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Baldur's Gate II Solution by Sylvus Moonbow

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Sahuagin City Top

Getting Here:  Sail with Saemon Havarian from Brynnlaw after you leave Spellhold.

Boat Raid!
Boat Raid!

     Grub looked down at the crashing waves that were hitting the boat and shivered in disgust as he was brought up again and again, his own puke splashing against the side of the ship. Why he agreed to take a ship back to the mainland over going to The Underdark he'll never know considering how much he hated sailing.

     Suddenly, pirates were spotted in the distance, a battle began and before Grub could do anything about it, he was taken by creatures of the sea! Could his luck get any worse?

Sahuagin City  |  Map | All Quests | All Items | All Monsters
The City
The Welcoming  Ettin Pit  The Temple  Priestess of Sekolah
Sahuagin Ambush  Zombie Zone  Drow Dangers  Imps Imprisonment
The Rebel Base
The People

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  The Welcoming

The Welcoming
The Welcoming

     Water dripped from Grub's maw and the equipment he wore as did from the others who stood and supported him as strange looking, underwater foulness walked around them gazing at the entire party with their big eyes. Grumbling to himself did Grub do for some time as the strange creatures spoke in a language he could not understand and by the looks of the others, they too were having much difficulty.

     With a murmur and wave of her hands, one of the strange creatures cast a spell and suddenly everything they were saying was able to be understood and the words of prophecy and saviours rang through the chamber like another bad dream. Grub rolled his eyes. Here we go again!

     So you're popular! That's what happens when you're making such a big name for yourself. Everyone wants a piece of the action and this is no different than all those other times you were running around doing things for people. Welcome to the Sahuagin City which resides some 400 feet below the crashing waves, where Saemon Havarian's boat once was.

     Once you're able to understand the Sahuagin who are speaking to you in this chamber, you'll start to learn exactly what's going on here and begin to put the pieces together. That's right. They need your help too! Now you understand why Grub is always rolling his eyes because quite frankly, it's getting a little old.

     King Ixilthetocal and Baron Thelokassyil will be before you, as well as some Sahuagin Guards who are watching you very, very closely even if they seem to be cleaning their fins. Don't let it fool you brave warrior. Now, being told that you've been expected by one of their prophecies might be enough to make anyone want to swim back to the surface but it's not as bad as you may think and in the end, they only want to straighten out their own problems; while using you to solve them, of course.

     It would seem that King Ixilthetocal has a renegade prince running around, namely Prince Villynaty who has gathered up a good number of Sahuagin to follow him and it is this that King Ixilthetocal is very worried about. He would like nothing more than for you to hunt this rebel Prince Villynaty down and bring his very heart back to the King as proof and you'll be rewarded for doing it too!

     Let's not close the book just yet for with any plot, there is always another being worked in the shadows, something that could easily change your mind to do the other but we'll get back to that in a moment. First things first and that is proving that you are in fact, the very one that the prophecy has spoken about and you'll have to prove your worth to King Ixilthetocal before anything else happens here.

     You'll be escorted to the Ettin Pit where you will be asked to take on the Ettin as proof of your bravery and strength in battle. Afterwards, Priestess Senityili will want to have a word with you over at The Temple.

     Now you will be returning to speak with King Ixilthetocal either to hand him over the HEART OF VILLYNATY or a fake one while you wait for Prince Villynaty to arrive with his rebels to kill King Ixilthetocal. How you handle this of course is up to you and your choices will unfold as you explore the Sahuagin City.

Sahuagin City   -  The Welcoming  |  Area Statistics...

  • King Ixilthetocal [4,000xp]
  • Baron Thelokassyil [974xp]
  • Captain Alyittyl [3,000xp]
  • Sahuagin Royal Guard [3,000xp/each]
  • Rod of Lordly Might
  • Protection from the Elements Scroll
  • Spear +3 "Impaler"
  • Fireshield "Blue" Wizard Spell

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Ettin Pit

Ettin Pit
Ettin Pit

     Here you will be greeted by a foul and large Ettin who is looking forward to ripping your head off and using it as a basketball or ornament in its cell. You'll have to defend yourself to prove to King Ixilthetocal and the rest of those Sahuagin who support their King that you are indeed, the one the prophecy speaks of.

