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Neverwinter Nights FAQ v4.0

This document is broken-up into the following sections:

  1. General (4)
    An overview of Neverwinter Nights - what type of game it is, when will it be released, and Beta test information.

  2. Gameplay (20)
    The mechanics of actually playing the game such as the interface, rules system, plot, setting and what to expect within the game.

  3. Player Character (19)
    What you need to know as a character within the single player game (the Official Campaign), features you will need to be aware of with regards to running your character during the game.

  4. Aurora Neverwinter Toolset (12)
    The Toolset allows users to create their own content in the form of modules and environments for use in their own games.

  5. Dungeon Master (8)
    One of the most revolutionary things about Neverwinter Nights is the inclusion of a special piece of software that allows a game player to become the organizer of a Neverwinter Nights module and campaign. This position is called the Dungeon Master (DM) in D&D terms. He or she controls all other aspects of the game except for the other players- the monsters, the encounters, and the other characters in the adventure.

  6. Multiplayer (9)
    Any time a player wishes to play Neverwinter Nights on more than one computer is called multiplayer. The other computer, or computers, can be directly connected to each other (a LAN connection) or through the Internet. This section addresses how Neverwinter Nights is planning to facilitate players and DMs connecting with each other.

  7. Community (10)
    Everyone who plays the game, develops content, asks questions or raises concerns is part of the Neverwinter Nights community.

  8. Technical (11)
    This section deals with hardware and software questions about Neverwinter Nights.
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