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Gameplay Related, cont.

Neverwinter Nights Animal Companions & Arcane Familiars N/A Read
A detailed list of all animal companions and familiars available in the game.
Neverwinter Nights Monsters N/A Read
A detailed listing of all monsters that appear in Neverwinter Nights.
Detailed Wizard & Sorcerer Spells Listing N/A Read
A full list of all wizardly spells, from cantrips to level 9 spells. Included are the descriptions of what each spell does and all the pertaining stats.
Neverwinter Nights Spells N/A Read
A simple listing of all known spells that appear in the game.
Neverwinter Nights Feats N/A Read
A listing of feats implemented in the game and their detailed descriptions.
Neverwinter Nights Skills N/A Read
A listing of skills implemented in the game and their detailed descriptions.


NWN Frequently Asked Questions N/A Read
An 8-section FAQ which will answer just about any question you might have about Neverwinter Nights. The sections you can check are General, Gameplay, Player Character, Aurora Neverwimter Toolset, Dungeon Master, Multiplayer, Community and Technical.
Infogrames' NWN Support Page N/A Read (Ext.)
The official support page for Neverwinter Nights, loaded with useful tips and hints on how to solve any issues you might have with the game.
Neverwinter Nights & Shadows of Undrentide Known Issues N/A Read (Ext.)
The official listing of the game's known issues and what you can do if you encounter any of them.
Neverwinter Nights Technical FAQ N/A Read
A helpful FAQ covering the game installation, how to improve gameplay performance, how to play through a firewall, how to manually uninstall the game, bring up the console and more.
Neverwinter Nights Windows Dedicated Server Instructions N/A Read (Ext.)
This guide will describe what the Windows Dedicated Server is, how to start up and run a Dedicated Server, and how to configure a Dedicated Server using various methods.
Neverwinter Nights Manual Patch Installation N/A Read (Ext.)
If for some reason you cannot install the patch directly by being online and hitting the Update button in the game's launcher screen, here you can read how to perform the update manually.
Tips for the Beginner Dungeon Master N/A Read (Ext.)
This is an introduction to the world of being a Dungeon Master (DM). A DM is responsible for running a game that both thrills and delights players; making them come back for more. To a gamer, there is no higher compliment than being called a good DM.
How to Be a DM N/A Read (Ext.)
So what makes a great NWN DM? What qualities are needed, and how should prospective DMs go about running their adventures? Here are 22 essential tips for shaping the fine art of DM-ing, directly from the developers of Neverwinter Nights.
An Introduction to the Dungeon Master Client N/A Read (Ext.)
The role of the Dungeon Master is very special in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The DM is in control of all aspects of the game that the players will encounter on their adventures. The DM must be capable of creating encounters, settings, characters, plot, and story all while the players explore their environment. This overview of the DM Client will give you the basics on this powerful tool that allows you to do all of the vital tasks of the Dungeon Master within a NWN multiplayer game.
Custom Soundset Tutorial by Ddraigcymraeg 10kb Download
A very detailed guide which tells you just about everything there is to know about making custom soundsets.
Creating and Importing Custom Portraits N/A Read
A detailed, illustrated guide to making and importing custom portraits for Neverwinter Nights.
Making of Custom Character Portraits by Aristiana Lerionis 4kb Download
A handy document describing in detail the exact procedure of making your own portraits for inclusion in the game.
NPC Portraits Tutorial by Conjumen 11kb Download
This tutorial instructs you in adding portraits, so that they can be used in the toolset.
Customizing the NWUpdater Skin N/A Read (Ext.)
The NWUpdate program is the program Neverwinter Nights uses to install updates and patches. It also supports the ability to change the skin it uses. This tutorial will show you how to: Choose a new skin, Install a new skin and Create a new skin.

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