     The Ettin should give you no trouble at all and you'll prove to everyone that you are indeed, the one that is spoken of in tales of old, come to save them from the rebel Prince Villynaty.

     By proving your worth, you may now tend to hunting down the rebel leader for King Ixilthetocal but remember how Priestess Senityili wanted to speak with you at her temple? Well, now is a very good time to do so and it would be very wise of you to go there as soon as possible.

     Things are about to get very interesting.

Sahuagin City   -  Ettin Pit  |  Area Statistics...

  • Ettin [2,000xp]
  • No items found

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  The Temple

The Temple
The Temple

     Here you will meet High Priestess Senityili about to sacrifice the High Priestess Tlyysixxous to their God and once that's done, you should get down to business.

     Speaking with High Priestess Senityili, she will tell you what King Ixilthetocal will need of you and that is for you to find a SEKOLAH'S TOOTH which will allow you passage get to a place that has been locked away for ages. Now the SEKOLAH'S TOOTH was stolen during a Drow raid and the SEKOLAH'S TOOTH was put away for safe keeping so no one could ever get past the doors again.

     Strange enough though, it would seem Prince Villynaty has somehow managed to get past the doors when no one else could not. You'll have to find the SEKOLAH'S TOOTH so you can go and speak with Prince Villynaty and eventually kill him and bring his heart back.

     That's what King Ixilthetocal wants you do to but the High Priestess Senityili has another idea. It seems that the very King who leads her people is obviously mad and lost his fish marbles long ago. The High Priestess Senityili offers another option, that of speaking with Prince Villynaty and seeing what he has to say. He would surely be better suited to be King, being all there and is also young where King Ixilthetocal is not.

     If you accept to talk to Prince Villynaty for the High Priestess Senityili, she will give you a REBEL ORB in which Prince Villynaty and his followers will know you come in peace and mean them no harm. This is, of course, up to you to decide what you wish to do. There is no obvious harm in speaking with Prince Villynaty. At least then you can come to your own choice as what you'd like to do with those in the Sahuagin City.

Sahuagin City   -  The Temple  |  Area Statistics...

  • Royal High Priestess Senityili
  • No items found

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Priestess of Sekolah

Priestess of Sekolah
Priestess of Sekolah

     If it's goods that you're looking for, it is goods you will find here on the Priestess of Sekolah who will offer to sell and buy your goods if you so wish. Although she does not have a wide selection of weapons or armor, she does have a very good selection of magical scrolls of protection and wizard spells.

     It would never hurt to take a peak.

NOTE: These prices are based on a party with a reputation of 13. Prices may vary with your own party!

Arrows +1 46gp
Bolts +1 46gp
Bullet +1 74gp
Dart +1 74gp
Potion of Healing 69gp
Potion of Extra Healing 418gp
Potion of Heroism 744gp
Potion of Infravision 93gp
Potion of Strength 325gp
Grease Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Armor Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Burning Hands Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Charm Person Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Color Spray Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Blindness Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Friends Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Protection From Evil Scroll 93gp
Protection From Petrification Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Identify Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Infravision Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Magic Missile Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Shield Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Shocking Grasp Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Sleep Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Chill Touch Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Chromatic Orb Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Larloch's Minor Drain Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Reflect Image Spell [Wizard] 93gp
Blur Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Detect Evil Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Detect Invisibility Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Invisibility Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Knock Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Know Alignment Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Luck Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Resist Fear Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Melf's Acid Arrow Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Mirror Image Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Stinking Cloud Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Strength Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Web Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Agannazar's Scorcher Spell [Wizard] 186p
Ghoul Touch Spell [Wizard] 186gp
Vocalize Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Clairvoyance Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Dispel Magic Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Flame Arrow Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Fireball Spell [Wizard] 837gp
Haste Spell [Wizard] 837gp
Lightning Bolt Spell [Wizard] 837gp
Protection From Normal Missiles Spell [Wizard] 837gp
Hold Person Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Invisibility 10' Radius Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Monster Summoning I Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Non Detection Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Slow Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Skull Trap Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Vampiric Touch Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Dire Charm Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Ghost Armor Spell [Wizard] 279gp
Confusion Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Fireshield (Blue) Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Stoneskin Spell [Wizard] 1,116gp
Icestorm Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Improved Invisibility Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Minor Globe of Invulnerability Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Monster Summoning II Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Emotion Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Greater Malison Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Spirit Armor Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Polymorph Other Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Polymorph Self Spell [Wizard] 465gp
Protection From Electricity Scroll 465gp
Pierce Magic Spell [Wizard] 1,860gp
Animate Dead Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Cloudkill Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Cone of Cold Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Monster Summoning III Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Shadow Door Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Domination Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Hold Monster Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Chaos Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Feeblemind Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Breach Spell [Wizard] 930gp
Restoration Scroll 930gp

