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Inon Zur Interview (07/01/2003)
by Taluntain

Specific & Fan-submitted Questions

SP: Did Jeremy Soule (the composer of the original Icewind Dale soundtrack) collaborate with you in any way when you were composing the soundtrack for Icewind Dale II?

Inon Zur: Jeremy Soule and myself are friends, however, since IWD II took a bit of a musical turn from the first one I did it on my own.

SP: Did you take anything from the original Icewind Dale, such as musical themes, or even musical atmospheres, and incorporate them into your own compositions?

Inon Zur: I did use some of Soule’s themes upon the request of the producers, in order to create some links between the new game and the previous one. Of course, I gave them new arrangements and orchestration, to fit with the new score.

SP: How did it happen that you were chosen to compose the Icewind Dale II music and not Jeremy Soule?

Inon Zur: I can’t tell when it comes down to the artistic decision what are the reasons for choosing a specific composer. Jeremy is a great composer and I’m sure he would have done a great job also.

SP: How much freedom are you usually given when composing music for a specific game?

Inon Zur: It varies between games. Usually, though, the developers have a good idea as far as the style they’re looking for, and they will convey it clearly. From the other side, they expect me to come up with my own ideas that will enhance their vision.

SP: Do you compose music that is longer than what goes into the game in the end (and have to shorten it accordingly), or do you always create with a specific length in mind?

Inon Zur: In the directions that are given to me I have the exact timing to each musical cue, and I’m trying to follow it as closely as I can. It is not easy to compose a cue that will have perfect musical sense and at the same time limiting it to an exact length, but I always do my best. This is part of being professional.

SP: How come the music from Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter expansion is also included on the Icewind Dale 2 Collector's Edition soundtrack CD?

Inon Zur: This is an artistic decision by Interplay and I think they wanted to use the CD to promote this game too.

SP: Who else is involved in making of the game tracks? Which recording studio, if any, do you use?

Inon Zur: Adam Levenson, the audio supervisor, has huge influence on the way the score shapes up. Also involved in the process is my recording engineer and co-producer, Dori Amarilio.

SP: Are there going to be separate CD releases with your game soundtracks?

Inon Zur: I’m going to try to push for it, but nothing is confirmed yet.

SP: What do you consider your best work/song?

Inon Zur: This is a hard question, since I’m constantly trying to do the best in any project. I’m proud of most of my scores.

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