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Morrow Gate by a Wounded Lion (Submitted) Download

Morrow Gate includes many useful rule, item, and class/kit tweaks. It completely updates and replaces both Natural Selection and Twist Pack mods, which we've had available for download previously.

Twist Pack was a collection of various game tweaks:

- Combinable protection items
- Evil rangers & fallen rangers retain abilities
- Evil paladins & fallen paladins retain abilities
- Fallen paladins gain opposite abilities (spells courtesy of Camdawg and Divine Remix)
- FEAR: fair pricing for evil alignments/low reputation
- Druids and rangers gain find familiar
- Clerics and druids gain Breach
- Expanded weapon proficiencies for monks

Natural Selection aimed at improving the Druid class and kits and rendering them a viable alternative to having a Cleric in your party.

Morrow Gate now includes all of the above and much more.

Improved Firkraag by Findae (Submitted) 2kb Download
This is a mod created to make Firkraag harder and give a full set of armor to go with Carsomyr. It includes a full plate mail, a cloak, a pair of gloves, a helm, and a book describing the origin of the items.
Improved Anarg by knightlight (Submitted) 2kb Download
A couple of files for the override folder that give Anarg, the leader of the Fallen Paladins, a snazzy custom helmet that can be picked up by the player. It gives no AC bonus, but does give immunity to Charm, Hold, Fear, and Level Drain, thus covering a wide spectrum of the Paladin kit immunities. This has the side effect of making Anarg tougher, as he's much harder to disable, but greater risk brings greater reward.. This was created with a version of BG2 with ToB installed, will most likely work with just SoA.
Heart of the Wood (ToB required) by TIN_MAN (Submitted) 10kb Download
This magical stick can summon some powerful forest monsters and creatures (with some new ones from the Monsters' Compedium) to aid your druid in combat, although the overall HD of the summoned creatures is limited to 13. This item can be acquired from Kyland Lind (Druid Grove). You must kill him first for it of course. Warning: Kyland Lind is going to use the branch against your party!
Unholy Gate Opening Ritual Book (ToB required) by TIN_MAN (Submitted) 5kb Download
This is a demon summoning ritual book, which is in possession of the master wizard Tolgerias (Planar sphere/Slums). You can summon several types of demons (nabassu/glabrezu/cornugon/pit fiend/balor) with the manual, the choice is random. For the challenge, Tolgerias has been made somewhat harder to kill.
Morituri Kit by Aroc (Submitted) 273kb Download
This kit encapsules the author's personal understanding of a warrior dedicated in upholding good and right. He always believed that the kensai is the perfect type of fighter and indeed there are legends inspired by kensais able to cut through solid steel cannons and of course we all have heard stories about Miyamoto Musashi.. A warrior able to perform such feats must be strong in both body and spirit, able to withstand physical as well as elemental and magical attacks. On the other hand his/her devotion to the Light must provide for some exceptional abilities in the battle against Evil. Taking all these in consideration he has created the Morituri kit, the incarnation of the warrior who fights almost empty handed based not on powerful armour or magic potions but on unfolding his/her inner qualities through combat experience.
Keenmaker by İlhami Yücel AYDIN (Submitted) 1.7MB Download

This is a Ranger kit mod for Baldur’s Gate 2 and requires Throne of Bhaal. Keenmarkers are unique rangers, who are specialized on bows and arrows. Their spend most of the time on training and education, for both fighting and wisdom. In addition, their experiences mostly rely on real hard life: tough battles and difficult conditions. Although Keenmarkers generally do not reveal themselves to other people in the realms, a Keenmarker uses his skills to aid goodness, so behaves kind to good people, and may become even more terrible than a deadly nightmare for evil. They are sharp arrows and unbreakable shields of goodness. For more details see the included readme.

Rutkowski's NPC Conversion (Submitted) 39kb Download
This is the BG1-NPC-to-BG2-(N)PC conversion. It lets you use the BG1 NPC's for your own use as the protagonist or in a multi-player game.
Drizzt Characters by Ellimar (Submitted) 129kb Download

This mod makes Drizzt Do'urden, Artemis Entreri and Guenhwyvar playable characters. Portraits for the three are included in the pack.

Character submitted by GoldMidas 48kb Download
A female kensai/mage level 50 with 21400 HP, AC -16 and spell immunity to many spells (Power word: Blind, Imprisonment, Timestop). Can target characters with non-detection and invisibility with spells. Also comes with a custom portrait.
Nicolas' Character (Submitted) 1kb Download
A legit human berserker, level 22. His supernatural levels & stats come from the tomes in BG and from the final tests in Hell. He is a ToB character and also carries a number of good items.
Sarevok by Eric (Submitted) 840kb Download
A Sarevok character with high quality and very powerful magical items with full descriptions and in-game icons, and there are a few other powerful items from the actual game on his character as well. This Sarevok character looks just like the one from BG1 but it works with SOA/ToB. Also contains a soundset and portrait.
Raistlin Majere by Szeiche Arcanum (Submitted) 620kb Download
A character based on the Dragonlance chracter Raistlin Majere. He comes with complete biography, portraits, voice and items.
Elementalist Kits by Tioma (Submitted) 234kb Download
Only the acid elementalist warrior kit is available at this moment. Acid elementalists have the following abilities:

1) 2% acid resistance bonus/level
2) Create acid missiles at levels 1-6 (random creation of 5 arrows / bullets / bolts / darts / throwing daggers / throwing axes with 1d2 acid damage bonus).
3) Melf's acid arrow (lvl 2 wizard spell) at levels 3-8
4) Enchanted weapon (acid) (transformed lvl. 4 wizard spell) at levels 7-12 (creation of axe / mace / short sword / long sword with 1d2 acid damage bonus)
5) Vitriolic sphere (lvl 4 IWD wizard spell) at levels 7-12
6) Protection from acid (lvl 5 wizard spell) at levels 9-14
7) Conjure lesser acid elemental at levels 9-14
8) Death Fog (lvl 6 wizard spell) at levels 11-16
9) Acid storm (lvl 7 IWD wizard spell) at levels 13-18
10) Ankheg Summoning at levels 13-18.
11) Conjure acid elemental at levels 15-19
12) Lower acid resistance at levels 15-19
13) Acid elemental transformation (HLA)
14) Acid elemental summoning (HLA)
15) Greater acid elemental summoning (HLA)
16) Brown Dragon's breath (HLA)
17) Storm of Vengeance (omni-elemental spell) (HLA)
18) Improved enchanted weapon: creation (for 24 hours) of (+5 to hit) weapon with 5d2 acid damage bonus ability (HLA)
19) Improved acid missiles: random creation of 5 missiles (+4 to hit) with 4d2 acid damage bonus (HLA)
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