Sahuagin City   -  The Temple  |  Area Statistics...

  • Royal High Priestess Sekolah
  • All items listed above

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Sahuagin Ambush

Sahuagin Ambush
Sahuagin Ambush

     Be wary when you walk here for you will be ambushed by rebel Sahuagins that want nothing more than to add you to their growing collection of trophies. Cast your spells and swing your weapons to bring them down and to their final rest! Search their bodies for the items that will definitely become very useful to your party in the later stages of your adventure!

Sahuagin City   -  Sahuagin Ambush  |  Area Statistics...

  • Rebels [174xp/each]
  • 10 Paralytic Bolts
  • 10 Bolts of Biting
  • Cloak of Mirroring

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Zombie Zone

Zombie Zone
Zombie Zone

     A foul stench will waft to your nostrils as you make your way down to this chamber, where Sea Zombies dance and sway to a silent tune on a floor of blood. Their splashes will alert you to their own attacks as they lumber forward in hopes to make you join them in their dance!

     Battle them if you must, leave if you wish but there is typical battle experience to be had here as well as a few potions worth your time.

Sahuagin City   -  Zombie Zone  |  Area Statistics...

  • Sea Zombie [420xp/each]
  • Sea Zombie Lord [3,000xp/each]
  • Greater Lacedon [1,800xp]
  • Lacedon [1,000xp]
  • 1x Healing Potion
  • 2x Antidote

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Drow Dangers

Drow Dangers
Drow Dangers

     This is the entrance to the Drow area that was constructed some 100 years ago when the Drow burst through from The Underdark and ran rampant in the Sahuagin City and they have left a few foul friends behind to deal with anyone attempting to explore this area. You will be greeted by a few Ettercaps, Sword Spiders and Bone Golems that will immediately rush towards your party and do as they were told to do.

     Bringing them down shouldn't be too difficult for such a brave warrior as yourself and when you're done, clean your weapons and move on to the next area where some real fun will begin. It might also be wise to search for any traps the Drow may have left behind for those who dare snoop around. Watch your step!

Sahuagin City   -  Drow Dangers  |  Area Statistics...

  • Sword Spider [2,000xp/each]
  • Ettercap [650xp/each]
  • Bone Golem [18,000xp/each]
  • Potion of Mind Focusing

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  Imps Imprisonment

Imps Imprisonment
Imps Imprisonment

     As you make your way into this chamber you will notice some strange looking people standing around in front of chests that rest behind them. Two Imps move slowly about, flying on their leather wings and when they spot you, their eyes light up and grow wide! It would seem they have not seen anyone come through here in a very, very long time and now that you've excited them, it is a game you must play.

     To play this game, you will have to place particular items that relate to the particular person who is standing in front of their own personal chest. Playing this little game of the Imps will not only get you a handful of experience for the party but also gain you some nice items that your party can make use of in the future.

     The list of what item to place into what NPC chest is listed below:

Scimitar Drizzt
Pendant of Silver Alustriel
Quarter Staff Khelben
Helmet Piergerion
Pipe Elminster

     Now after you've completed this little game that the Imps wanted you to play it is the Beholder just off the platform that you should go and speak with for it is he who guards SEKOLAH'S TOOTH that High Priestess Senityili told you about. Now it is fairly easy to get caught up in this conversation and if you're nice and have an above average wisdom score or an NPC with the same, you can get the Beholder Spectator to let you take the item within the chest rather than kill him for it. It would seem that the orders given was for Spectator to watch the chest and not the item within the chest.

