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Boards o' Magick Item Pack by Olimikrig et al (Submitted) 4.2MB Download
The Boards o' Magick (BoM) item pack is for and by SP users (and, of course, for the entire BG2 community!). What the BoM item pack introduces are two new unique characters, the Imp Bion and the merchant Taluntain. The original idea behind this pack was not only to give the BoM regulars the honor they're due by immortalizing them in this great game (well, more or less anyways), but also to offer a selection of somewhat overlooked items the chance to truly shine; we strive towards making the items as balanced as we can, mind you. Taluntain will be reachable through the Imp, Bion, whom you can find in Waukeen's Promenade in the SoA part of the game, and Amkethran in the ToB part.

NOTE: It is imperative that you have Throne of Bhaal installed before applying this mod! Throne of Bhaal holds some animations needed for this mod to run. You should also have applied the latest official patch. The mod's documentation is now available online.

Sorcerer's Place Cloak of Mirroring for BG2: ToB by Extremist (Submitted) 1kb Download

This version of the Cloak of Mirroring does the following:

1. keeps Spell Deflection working as in the original item
2. removes the annoying hard-coded animation that is applied with the Spell Deflection effect (the ugly globe)
3. applies the animation used in Cloak of Mirroring from SoA (bottom glowing circle)
4. displays in the dialog window that the wearer is protected by Spell Deflection
5. places a proper spell deflect icon on the wearer

A must for anyone playing ToB! (Unless you like seeing your mage in the globe for the whole game... urg?!)

NOTE: You MUST read the readme file included in the zip first, where the author explains exactly how the whole thing works and what you should look out for!

SP Items by Rastor (Submitted) 337kb Download
Daniel Goodrich's Collection, Creslyn's BG2 Item Pack (also contained in the collection above), Shadow Daemon's Spells and Davoran's Spells, available from the bottom of this page, repackaged into a modern WeiDU easy to use format. All content contained in this mod is exactly what the original authors intended, no changes have been made. It's also much smaller and easier to install than the original item/spell packs. Inside the compressed file is an executable. Once run, anyone installing this needs only to select their BG2 directory to unzip everything properly.
The Four by Sikret (Submitted) Download
The idea of making this mod started with a number of requests for an item mod in Sorcerer's Place forum. It is the author's gift to all members of Sorcerer's Place. This mod adds four items to the game, each of which is guarded by a group of guardians.

This mod requires ToB and Improved Anvil (v5 or newer). In fact, 'The Four' is the only mod which can be installed after Improved Anvil. The previous versions of 'The Four' were incompatible with Improved Anvil; this version is not only compatible with IA but it also even requires it to work. So, before installing this mod, install Improved Anvil (v5 or newer) and make sure that you have read IA's installation instructions very carefully.

Arcane-Divine Spell Pack for Baldur's Gate 2 by Marv (Submitted) 1MB Download

The ADPack is a WeiDU-based mod for Baldur's Gate II. It aims to fix/tweak/enhance arcane and divine spells in the game's final release. Various bugs are removed, some of the weaker spells are improved, and a few spells are completely remade.

Teleport Spell by Razfallow   Download
This mod adds a 7th level spell to the game that allows the entire party to teleport to the areas they've already visited. You can't teleport to all of the previous places you've visited, just to some of the most important areas. Furthermore, you can't teleport from some other areas as well.
The Way of Heroes by Filkam (Submitted) 3.6MB Download
After the installation of "The Way of Heroes" all armor, weapons and shields in the game, which are considered to be enchanted +3 or more, will begin to glow with pulsating light when they are equipped (the color of this light depends on the type of the item and the author's preferences - for example the elven items will glow with green light etc.). This mod applies only to highly enchanted items - there won't be any difference in your game untill you find and equip such an item.
16 Powerful New Items by Gamesembry (Submitted) 4kb Download
A set of 16 misc powerful new items: Holy Amulet of +50 HP, Holy Plate Mail +150 to HP and +5 Against All Weapons, Holy Belt of Polymorph into Specific (Drizzt), Belt of Speed, Bolt of Death, Holy Boots of Learn Spell 'Cure Critical Wounds', Holy Cloak of +100% Stealth Bonus, etc. Full list of items inside.
Priest Rings for Kenshiro by Baronius (Submitted) 258kb Download
This mod adds two new priest rings to the game. One grants two extra spell slots at spell levels 3, 5 and 7 and immunity to Timestop, while the other grants one extra spell slot at spell levels 3, 5 and 7 and immunity to Petrification. Once installed, you will need to CLUAConsole them into your inventory (RGBB01 and RGBB02). These items were made by request on the SP forums.
Stardust's Swords (Submitted) 1kb Download
This small item pack contains two swords: a katana and a long sword, both +5 with diffrent special abilities. They might seem a little overpowered, but the author has created them for a solo character with difficulty increasing mods.
Arrows of Magic Missile by Choix (Submitted) 2kb Download
These enchanted arrows instantly break up once fired and disperse into 10 magic missiles that home in on the desired target. Each missile hits for 1D6 damage. Compatible with both SoA and ToB.
DG Items by Djizzu G'izmo (Submitted) 67kb Download
A small item pack for SoA only (most items will conflict with ToB). It includes Hunter's Bow, a long bow for rangers, Girdle of Fire Giant Strength, a strength-enhancing girdle, Arrow Quiver, a magic quiver that can hold 400 arrows and Potion Bag, a bag that holds potions, ever needed.
IRC Weapons Mod (SoA) by NaeVa (Submitted) 2kb Download
A humourus pack of 4 items inspired by the antics in the SP IRC channel.
The Improved Volcano! Pack for ToB by Baronius (Submitted)   Download
The Improved Volcano! Pack adds a merchant to Amkethran, near the Temple of Waukeen. He offers several powerful items and spells, of course, for a high price.
Mordenkainen's Sword Mod by MageWzrd8 (Submitted) 1kb Download
This is a mod for Baldur's Gate 2: SoA and ToB. It is to be put into the override folder. This mod transforms the magical sword that is normally summoned into an extremely powerful magical sword called Chaos Blade.
GabrielNYC's Item Pack (Submitted) 3kb Download

This pack contains two items which are meant to be used in BG2: ToB, patched. It works with all Weidu mods with no problems.

Ring of Mask’s Favored
Summons a level 20/20 fighter/thief capable of detecting/disarming/setting traps and hiding in shadows. It's armed with a longsword +2, light crossbow of speed +1 and a quiver of plenty +2

Assassin’s Eye
Short sword, long sword or dagger - Wizard Eye 3x’s a day, Improved Invisibility 3x’s a day, Non-detection.
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