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Lava Mountains 5.6MB Download (Ext.)
This hak pack adds a basalt texture to the rural tileset. It also changes the water to lava.
Jungle Rural with Skinned Rural 19.1MB Download (Ext.)
This is the combo of the Jungle and Rural tilesets. It will work well in conjunction with the Jungle City tileset below.
Jungle City Combo With Skinned City 23MB Download (Ext.)
This is a real Jungle City Tileset. It really is only a combo of the Jungle and City, however, the city is reskinned and fits more in it's surroundings. It looks really good. It uses high-res DDS for the skinning, so everything looks continuous and seamless.
Dungeons2 8.6MB Download (Ext.)
This is a re-skin of the Dungeon & Crypt tileset. The author cleaned up the crypt tileset a lot, got rid of most of the plain stone blocks and replaced them with higher detail textures. In the dungeon tileset he went back and re-textured the water. It now looks more cloudy and a bit darker.
Crypt/Dungeon/Mines_Caverns Combo Tileset 15kb Download (Ext.)
A combo tileset of the original Crypt, Dungeon and Mines_Caverns tilesets supplied with the game.
DTime CityHak Tileset 7.3MB Download (Ext.)
A new City tileset with a marble-like look, good for rich people's quarters. When you try some visuals in area properties you can see that it will be useful for either icy styled or desert areas.
Crypt/Dungeon Combo Tileset 9kb Download (Ext.)
This is the Crypt/Dungeon combo tileset. It uses the default tilesets with no reskinning. Now, Pits can be placed directly next to a lava pit.
Rural/Forest with Grass Combo Tileset 5.5MB Download (Ext.)
This tileset is absolutely beautiful. It is a combo of the default rural with reskinned Forest grass. A high-res addon is also available, as well as hills.
Dungeonlike Dungeon Tileset 4.2MB Download (Ext.)
A really creepy dungeon, almost totally retextured. It won't replace any tileset. Try this with visual preset 'sewer' and push the fog up.
City/Rural/Forest/Mines Combo Tileset 26kb Download (Ext.)
CRFM is a specific request the author took on the Bioware boards. These are ONLY the default tiles.. no reskinned forest or city.. or mines for that matter. It is just the the way every tile is in the toolset.
Snow Mountain/Valley Tileset 5.2MB Download (Ext.)
A snowy tileset with Water and Ice for both streams and pools.
Undersea Tileset 7.8MB Download (Ext.)
A perfect tileset for everyone making modules based under water.
Mountain Forest Tileset 15.6MB Download (Ext.)
This is a dupe/combo of the rural and forest tilesets which gives the best possible simulation of a Mountain region. This is a complete dupe so it will not effect any of your rural or forest maps.
Desert Mountain/Valley Tileset 5.1MB Download (Ext.)
Similar to the desert tileset below, this one also has Water and Lava for both streams and pools.
Desert City and Desert 13MB Download (Ext.)
A reskin of the city tileset, this is the Desert City. Also a reskin of the rural to match the author's city.
City/Rural/Forest with Cobble Combo Tileset 20kb Download (Ext.)
This is the author's original city/rural combo with cobble, but with the added forest tileset.
Shadow & Semi-shadow Plane Tilesets Varies Download below
Shadow Castle, Shadow City, Semi-shadow Castle, Semi-shadow City, Shadow Crypt, Shadow Dungeon, Shadow Forest, Shadow City Interior, Shadow Mines, Shadow Rural, Shadow Tree City, Shadow Underwater, Shadow Sewer.
Jungle Tileset 12MB Download (Ext.)
A jungle tileset for the game, with an Aztec style perfect for lizard folks. A test module, 'The Lost Valley' is also included in the zip file. An alternative low-res version (6.6MB) is also available.
Grass City 9.5MB Download (Ext.)
Texture change of the city tileset to have grass streets instead of cobble. The creator made it to be able to have a castle and village. Only problem is no roads. It was done as a way to put castles in a semi-rural setting.
Planescape Baator 11.4MB Download (Ext.)
First release of the Baator hak-pak. This first version is a recreation of Avernus, the first layer of hell.. complete with a slow-flowing River of Blood, obsidian rocks, an entire set of re-colored and/or re-skinned textures, and an appropriate mini-map reflecting the new landscape.
Swamp Tileset 6.2MB Download (Ext.)
This hakpack will allow you to create your swamp area without effecting your Current Rural Area. When you're adding the new area pick 'Sludge Lake', that will get you the swamp area.
Rural/City + Grass City Tileset 16MB Download (Ext.)
This is Cathoris's rural/city tileset but with a twist. The author replaced the cobblestone and grass textures with dirt, so it does not have those large cobble stone blocks around the buildings, and looks more like the grass city tileset (but with mud and rural placables).
Valley/Mountain/Undergroud Tileset 4.7MB Download (Ext.)
This combines the Cliffs, Stream (as Lava), Pit and bridge of the Forest with the Floor of the cave/mine without all the plants (95% removed from all models). Also added are Lava water tiles with some bridge mixed in and the wall and some of the other cave groups and features.
Egyptian Crypt Tileset 5.25MB Download (Ext.)
This is a re-skinned mod of the Crypt tileset including custom load images. The zip contains the Hak file as well as a readme with instructions and a selection of screen shots to browse before you decide to install the Hak.

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