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Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Interview with R. A. Salvatore (10/09/2004)
by Taluntain

The questions for this interview were prepared in quite a rush, since we've only been notified about the interview a few days before the questions were due to be sent in. However, due to a certain Atari PR representative's incompetence, the questions never got to R. A. Salvatore for some reason. All attempts at getting the answers have failed, so the interview was shelved indefinitely. Eventually, after coming across the list of questions again in May 2006, I've decided to just post the questions, in case anyone interested wants to read them despite there being no answers. Here they are:

1. What are all the things you've contributed to the Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone project?

2. What made you want to get involved in the Demon Stone project in the first place?

3. How does the Demon Stone storyline incorporate and enrich the existing mythos, character-set, and overall persona of the Forgotten Realms?

4. Besides some of the very well known Forgotten Realms locations like Mithril Hall, Demon Stone also features some famous Realms personalities, like Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Drizzt. How do these characters fit into the game and its story?

5. In a game, battle scenes are performed by the player instead of being described by the author. Did you miss writing the big action sequences, or did this help you focus on adding detail to the overall plotline?

6. Considering the action orientation of Demon Stone, just how much story did you manage to squeeze into it, and how is it presented?

7. What do you think is there in Demon Stone that would make experienced D&D players (or gamers) want to pick it up and play?

8. D&D games have started breaking the RPG-only mould lately; there's even a D&D real-time strategy game coming up. What are your thoughts on this expansion into other genres?

9. Now that Demon Stone is complete, do you intend on getting involved in more console or PC D&D games?

10. Are you at all interested (professionally or privately) in Wizards of The Coast's new Eberron setting, or do you intend to stick to Forgotten Realms?

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