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Scripts, cont.

Magic Item Creation Lab 25kb Download (Ext.)
This an importable .erf area which creates a magical lab, where you can create your own custom items, with their own powers defined by the components you use to build them.
Simple Bag of Devouring 58kb Download (Ext.)
This is an incrediablly simple script for a bag of devouring that jumps the user into its belly area.
Ship at Sea 81kb Download (Ext.)
2 areas; ondeck and belowdecks, with trapdoor transition. Belowdecks includes storage rooms, kitchen, shop, cabins and Captain's quarters. Design, use of placables, light and soundeffects increase the feel of being aboard a ship.
Horadric Cube 25kb Download (Ext.)
This is a 2 area module to demonstrate how to set up up this semi-persistent vault / Horadric Cube. It uses a 10 ingredients, with 5 possible matches, to create a specified magic item.
DM Wand of Experience 12kb Download (Ext.)
Similiar structure to the original DM Wand - will allow you to give XP to single player or to an entire party. Percentage based so quick and easy to use for lv 1-20 characters. Allows quick review of XP given by the wand to both a player or a party of players.
DM Teleporter Item 43kb Download (Ext.)
The DM Teleporter item is meant for DMs to quickly teleport a player, a player and his/her party, a player and his/her party and the DM or only the player and the DM to any waypoint with the tag 'tp_dm_telepoint'.
Imp's Multiple Henchmen 315kb Download (Ext.)
This is a demo module of the Multiple Henchman system used in 'War of the Yellow Fang - Chapter I.' Included Read Me file describes how you can implement this system in your own modules.
Climbing Scripts 165kb Download (Ext.)
This zip holds both versions of the scripts for you to use which one you want. Module-wide climbing, with minimal scripting, at last. With a bonus at the end of the road, Jumping and swinging scripts.
Bed Roll 8kb Download (Ext.)
This is a Bed Roll that goes in your inventory. When used you can Sit on it or Sleep. After you're done you can pick it back up and put it back in your inventory.
Basic Mimic Script 1kb Download (Ext.)
This is a basic script to turn a placeable object into a mimic. It will make any container object respond with an attack if attacked. It also simulates the mimic's natural adhesive by taking the weapon that hits it. The only way to retrieve the lost item or weapon is to kill the mimic and the item or weapon will be in the loot bag. You will have to lock the object as well as change the hitpoints of it to 52(3rd Ed. AD&D Monster Manual Settings).
5 Card Draw Poker 19kb Download (Ext.)
Simple 5 card draw poker dealer. Includes a dealer NPC and associated conversation file. Dealer has a simple AI to discard the appropriate cards based on the value of his hand during the discard round. 10 possible hands determined.
Ship in A Storm 97kb Download (Ext.)
Sea journeys in Neverwinter have certain limitations, such as lack of ship movement. The author decided to try to make waves, and managed to get a kind of semi-animated movie of the ship in a storm. Also included is a below decks area w/ one seasick passenger. Sea rations included, and a holdful of barrels to give you something to do on your long journey, a galley and a dripping stairwell.
Teleportation Placeables 93kb Download (Ext.)
This module demonstrates the use of generic transporter placeables that work much like the ones seen in the Star Trek TV series. There is no HAK PAK used. ERF files are included with the demo module, which can be imported into a new or existing module.
Recipe Maker 5kb Download (Ext.)
This script allows you to make 'recipes' that will allow a PC to place combinations of items into a container, and, upon closing of the container, a new item will be created. Similiar in concept to the mage laboratories, in the single-player campaign, but a spell is not used in the process in these scripts.
GM Flavor Text Rod 72kb Download (Ext.)
This is an ERF that can be imported into your module to support creating invisible objects that display flavor text whenever a PC approaches within 10 meters. To use a GM will use the Flavor Text Rod to create an invisible object and a Fairy. The GM can then speak the word FLAVOR followed by a text string to set the text for the invisible object. The the GM can either limbo the fairy, destroy it, or ask it to destroy itself. The first time each PC approaches the object floating text above the PC will be displayed with the string the GM spoke.
DM's Rod of Dungeon Messages 94kb Download (Ext.)
The DM's Rod of Dungeon Messages will allow a DM to place messages he speaks in-game anywhere. The messages can be set to be heard immediately, on a delay or when the players are within a certain distance. Also, this rod will allow the DM to create custom conversations in-game and assign them to two NPC's to speak. The included module has the rod on the ground and two NPC's so you can test it out.
DM's Faction Wand 12kb Download (Ext.)
A wand that allows you to change the faction of NPCs and monsters to any of the four standard factions: Commoner, Defender, Hostile, Merchant. The author was sick and tired of creating a hostile NPC to interact with players and having to worry about it being attacked by other NPCs so he created this wand.
DM Rod of Effects 11kb Download (Ext.)
Add some sparkle to your adventure. Equip the DM with this wand and he can quickly and easily summon a number of visual effects or flavor text. Cast on objects or locations. Note that some tileset spots can't be targetted, but the ground usually can. Create harmless visual effects, destroy your target with flare, or throw some commentary in.
World Shaper 234kb Download (Ext.)
The Shaper is meant to be a tool for any DM who ever found that they needed an area that wasn't in their module. The Shaper lets you use an empty area to make whatever area suits your needs while your players are in the game. Need a tavern for your players to rest in? Need a dungeon for the evil overlord's prisoners? a forest? a hunting camp? a Druid's grove? Do you want a god to speak to your players in 10 foot letters of flame? Use the Shaper. This is a preview release so it doesn't have the spit and polish or all the features planned for the official release.
Server Security Script 1kb Download (Ext.)
Scared to give out your DM password.. Yet you need more DMs to help you..This script will allow ONLY the people you want to be DMs in your game! So having your DM password will not be the ONLY step to full access to your server.

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