     If you care to battle with him instead, you can do this as well but you'll receive more experience if you get SEKOLAH'S TOOTH without doing battle. You now have the item needed to get past the large double doors and pass through to speak with Prince Villynaty where he resides.

Sahuagin City   -  Imps Imprisonment  |  Area Statistics...

  • Beholder [4,000xp]
  • Boots of Etherealness
  • Cloak of Protection +2

Sahuagin City  -  The City  -  The Rebel Base

The Rebel Base
The Rebel Base

     The rebels left here to guard the entrance to where you will meet Prince Villynaty will attack you on sight and it's best for some members of your party to have long ranged weapons for four rebels remain standing in the water where you will not be able to strike back. Only those with long ranged attacks or weapons with a long reach can do damage to them. The fact they are shooting bolts at you on a constant basis can also become very annoying to any spell casters or members of your party that are low in health.

     Clear this area out of rebels and use the SEKOLAH'S TOOTH to open the door. You will meet up with the rebel Sahuagin Chieftain and two things will happen now.

     The first thing, if you do not have the REBEL ORB you will be attacked and you will have to battle your way through the forces of rebels to get to Prince Villynaty and gain the HEART OF VILLYNATY so you can return it to King Ixilthetocal.

     The second is having the REBEL ORB given to you by the High Priestess Senityili and speaking with Prince Villynaty and helping him take out King Ixilthetocal.

The Rebel Base
The Rebel Base

     Of course, each has its negative rewards and if you want all the rewards possible with as much experience as possible, it's best for you to help Prince Villynaty, kill King Ixilthetocal and then backstab Prince Villynaty and kill him too.

     You will also want to return here when you've made your choice and have done everything that you can do and use the MAGIC ROPE to get yourself down the darkened well to The Underdark.

Sahuagin City   -  The Rebel Base  |  Area Statistics...

  • Prince Villynaty [2,000xp]
  • Senior Priestess Sallinithyl [1,800xp]
  • Sahuagin Chieftain [1,500xp]
  • Sahuagin Rebel [3,000xp]
  • Gauntlets of Crushing
  • Wave Blade
  • Spear +3 "Impaler"
  • Rod of Lordly Might

Sahuagin City  -  The People

     This is a full list of all People found within Sahuagin City.

  • King Ixilthetocal
  • Baron Thelokassyil
  • Captain Alyittyl
  • Royal High Priestess Senityili
  • Prince Villynaty

Sahuagin City  -  All Quests

     This is a full list of all Quests found within Sahuagin City.


You can't avoid it as much as I wished you could have and you'll be venturing there soon enough but you'll need the MAGIC ROPE to get down the pit and to The Underdark. First though, you'll have to either kill King Ixilthetocal, Prince Villynaty or both! That of course is up to you. If you kill King Ixilthetocal you'll find the MAGIC ROPE in his treasury and if you slay Prince Villynanty you'll find it on his corpse.

Regardless, finally getting to The Underdark will earn each member of the party 20,000xp.


There are a few things that you'll need to get past the double doors and into the rebel base. The first and obvious choice is being told of their location by King Ixilthetocal and the problems that he has been causing. The second is finding and getting SEKOLAH'S TOOTH which will unlock the doors and allow you to continue to either kill Prince Villynaty or speak with him.

SEKOLAH'S TOOTH can be found in the Drow area within the Imps Imprisonment room being guarded by a foul and deadly beholder!


These silly Imps these days, always playing games with someone or something just for their own personal amusement and this time is no different as you make your way into the room. The game they wish you to play is with a five items and five well known non-player characters who make Faerun their home and it's up to you to place the correct item in the chest behind the character who owns it.

Here is the full list of those items and non-player characters each item is given to:

Scimitar Drizzt
Pendant of Silver Alustriel
Quarter Staff Khelben
Helmet Piergerion
Pipe Elminster

Solving this puzzle will earn the party 18,500xp plus Boots of Etherealness and a Cloak of Protection +2!


