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The Sorcerer's Place Collection by CamDawg (Submitted) 1.3MB Download
This is a collection of kits and an item pack from Sorcerer's Place. The mods were originally in an older, harder-to-install format and CamDawg has converted them to use a WeiDU installer. Item restrictions are also applied dynamically, meaning that the item restrictions for the Arcane Fist and Archer of Sylvanus kits will be implemented across all items in the game, including those added or altered by other mods. What this collection includes:
  • Sylvan Mystic Elf/Half-Elf Ranger Kit, by Polar Bear
  • Item Pack, by Creslyn
  • Blade Master Human Fighter Kit, by Drizzt1180
  • Death Knight Human Fighter Kit, by Drizzt1180
  • Wushi Ninja Human Thief Kit, by Drizzt1180
  • Archer of Sylvanus Half-Elven Druidic Kit, by Drizzt1180
  • Arcane Fist Bardic Kit, by Drizzt1180
OS X and Linux versions are also available.
Bombur's Fade the Fighter/Thief Tweak (Submitted) 2kb Download

This is a tiny tweak to the Fade NPC mod. It turns Fade into a multi-class fighter/thief. Fade is created with her original 660,000 experience points, but only leveled up through 89,000. So, when she joins your party, you'll immediately be able to customize her proficiencies and skills a bit. You'll note that she starts with a heavy emphasis on stealth. The author thought this appropriate given the background that gave rise to her nickname. He put her extra weapon proficiency in two-weapon fighting.

Luizmods by Luiz (Submitted) 1.1MB Download

Luizmods is a SoA (optionally ToB) WeiDU mod package containing a full fighter kit - the "Blackguard" - and mixture of gameplay and graphics tweaks, including new portraits. With Luizmods you can customize the Robe of Vecna's appearance, move the Bag of Holding to the start of the game, and employ an improved AI script for your party members. All mod components can be separately installed.

Felinoid's PnP Kit Requirements, Half-orcs, Spells and Charisma (Submitted) 7kb Download

This small tweak changes kit requirements, the half-orc race, spell progressions and Charisma modifiers to what they should be, as described in the PnP source books they were taken from. Now, while in PnP these requirements are meant to make the kits harder to obtain, in BG2 it will likely simply mean higher rolls on average in certain stats. There is one catch, though: some of the requirements are in "non-crucial" stats, like the Inquisitor's INT requirement. This can mean that certain kits will have their 'dump stats' closed off, so be careful. ;)

Non-playable NPC Portrait-mod by Parvini (Submitted) 577kb Download

This mod simply adds portraits to many of the non-playable NPCs that can be met in Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn... basically, this means that when you speak to characters that have been assigned portraits, the portraits should appear alongside the dialogue as they do when the playable NPCs and Irenicus speak. The mod should not affect any other mods but it will override mods that specifically assign portraits with its own portraits - this shouldn't be a problem as not many mods have done this to date and, where possible, the author has tried to use the same portraits as used elsewhere (as with Solaufein and Valen for example). It can be played with or without Throne of Bhaal installed and adds no portraits to that portion of the game.

Jedi & Sith Kits by Wu Min (Submitted) 407kb Download

This mod will introduce two fighter kits, Jedi and Sith, which are from Star Wars, into your game. They will give you a new adventure experience. This mod requires ToB to be installed. More details are included in the mod's readme.

Improved Summons by Wu Min (Submitted) Download

Some mods are tough, and your PC or NPCs can use the special equipment or items gained in these mods to improve themselves. But your summons have no way to improve themselves, they ultimately become weak, and become true cannon fodder. This mod aims to correct this. More details are included in the mod's readme.

Berserker Minsc by Drew (Submitted) 274kb Download

A mod that gives Minsc a Berserker kit tailored specifically to him. It is compatible with SoA, ToB, and BG1 Tutu as well.

Minsc's rage seems great on the surface until you find out that Minsc is actually more likely to attack your party when enraged than attack your enemies. This mod seeks to rectify this issue by:

1. Fixing his beserker rage by bringing it more in line with a standard berserker rage.
2. Taking away his spell casting. Minsc can no longer cast spells with this mod installed.

More details are included in the mod's readme.

Baldur's Gate II: SoA/ToB Samurai Kit by Maurolava (Submitted) 260kb Download

Known for their matchless bravery and strict code, they are cultured warriors who strive to be courteous, brave, and unswervingly loyal to their overlord. A samurai follows the "Way of Warrior" or Bushido, which puts emphasis on loyalty, self-sacrifice, refined manners, purity, modesty, martial spirit, and affection. Samurai are always lawful, stoic in demeanor, and implacable when matter of honor and justice is concerned.


- Daisho Technique: May reach Grand-Mastery in Katana, Wakizashi and Daikyu.
- May place maximum points into two-weapon or single weapon fighting styles.
- Kiai Smite: May cast Fear once per day per every level.
- Immunity to Fear


- May not put more that one proficiency point in all other weapons
- May not use shields or spend any points in Sword & Shield Style
- May not Dual/Multi-class

Imoen the Conjurer by Felinoid 5kb Download
Tired of dualling Immy to a Conjurer in BG1 only to have her change back into a plain boring mage in BG2? Well, now she'll be a Conjurer there
too. (Can also be SKed to other specialist kits with no loss of bonus spells.)
Xyx's Beholder Stuff 156kb Download

This pack contains the full assortment of Xyx's beholder improvements and tweaks:

Beholder Hive Upgrade
Upgrades the beholder hive to what BioWare originally intended by putting the elder orb with the eyestalk at the back of the hive and adding a hive mother.

Multicolored Beholders
Gives the various types of beholders slightly different colours (lighter and darker) so you can tell them apart more easily.

Smart Beholders (Beholder AI upgrade)
Better targeting and spell use. Attempts to simulate beholders growing wise to such tactics as using the Shield of Balduran or the Cloak of Mirroring.

Smart Beholders Source
The BAF source files, for anyone interested.

Slightly Improved Ilyich by Razfallow 377kb Download
Is Ilyich's duergar party in Irenicus' dungeon too easy for you to defeat? Are you tired of your failure to defeat the Improved Ilyich from Tactics? This mod aims to change the balance of the battle so that it will be more difficult, but not impossible. This mod will also automatically install the Detectable Spells pack.
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