portal to the isolated area at 12.
  12. A bunch of Cranium Rats and a trapped chest with some treasure.
  13. Five more Trash Warrens Thugs.
  14. Bish and nine Trash Warrens Thugs.
  15. Exit to the Buried Village.

Through the Trash Warrens

At 1, you can exit to Ragpicker's Square.

When you first enter, Anamoli at 2 will approach you and ask about your business. If your answer doesn't satisfy him, he and his little gang attacks you. To avoid a fight, say that you are looking for Pharod, and that looking for bodies before they are dead is a good way to meet The Lady.

If you speak to Anamoli again at a later time, he and his gang will attack you no matter what.

At 3 you will find a shelf with some items on it:

At 4 you can find two pieces of Junk. This can be useful to get back through the portal in Ragpicker's Square if you want to go that way and aren't carrying any Junk.

The three Trash Warrens Thugs at 5 will attack you on sight. Each of the thugs drops some random treasure and a Jagged Knife.

The three Thugs at 6 will leave you alone unless you speak to them.

The container at 7 contains some treasure:

Bring at least one of the rat tails to open the portal at 11.

At 8 you will meet a Collector who flees from you while crying for help. A group of Trash Warrens Thugs will appear and attack you.

At 9 a Buried Villager will flee from you towards 10, where her friends (two more Buried Villagers and four Collectors) are waiting. They all attack you when they spot you.

At 11 you will find a portal to the isolated area at 12. The portal key is a Cranium Rat tail, which you can find at 7.

At 12 you will find a bunch of Cranium Rats that attack you with spells. Start by taking out the spellcasting rat (I have Dak'kon cast Reign of Anger), then kill the rest. Each rat drops a tail which can be sold back at the Office of Vermin and Disease Control in the Southwestern Hive Sector.

Once you have killed the rats, there is a trapped chest here. Loot it to find:

At 13 you will find five Trash Warrens Thugs who will attack you on sight.

Bish at 14 wants to know your business. You get the most experience (1,200 XP) for avoiding a fight: Lie to him and say your name is "Adahn", then suggest that maybe Pharod's confidence in him isn't as great as he thinks. If your answer doesn't satisfy him, you will have to fight both Bish and the nine Trash Warrens Thugs that are with him.

Bish might randomly attack you if you pass through the Trash Warrens again at a later time.

If killed, Bish drops an Enchanted Battle Axe.

The exit to the Buried Village is below the trapdoor at 15.
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