A choice you will be faced with eventually and one you should think about before going on about your actions. Killing King Ixilthetocal rather than removing Prince Villynaty will give you this very outcome and it will also earn you more experience, if that's what you're looking for. You may also feel better in helping Prince Villynaty and the High Priestess Senityili who insist that King Ixilthetocal has gone mad.

If you kill King Ixilthetocal, you'll receive 3,000xp for each Sahuagin Royal Guard who comes to his aid, 3,000xp for Captain Alyittyl, 4,000xp for King Ixilthetocal, 974xp from Baron Thelokassyil, the Rod of Lordly Might, Protection from the Elements Scroll, a Spear +3 "Impaler", a Fireshield [Blue] Wizard Spell, 60,500xp each as a bonus for siding with Prince Villynaty and finally, the MAGIC ROPE needed to enter The Underdark.


Perhaps killing King Ixilthetocal isn't worth your time and you'd rather side with the mad King himself and remove Prince Villynaty. That is your choice as well if you so decide to take it and if you go this route, you will earn 2,000xp for killing Prince Villynaty, 3,000xp for the rebel Sahuagin that come to his aid, 1,500 for the Sahuagin Chieftain, the Gauntlets of Crushing, part of the Wave Blade, the Rod of Lordly Might, a Spear +3 "Impaler" and the MAGIC ROPE needed to get to The Underdark.

Finally, you will also receive 58,500xp for siding with King Ixilthetocal and killing Prince Villynaty.


Why stop at just one of these scum-bags when you can kill them both? The best route of course is to side with Prince Villynaty, kill King Ixilthetocal and receive all the items and experience gained by doing so, then stab Prince Villynaty in the back and attack him and his goons. You'll receive all the experience for killing Prince Villynaty and his rebels, plus gain the Gauntlets of Crushing and part of the Wave Blade that you wouldn't normally get if you left him alive and well. Of course, if you want someone to help run the Sahuagin City and lead them into the future, you could leave Prince Villynaty alive and simply pick pocket him for the items.

Sahuagin City  -  All Items

     This is a full list of all Magical Items found within Sahuagin City. Their locations can be found by viewing the rooms separately through the solution as they are also covered in the Room Statistics.

