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Gameplay Related, cont.

Neverwinter Nights Paladin Guide by Lord Zero 14kb Download
A pretty detailed guide to the paladin class, covering such topics as paladin character creation and everything related, equipment, weapons, henchmen and more.
Neverwinter Nights Paladin Character Guide by Scott Steubing 15kb Download
A FAQ dealing with the paladin class in terms of feats, skills, spells, items, henchmen and more. Also covers SoU.
Neverwinter Nights Barbarian FAQ by Will Cornelius 12kb Download
A FAQ dealing with the barbarian class in terms of race, stats, skill points, feats, items and more.
Neverwinter Nights Bard FAQ by StephenHawking 16kb Download
A FAQ explaining some of the benefits of playing a bard and how to create various bard character builds.
Neverwinter Nights Druid FAQ by Raama 18kb Download
A pretty long and detailed FAQ on the druid character. Includes feat and skill recommendations as well as spell analysis and more.
Cironir's Neverwinter Nights Ranger Character Guide 34kb Download
The purpose of this Guide is to introduce the reader to all aspects of the Ranger character and make suggestions on how to play a Ranger efficiently.
Xenoku's Neverwinter Nights Ranger Creation Guide 7kb Download
A good guide which will explain the basics of rangerdom to the readers. It covers Ranger Introduction/Developing your Ranger, Ranger Advantages and Disadvantages, Ranger Spells and Feats and more.
Neverwinter Nights Cleric Guide by Silverforce 18kb Download
This guide is designed to help others to utilize the cleric's potential to its fullest in all aspects of the path he/she/unknown has chosen.
Bill Lumbergh's Neverwinter Nights Cleric FAQ 32kb Download
An incredibly detailed guide to clerics, covering just about anything imaginable. Updated for the SoU and HotU expansions.
Neverwinter Nights Rogue Character Guide by Ross Glenn 58kb Download
This guide is designed to be most beneficial to those who create rogues in the NWN campaign. It covers the rogue's strengths, weaknesses, skills, feats, stats, items and more.
Neverwinter Nights Wizard Guide by Lord Yorien Dragonard 40kb Download
This guide covers all aspects of wizards in NWN - creation (race, stats, skills, feats and familiar), hirelings, spells, equipment and playing tips.
Neverwinter Nights Wizard Guide by Troy McLaughlan (Submitted) 52kb Download
Another very detailed wizard guide which emphasizes the wizards' strengths and weaknesses versus other classes including the Sorcerer.
blah's Neverwinter Nights Sorcerer FAQ 4kb Download
A detailed FAQ for the sorcerer class. It recommends race, stats, skills, feats, familiars, equipment and spells in detail.
Neverwinter Nights Monk Character Guide by Eddie LaRusic 28kb Download
This guide is designed to be most beneficial to those who create monks in the NWN campaign, and did not multiclasss. It covers the monk's strengths, weaknesses, skills, feats, stats, items and more.
Neverwinter Nights Battle Sorcerer by PinkGiraffe 6kb Download
This short guide covers the creation of a sorcerer primarily used for battle and accompanying issues.
Playable Monster Skin and Portrait Guide by Kanik 4kb Download
This guide is for players who wish to create their character to look like a monster or NPC found in the game "Neverwinter Nights". This includes skins and portraits for your character.
Neverwinter Nights Character Tips by JDragontamer 7kb Download
Some useful tips regarding character creation, especially about races & multiclassing, classes and ability scores.
Fantabulous Contrapulator Guide by Vendetta 2kb Download
While adventuring around in Chapter Two, you will probably stumble on a Dwarf named Colmarr. He has invented a device that distills raw
sewage runoff from the Tower into various potions. This short guide deals with everything related to this device.
Cheat Codes Listing N/A Read
A big chunk of cheat codes for all you cheaters out there. Be warned though, once you start cheating you might end up ruining the game experience for yourself!
Console Commands N/A Read
Usable either by real DMs for honest purposes, or by cheaters for tweaking their characters, this console commands listing details all "approved" commands. A reformatted PDF version by Oddbod is also available.
DM Set Appearance List 206kb Download (Ext.)
This is a list of the options availible when using the Set_Appearance function. It includes numbers for both expansions as well as CEP 1.50 which starts at 1000. It is divided into two worksheets, each prints on one page.
Codes, Secrets & Oddities 5kb Download
This guide outlines secrets, codes, and oddities (bugs) found in Neverwinter Nights.
Dragon Magazine NWN Feature by Erran (Submitted) N/A Page 1/Page 2
A scan of the two-page article which appeared in the April 2002 issue of the Dragon magazine. It speaks shortly about game, then provides a list of 5 NWN items with full description, stats and art.
NWN Official Campaign Henchmen N/A Read
A sneak peek at 6 of the henchmen that you will be able to hire to help you out in Nevewinter Nights.
NWN Official Campaign NPCs N/A Read
A sneak peek at 6 of the interesting characters you will meet on your journey through Neverwinter Nights.
Neverwinter Nights Class Packs N/A Read
A list of preconfigured class packages that BioWare includes with the game.

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