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Neverwinter Nights FAQ v4.0 - Multiplayer

Any time a player wishes to play Neverwinter Nights on more than one computer is called multiplayer. The other computer, or computers, can be directly connected to each other (a LAN connection) or through the Internet. This section addresses how Neverwinter Nights is planning to facilitate players and DMs connecting with each other.

6.01  Will I have to pay a monthly fee to play Neverwinter Nights?
6.02 How will playing Neverwinter Nights in single-player mode differ from playing in multiplayer mode?
6.03 How will Neverwinter Nights differ from other online games?
6.04 Are there plans for a persistent world to be run by BioWare?
6.05 Is player killing allowed?
6.06 Can I link my world to someone else's?
6.07 What are some ways I can make use of Portals?
6.08 Will other players be able to 'know' what class I am right away?
6.09 How will I communicate with other players?

6.01 Will I have to pay a monthly fee to play Neverwinter Nights? (Back to Top)

No. As with the Baldur's Gate series, we will not be charging a monthly fee to play the retail version of Neverwinter Nights online.

6.02 How will playing Neverwinter Nights in single-player mode differ from playing in multiplayer mode? (Back to Top)

The single-player mode of the Neverwinter Nights Official Campaign consists of the same game as the multiplayer version. There are a number of automated features to help balance the game, including the dynamic scaling of combat encounters according the size and relative strength of your party. Solo players will also find it easy to acquire companions whether a henchman, familiar or animal companion. While computer-controlled, these henchmen will still be responsive to a variety of commands issued by the player.

6.03 How will Neverwinter Nights differ from other online games? (Back to Top)

The approach taken with Neverwinter Nights is to mirror the pen-and-paper model of role-playing. We want to get a group of friends together, give them a great story to play through, and have a Dungeon Master to moderate the game play. We are taking advantage of the great party-based adventuring experiences that are made possible by massively multiplayer games and placing that in the context of a gripping and immersive story line in which the players can be full and important participants. We are blending the best of single-player and massively multiplayer games, as well as the classic experience of pen-and-paper role-playing, to create the best of all possible worlds. Neverwinter Nights is all the beauty of D&D 3rd Edition, brought online.

6.04 Are there plans for a persistent world to be run by BioWare? (Back to Top)

While we are interested in the potential of persistent worlds, we've chosen to take Neverwinter Nights in a different direction. BioWare currently has no official plans to develop a persistent world. That said, many members of our fan community have expressed a serious interest in developing their own persistent worlds, using the Aurora Neverwinter Toolset. Such worlds are definitely possible and we are looking forward to seeing what our fans come up with.

6.05 Is player killing allowed? (Back to Top)

The host will determine the nature of player vs. player (PvP) combat at the start of the game session and this will be broadcast to anyone attempting to join. The possible settings will range from Full Player vs. Player Combat where all players can be a potential target, to Party vs. Party Combat where players can only target members of an opposing team, to a Safe Mode where player vs. player combat is banned altogether. It will also be possible to determine player vs. player settings on a per-area basis within the module. Should further needs arise during our development cycle, we will develop the necessary settings to accommodate them. We are very aware of both the positive and negative aspects that can emerge from player vs. player combat in an online game, and are therefore putting a lot of thought into this issue.

6.06 Can I link my world to someone else's? (Back to Top)

Yes. Servers can be linked through 'Portals'. Portals are created when one server operator requests a link and another server operator accepts. This will form a two-way transfer between the two servers, allowing players to travel between the two worlds simply by stepping through the Portal. Once a Portal is created, it remains until removed by one of the server operators. If the server on the other end is currently not operational, the Portal will appear closed. Players can view a wide variety of information about the server on the other end by inspecting the Portal. If the character does not meet the requirements of the new server, the player is not teleported and re-appears beside the original server's Portal. Servers can support multiple Portals.

6.07 What are some ways I can make use of Portals? (Back to Top)

The implications of this Portal system are somewhat mind-boggling. By distributing the different areas and population load over a number of home computers with decent Internet connections, for instance, your game world can know no boundaries. On a smaller scale, two rival player guilds could agree to portal their guildworlds together to settle a dispute in battle. Freewheeling MUDs and MUSHes could also emerge where people cobble their different creations together into a larger, cosmopolitan world of adventure. Neverwinter Nights is all about getting people together and Portals allow that to happen on a grander, even more exciting scale.

6.08 Will other players be able to 'know' what class I am right away? (Back to Top)

Neverwinter Nights is all about role-playing - what's on your character sheet is between you and the DM and the look of your character is yours to define. If you are a fighter, you can still dress in peasant clothes if you wish or even a wizard's enchanted garments. The look of your character is not determined by his or her class but by the race, body type, and coloration you choose at character creation, and the clothing and equipment you acquire along the way. This will allow players to play any role they wish, such as a paranoid mage who hides within his clumsy armor or a petty rogue who puts on airs of royal birth.

6.09 How will I communicate with other players? (Back to Top)

Communication with other players will take on a number of forms. A robust chat system is available that will allow you to quickly and easily interact with your party. Also, when you select your voice set during character creation, it will include a wide range of vocal lines appropriate to various role-playing and combat situations. These are hotkey-activated, allowing for rapid and easy communication in most situations. Another benefit of these voice sets is that they allow for cross-language communication, meaning that our German and English players can still interact with their French counterparts at the simple press of a button. Real-time voice communication will not be included in the initial release of Neverwinter Nights.

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