  • 10 Paralytic Bolts
  • 10 Bolts of Biting
  • Cloak of Mirroring
  • 2x Antidote
  • Potion of Mind Focusing
  • Boots of Etherealness
  • Cloak of Protection +2
  • Gauntlets of Crushing
  • Wave Blade
  • Rod of Lordly Might
  • Protection from the Elements Scroll
  • Spear +3 "Impaler"
  • Fireshield "Blue" Wizard Spell
  • Arrows +1
  • Bolts +1
  • Bullet +1
  • Dart +1
  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Extra Healing
  • Potion of Heroism
  • Potion of Infravision
  • Potion of Strength
  • Grease Spell [Wizard]
  • Armor Spell [Wizard]
  • Burning Hands Spell [Wizard]
  • Charm Person Spell [Wizard]
  • Color Spray Spell [Wizard]
  • Blindness Spell [Wizard]
  • Friends Spell [Wizard]
  • Protection From Evil Scroll
  • Protection From Petrification Spell [Wizard]
  • Identify Spell [Wizard]
  • Infravision Spell [Wizard]
  • Magic Missile Spell [Wizard]
  • Shield Spell [Wizard]
  • Shocking Grasp Spell [Wizard]
  • Sleep Spell [Wizard]
  • Chill Touch Spell [Wizard]
  • Chromatic Orb Spell [Wizard]
  • Larloch's Minor Drain Spell [Wizard]
  • Reflect Image Spell [Wizard]
  • Blur Spell [Wizard]
  • Detect Evil Spell [Wizard]
  • Detect Invisibility Spell [Wizard]
  • Invisibility Spell [Wizard]
  • Knock Spell [Wizard]
  • Know Alignment Spell [Wizard]
  • Luck Spell [Wizard]
  • Resist Fear Spell [Wizard]
  • Melf's Acid Arrow Spell [Wizard]
  • Mirror Image Spell [Wizard]
  • Stinking Cloud Spell [Wizard]
  • Strength Spell [Wizard]
  • Web Spell [Wizard]
  • Agannazar's Scorcher Spell [Wizard]
  • Ghoul Touch Spell [Wizard]
  • Vocalize Spell [Wizard]
  • Clairvoyance Spell [Wizard]
  • Dispel Magic Spell [Wizard]
  • Flame Arrow Spell [Wizard]
  • Fireball Spell [Wizard]
  • Haste Spell [Wizard]
  • Lightning Bolt Spell [Wizard]
  • Protection From Normal Missiles Spell [Wizard]
  • Hold Person Spell [Wizard]
  • Invisibility 10' Radius Spell [Wizard]
  • Monster Summoning I Spell [Wizard]
  • Non Detection Spell [Wizard]
  • Slow Spell [Wizard]
  • Skull Trap Spell [Wizard]
  • Vampiric Touch Spell [Wizard]
  • Dire Charm Spell [Wizard]
  • Ghost Armor Spell [Wizard]
  • Confusion Spell [Wizard]
  • Fireshield (Blue) Spell [Wizard]
  • Stoneskin Spell [Wizard]
  • Icestorm Spell [Wizard]
  • Improved Invisibility Spell [Wizard]
  • Minor Globe of Invulnerability Spell [Wizard]
  • Monster Summoning II Spell [Wizard]
  • Emotion Spell [Wizard]
  • Greater Malison Spell [Wizard]
  • Otiluke's Resilient Sphere Spell [Wizard]
  • Spirit Armor Spell [Wizard]
  • Polymorph Other Spell [Wizard]
  • Polymorph Self Spell [Wizard]
  • Protection From Electricity Scroll
  • Pierce Magic Spell [Wizard]
  • Animate Dead Spell [Wizard]
  • Cloudkill Spell [Wizard]
  • Cone of Cold Spell [Wizard]
  • Monster Summoning III Spell [Wizard]
  • Shadow Door Spell [Wizard]
  • Domination Spell [Wizard]
  • Hold Monster Spell [Wizard]
  • Chaos Spell [Wizard]
  • Feeblemind Spell [Wizard]
  • Breach Spell [Wizard]
  • Restoration Scroll

Sahuagin City  -  All Monsters

     This is a full list of all Monsters found within the rooms on all levels of Sahuagin City, their locations can be found by viewing the rooms separately through the solution as they are also covered in the Room Statistics.

  • Ettin
  • Rebels
  • Sea Zombie
  • Sea Zombie Lord
  • Greater Lacedon
  • Lacedon
  • Sword Spider
  • Ettercap
  • Bone Golem
  • Beholder

Dungeon Master Notes

A quick side adventure at best is what you'll find the Sahuagin City to be as you divert your attention away from The Underdark for another hour or so but you'll find it worth the time and trouble of exploring this strange place as you'll come across some nice items. I didn't personally feel very sucked into this part of the adventure and I'm not too sure as to what it was but there was definitely something missing in the Sahuagin City in terms of any real excitement or worry.

Party Advancement

If you happened to find Spellhold a walk in the park, you'll find yourself yawning in the Sahuagin City for it is just as dull and drab as counting snowflakes and if you had no trouble doing Spellhold with your main character, the same will go here. The Sahuagin City is a hop, skip and jump to The Underdark which you won't have any problems doing and you'll be able to leave your party standing around while you do all the work.

Grub chopped his way through everything thrown at him but there was times I needed an archer or two to deal with those Sahuagin who were sitting in the water where Grub could not get to them. Finding traps and opening anything locked was handled by Aerie or Jaheira. It was all about making sushi for Grub and almost being level 16 by the time we got here, I came to the conclusion the only way this game was going to be any sort of challenge was bumping up the difficulty level.

The Underdark is next!

01 Level 15 Grub Barbarian Half Orc
02 Level 12 Valygar [Stalker] Human
03 Level 14 Minsc Ranger Human
04 Level 11/12 Jaheira Fighter/Druid Half Elf
05 Level 12 Keldorn [Inquisitor] Human
06 Level 10/12 Aerie Cleric/Mage Avariel

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