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Twin Blades Character Pack by assassinX (Submitted) 1.2MB Download
This Character Pack contains 6 members of the Company of the Twin Blades: Shara (Human Kensai Mage), Garret (Human Kensai/Thief), Falcon (Elvish Stalker), Damon Smithson (Human Cleric of Lathander), Lorna (Half-Elf Sorcerer), and Morian (Dwarf Skald). All characters have a number of special items and weapons as well as unique backstories.
Irenicus Custom Character by Mephisto (Submitted) 3.5MB Download
Irenicus made as a playable character for BG2 with ToB installed. He has his own soundset and portrait.
Baldur's Gate II Custom Templates by Lavir (Submitted) 662kb Download

6 very interesting new templates with very cool special powers & abilities. Note that these are unofficial custom made templates that can be applied to existing full classes only (no kits) if they meet certain requirements. Portraits for them are included.
Unlike custom kits below they are very easy to install; you simply copy everything into the override directory. You can read the descriptions of these templates (Half-Celestial, Half-Fiend, Vampire, Lich, Skeleton Warrior, Death Knight) here.

CAUTION: If you install this mod you won't be able to get any romances or NPC subquests in your existing or new games.

Dragon Ball Z Characters by slipknot2000 (Submitted) 2.5MB Download
A pack of 6 DBZ characters with their own portraits and (some) sounds.
Dragon Ball Z Characters #2 by slipknot2000 (Submitted) 653kb Download
A pack of another 6 DBZ characters with their own portraits.
Extra Playable Characters v1.3 by Vegard Skau Mjelde (Submitted) 63kb Download
Some extra NPCs (mostly BG1 characters) you can summon into your game via the CLUA console. This package includes Alora, Branwen, Coran, Drizzt, Faldorn, Garrick, Jon Irenicus, Khalid, Kivan, Quayle, Saemon Havarian, Safana, Tiax, Xan and Xzar.
Baldur's Gate II Custom Kits by Drizzt1180 <20kb Download below

5 very interesting new kits with very cool special powers. Note that these were made by one Drizzt1180 and are not official kits released by BioWare. You can read the descriptions of these kits here and download them here:

Arcane Fist, Archer of Sylvanus, Blade Master, Death Knight and Wushi Ninja.

Sylvan Mystic Kit by PolarBear (Submitted) 14kb Download
The Sylvan Mystics are an ancient order of Elven and Half Elven Rangers in Faerun. They specialize in hunting evil mages and mind flayers, and as such they must attune their mind in addition to their body.
Character submitted by Firestorm 60kb Download
A LN half-elf male fighter (level 27) from Throne of Bhaal, fully equipped with good weapons and items. Included in the zip is a nice portrait to be used with it.
Characters submitted by Darren Sanderson 2kb Download
Two powerful characters: a berserker at level 19 and a monk at level 21. Both of them come with pockets full of goodies.
Savegames & Characters submitted by Draco Vlasavius 1.38MB Download
Have you heard the tale about the man playing a kickass dragon-slaying monk? Well the hero himself provided us with his final save game from the first time through BG II, AND the now famous Firkraag save game where his monk killed the beast in his second time through.
I also included the char files for BG II, as well as his imported BG I original character in the same zip.
ToB Savegames & Character by Alex (Submitted) 887kb Download
There are three files inside this zip. In the first savegame "Fight with Demogorgon"; the author has completed all the quests and the Watcher's Keep. The second "Final Save" is basically the same thing except after defeating Demogorgon. The third file is his main character; a Cavalier Paladin lvl 34 with good items.
The Rock Voice Pack & Char File by Balthazar (Submitted) 524kb Download
A file for those WWF fans out there who might be interested in playing the WWF champion The Rock as a Barbarian in BG2, so they can teach the jabrones of Amn to "smell what The Rock is cookin" while laying the smackdown on their candy asses.
Unfortunately the recording quality is pretty bad, and the soundset only includes a half of the wavs the game uses. The pre-made half-orc char file included corrects the impression a bit though.
Ignus & Morte Custom Chars by B. B. Hart (Submitted) 2MB Download
Ignus and Morte, two NPCs from Planescape: Torment were re-created to work with BG II. Both come with their respective portrait and custom sounds.
MageDuel by Ajoc 330kb Download
MageDuel is a free add-on to Baldur's Gate 2, for those who play multiplayer. You have to summon creatures, and make them attack the enemy mages. Most creatures are simple hand to hand creatures, but some have special spells and abilities you should look out for! You win by reducing all enemy mages to 1 hit point and they must have none of their creatures within 9 feet of themselves.
Masamune Sword Mini-mini-quest by ShadowDaemon (Submitted) 26kb Download
In author's own words: It's not a quest in that you have journal entries for and gain XP, but you do get one helluva sword when its all done...
NOTE: You'll need to use some TeamBG tools to install it, and have ToB as well.
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