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Scripting Info

NWN Scripting Guide by Papermonk 1MB Download (Ext.)
A collection of all the important information a beginner or expert scripter may need. The author has plundered tutorials and sticky posts for relevant information, inserted some standards into appearance, spell checks, and organized it. In essence, this is like the CEP of Scripting information.
NWN Lexicon 7.5MB Download (Ext.)
The NWN Lexicon is a complete scripting reference for BioWare's Neverwinter Nights role playing game. It is available as an up to date, online version, and a downloadable Windows Compiled Help file.
Ten Caveats for the Novice Scripter 11kb Download (Ext.)
A list of ten of the most common types of mistakes the author has made while scripting modules. Some of these have taken him hours to identify and correct.
Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 1.7MB Download (Ext.)
The author built a module, and then wrote a set of html pages which show you how it all works, and how you can achieve the same results.
On NWScript and Debugging 12kb Download (Ext.)
An article on debugging techniques for use with NWScript.
NWN Script Functions 200kb Download (Ext.)
Have you ever wondered just what the B-Zillion scripts are that you can change in the 'Creature Properties Scripts', like nw_c2_default8 or nw_d1_j_story06? Rather than checking them out one at a time in the ToolSet, here is a complete listing of the Script Name, Description (where available), and the actual Script itself. Get part 2 of the document here.
NWN Special Effects Descriptions 372kb Download (Ext.)
This pack contains two Files: NWN-Script-VisualEffects.pdf (This file contains descriptions for the Visual Effects available while scripting) and NWN-SpellCasting-SpecialEffects.pdf (This file contains descriptions for the Visual and Audio Effects available during spell casting in the spells.2da file).
BrainFrameNWN 5.25MB Download (Ext.)
This tool, BrainFrameNWN, allows you to construct scripts graphically using a flowchart-like display. Actions and decision points are represented as flowchart nodes connected by arrows, and the flowcharts can be nested, making complex behaviors easier to script. (It also makes reuse of script segments easy.) Once you've built your visual representations of the behaviors you want, the tool will automatically generate NWScript code for you).
NWScript Functions 148kb Download
A 84-pages Word document will all the scripting functions with a clickable index and their definitions. This was compiled by Keith Warner, Quality Assurance team member for BioWare.
Alternative versions are also available: reformatted doc (156kb), xml (32kb), separate functions & constants doc (117kb).
NWN Script Search N/A Read (Ext.)
A huge searchable database which contains all of the official campaign scripts that Bioware wrote and more.
Neverwinter Nights Scripting Courses 98kb Download
A huge scripting guide by David Gaider & co. You can find this posted on the official message boards, but this version has been reformatted into Word doc which makes it much more readable, not to mention convenient. There's also an online version available, though it only has Gaider's material in it.
Neverwinter Nights Scripting Tutorials by David Gaider 125kb Download
These are scripting tutorials provided by David Gaider, one of the Designers on Neverwinter Nights. Each of the tutorials has a printable version with syntax-highlighting where NWScript is used. You can download the offline version above, and see the online version here.
Neverwinter Nights Script Reference by Richard Conner 192kb Download
A nice compilation about the scripting language of Neverwinter Nights. It includes information on talent data types, the functions and constants and some of the major BioWare includes documented. Covering 16 pages, this is without question the best scripting reference document around.
NWN Script Event Reference 104kb Download (Ext.)
This PDF contains a reformatting of David Gaider's posts on scripting events.
NWN Commonly Asked Scripting Questions 117kb Download (Ext.)
A reformatting of the sticky on the official NWN scripting boards. It is a bit more readable and allows you to print it out for a self use manual.
NWVault Scripts Library N/A Download (Ext.)
A huge repository of scripts of all kinds, from area scripts to scripting routines, placeable and inventory items and more.
Aurora Toolset Beta 247MB Download (Ext.)
The beta version of the toolset that ships with Neverwinter Nights. Although it contains only certain models and tilesets, it is a good demo of what the real thing is able to do.

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