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Subsection #2 [Back to main listing]

Flash Flask by B'nJahmin (Submitted) 1kb Download
Flash flask blinds and stuns all within a 40 ft radius. Inspired by Counter Strike's flashbang.
The Magnificient Magic Store (ToB only) by Taza (Submitted) 244kb Download
The mod adds a store conjuring item and 3 new stores. Adds over 20 new powerful and expensive items.
Cloak of the Shield Change by Taza (Submitted) 212kb Download
This mod will turn will turn Cloak of the Shield into something much more useful (a cloak with base AC 2).
Badge9781's Custom Items (Submitted) 13kb Download
About a dozen custom weapons, a complete suit of armour and two new helmets. The item descriptions leave something to be desired, however...
Stuff of the Magi Custom Items by Victor Straffe (Submitted) 24kb Download

This set consists of seven items oriented toward single-class mages (Robe, Boots, Girdle, Gauntlets, Amulet, Circlet, and the ever-lovable Staff of the Magi, which has been only slightly changed.)

A WeiDU port by Kevmus is also available.

Red Dragon Summoning Mage Spell by Coco_Pliz & Extremist (Submitted) 1kb Download
As you would expect from the title, this mage spell allows you to summon a Red Dragon to fight at your side. Very handy. ;)
Kelno's Item Pack by Brightblade (Submitted) 1kb Download
Two +3 katanas, a +5 set of plate (cursed), a mediocre helm, and a good mage/sorcerer amulet that lets them cast some spells.
NOTE: You'll need to use some TeamBG tools to install these.
Creslyn's BG2 Custom Items (Submitted) 7kb Download
In author's own words: Some of these items might be a little overpowered, but those are either hard to get (like Gorgon's Staff in the Illithid city) or expensive to buy if they're not hard to find (Geirthan's Plate is the most expensive item in the game - SoA that is). All of these are for BG2: SoA, but can be used in ToB also. Hope people like them.
NOTE: You'll need to use some TeamBG tools to install these.
ShadowDaemon's Custom Spells (Submitted) 8kb Download
4 nifty new spells for your enjoyment. The new spells are: Blood of the Martyr, Force of an Ancient God, Group Hug and Improved Magic Missile.
NOTE: You'll need to use some TeamBG tools to install them.
Davoran's Spell Pack #1 by ShadowDaemon (Submitted) 2kb Download
Inspired by a message board string, the author created these spells in the name of one of his most comonly used D&D characters, The Crazy Conjurer Davoran Karsh. The pack includes two new spells.
NOTE: You'll need to use some TeamBG tools to install this.
Custom Items Collection by Daniel Goodrich (Submitted) 2.3MB Download
This package contains a phenomenal new set of armor, some exceptional rings, a scimitar and some other items. This new version has been simplified so that no editing is required - you simply unzip the *.itm files to the override folder and the dialog.tlk file to the main game folder and play.
NOTE: This version is only compatible with the official version of BG2: SoA (no ToB).
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